Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant : Phir Se episode 4

Good Morning guys Eishwa here and since you all liked my last episode so well I thought to make this episode extra special you all know why????????? …… Lets start….

The episode starts with…

Shaan searching the lab for any proof against Matthew then finds a note saying” Only six weeks….tic..tock..tic..tock ..”. Shaan thinks that to build a robot within 6 weeks but then thinks what’s the use then sends Rajni to the hardware store to get somethings. Rajni goes , meanwhile Samira is in the laboratory and making the robots mask and thinks to add the feature to talk like Shaan ,she gets tears in her eyes while making Shaan’s face and adding his vocals.Then Matthew calls saying ”Samira you need to go to the hardware store and get some materials”. Samira says ”Sure, why not”. Then at the hardware store Rajni is buying some nuts and bolts then Samira comes and asks the sales man ”Is there any nuts and bolts”. the salesman responded ”No mam but that woman just took the last box”. Samira says ”Okay thanks”. She runs to Rajni without knowing she is Rajni and bumps in to her but their faces wasn’t showing but they both said sorry and went. Samira felt strange but went to her lab.

Afterwards Rajni comes into the lab Shan says ”Good you brought the stuff I need”. Then the scene shifts back to Samira’s lab is adding the feathers of Shaan and his memory by his pics they both took then she remembers her moments with Shaan but Matthew calls and says ”What’s the news how’s my robot Samira says ”Good, but I couldn’t get any nuts and bolts so yeah”. Matthew says ”No problem , good luck”. And cuts the call , then Samira cries by taking Shaan’s picture.
Then Shaan starts making the super chip for Rajni in any battle. Shaan makes various tests for rajni like board hitting, fly mode ,and so much more. Meanwhile Matthew sends his body guards to get Rajni…

Precap: Matthew’s body guards attacks Shaan and Shaan calls Rajni to activate the super chip

here you guys are ,ENJOY……❤???

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  1. Nice episode samaira make shaan robot

  2. Saasha123

    It is wonderful.

  3. RANdomfANCreationz

    wow ur ff is cute interesting shaan robot 😛

  4. Eishwa

    Guys I appreciate your comments thanks ?????????

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