Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant : Phir Se episode 10 *LAST EPISODE *


Hello guys Eishwa here and the last episode OMG last epispode last episode (I should stop that ) the last episode is here soo without any further ado Let’s start…….

The episode starts with….

Matthew holding a gun on Samira’s forehead and says ”please let me go”. Matthew says ”never. didn’t fInish the robot the in time I gave you ”. FB shows Matthews going to Samira’s laboratory and says” Samira it’s been 6 weeks and my robot should done and need to destroy and so it better be done”. Samira says ” Yes it’s done but-” ”NO buts I want and I want it now or else you’re DIE”. FB ends then Matthew calls Shaan and says ”Shaan give the robot or the love of your DIES”. Shaan says ”NOOOOOO”. Then Matthew cuts the call and laughs manically then Samira says ” Don’t worry you psycho Shaan will come and rescue just wait”. Matthew says ” whatever as I worry”.

Then Shaan says ” We need to save Samira or else she’ll die and I can’t let that happen”. Rajni says ” Shaan we need to get ready”. Shaan says ” you’ll right lets get ready”. Then she gets into an argument with Shaan saying ” Black color is the best when sneaking or saving”. then after 10 minutes they both agreed on black then they went to save Samira .
They got into the lab Shaan tells Rajni to activate the Super chip. Then she activates it and save Samira ut a few guards come but Rajni takes care of it then they go home safely
Matthew says ” I will get my hands on that robot”.

Everyone celebrates that Samira and Shaan are getting married. Matthew sneaks in and puts the gun on Kuhu’s head and says ” give me the robot or she Dies ”. Then everyone shouts ”NO PLEASE NO ”. Matthew says ”I will count till 10, 1,2,3,4,5” STOP!!! Fine I will give you Rajni just don’t hurt her-” BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Matthew faints then robot Shaan says” Command fulfilled ”. Then after sometime the police arrives and takes Matthew. Then Amrish and Surili says ” come now we need to finish the marriage” then when the marriage was complete they all took a very pretty family photo then Rajni says ” Shaan me and robo Shaan will go and join the national security service and protect the world.
Then the family says all there goodbye Shaan says ” Rajni with out you I won’t be able to become a genius scientist I’m so proud of me ”. And hugs her then Rajni and robo Shaan goes.

♡☆”THE END”☆♡

SO guys how was it for it was pretty good but what about you do tell me bye love you all❤????????????

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