Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant : Phir Se episode 5


Hello friends Eishwa here and I’m sure you will like this episode ????
Let’s start……..

The episode starts with

Shaan calling Rajni and says ” be prepared for any damage from Matthew because I think he will send his body guards’. Rajni says ” okay shaan”. And goes. Meanwhile Samira is in her lab and doing is fixing an error in the vocals then Matthew calls saying “Samira, i have a surprise for you”. Samira asks confusingly “what surprise. ” Matthew says ” I will not tell you that you’ll just have to wait”. And cuts the call .

Afterwards there’s a knock on the lab’s door Shaan opens the door and finds Matthew’s body guards , they attack Shaan saying give us Rajni and Shaan calls Rajni, Rajni comes Shaan says ” activate super chip”. Rajni says ” activating super chip “. And beats every guard. Then the scene shifts back to Samria who is in the in her room reading a book about robots and learns there are emotions in humanoids robots by adapting behaviour.

Precap: Shaan hears Matthew talking to Samira then tries to figure out what is the relationship between them

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  1. Rajni always rocks.very shot episode please some long

  2. Nice episode:-) thanks for the daily update:-):-)

  3. Eishwa

    Sure tomorrow will be a long one ??☺☺?❤❤????????

  4. Saasha123

    Pls make it long 🙂 it is a good epi.

  5. RANdomfANCreationz

    wow nice eishwa keep writing dear

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