Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant : Phir Se episode 1

Good morning guys, Eishwa here to bring you
the first episode for Bahu Hamari Rajni _Kant:Phir Se …..So enjoy ☺

The episode starts with a flash back showing Matthew going to the mental ayslem shouting “RAJNI IS A ROBOT” and is taken away.The whole family is relived that Matthew is taken away. A few days later the whole family is in the living room thinking of going on a picnic. Everyone likes the idea,meanwhile in the mental ayslem Matthew is in his cell saying “Shaan don’t worry my revenge isn’t complete yet and when it’s complete I will take Rajni with me”. And laughs manically. Then the family is shown going to the bus, Shaan is worried that maybe Matthew will escape and will come for Rajni.

Rajni comes says “Shaan why you did not get changed, Shaan quickly go and change “. Shaan goes. After a while everybody arrives at the picnic. Sharmila says “I miss cupcake I don’t know when will he come from kolkata”. Then Amrish comes and says “don’t worry he will come back “. The scene shifts back to the newly built lab a man is shown in a black suit and is taking all the blue prints of Rajni then the man is shown it’s one Matthew’s body guard and has stolen all the blue prints of Rajni.

Precap: A man is releasing Matthew from the mental ayslem. Matthew comes and says now my revenge will start

So here you guys are please feel free to comment ? ???

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  1. Maya18188

    So nice …………. keep it up ☺ ?

  2. very nice start please cotinue daily

  3. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey Eishwa I read ur intro and epi 1 together n I m so happy someone is starting a ff on BHRK good that Matthew went to mental asylum and all the best dear 🙂

  4. Saasha123

    It’s great.

  5. Akansha

    its awesome dude….

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