Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant : Phir Se episode 3


Hello guys Eishwa here and I have a treat for you. I will not tell you but you can read it ????……. Let’s start

The episode starts with
Matthew in his car taking on the phone saying “don’t worry about the robot I will deliver it by myself”. Meanwhile in the resort Shaan is with Rajni and recreceives a phone call from Matthew, Matthew says “Shaan why are you enjoying your life”. Shaan says puzzled”you got away from the mental ayslum”. Matthew says “don’t worry your little genius head I will take Rajni with me within 6 weeks”.Shaan looks at Rajni and feels sad but does not tell her. Afterwards laboratory is shown and in it there is a girl doing some experiments her name is Samira and is shown just like Rajni but has glasses and Matthew comes to her and says”Unbelievable, you’re like Rajni ” Samira says “who is Rajni ?” Matthew says “never mind that you are shaan’s ex gf , right ” Samira says “yes I am why do you ask”.

Matthew says” I want a favor from you? Samira says”what favor .” “Matthew says can you build a robot like this *(shows rajnis blueprints)* but a male one within 6 months. ” Samira says no problem I will make it”. Matthew says ” good” and leaves . Samira cries and says “Shaan why did you leave me ??????” . Then the scene shifts back to Shaan where is telling the family he needs to go to the lab with Rajni thus leaving the resort. He finds out that all of Rajni blueprints are stolen. He says ” that evil Matthew ?????.
Meanwhile Samira starts making the robot and takes shaan’s picture and says “I will make a Shaan robot”

Precap: Rajni and Samira bump into each other

Guys do you now know the surprise if so tell in the comments below ❤????

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  1. Maya18188

    so good ……. waiting for more

  2. Eishwa

    Hey guys a little typo mistake ignore the 6 months plz it’s 6 weeks ?

  3. Saasha123

    Good epi 🙂

  4. RANdomfANCreationz

    wow shaan a robot? what a twist awww it will be cute to see shajni romance lol shaan robot and rajni robot hehe love ur ff to the core eishwa keep it up dear

  5. Samaira is a lawyer

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