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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 9th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amartya and Bubbles seeing Rajni cleaning her ear by taking it out. Bubbles asks Amartya did you see what Rajni was doing. Amartya says I never saw someone cleaning her ears by taking it out and says I have to take medicine. Bubbles asks him to stop taking medicine, and asks him to take a deep breath. Amartya relaxes. Bubbles asks him to come and says lets go and make Rajni drink medicine. Bubbles goes to Rajni and says I have brought ganapati prasad for you. Rajni says okay, I will drink prasad as bau ji says we shall not refuse prasad. The green chemical goes in her circuits. She thanks Bubbles and returns the bottle. Amartya asks did you feel anything after drinking it. Rajni says I don’t have this feeling feature. Amartya is surprised. Kuhu comes and says

everyone is calling you to think about idea of Ganapathi idol. Rajni says I got the idea and made the idol too. She says I will bring it and goes. She goes while the chemical damages her circuits inside. Bubbles says nothing happened to her. Amartya says her color is not changed and this means she is not normal human. Shaan is experimenting with Dev and sync his hands with that of Dev. He says your hands is synchronized with my hands….Dev says it is fun. He then reset it. Dev says whenever you do some invention, I am trapped. Shaan says I can handle and manhandled you.

Surili tells everyone that she has hope this from everyone and asks how they manage to think stupid ideas. Shaan comes and says he will use technology. He shows electronic Ganesh ji and says it is completely eco friendly. Surili says there is a problem and says you have mama at home who is completely against technology. Gyan and Dyan talk about Nana ji’s sayings. Surili says I will think….Rajni comes and says my test is remaining. Surili asks her to tell fast. Rajni says I have not brought idea but idol. She shows chocolate Ganapathi…..Kuhu gets happy and says chocolate Ganapathi..Dhyan says wow. Everyone is surprised. Amrish claps and says you have one again…Rajni says I know, dil khush karditta…kamaal karditta. Made us happy..

Surili says you wants to say that we will immerse this idol in the river. Rajni says no, and says this ganapati ji will go in a milk tub, and then it will become milk shake and we will distribute this to kids as a prasad. Everyone get happy. Surili is impressed too and says you are thinking of my level now. Amrish says as Rajni’s idea is passed, Rajni and Shaan will keep Bappa on his place. Shaan picks the idol and do puja with Rajni. Bubbles and Amartya looks on shocked. Rajni gets shaken up as the solution damages her circuits. Bubbles asks Amartya, if your chemical will do anything, and gets angry. Amartya goes after her.

Amrish says our bahu have made Ganapathi and says she should get some prize. Surili says ofcourse. She says she has called her friends along with her bahus, and gives honor to Rajni to say about her. Surili says I will write honest speech and Rajni will give speech. Rajni tells Shaan that when she was talking, her system showing error. Shaan says I will check later, as family scene is going on. Surili writes speech for Rajni for her. She praises herself in the speech….Sharmila tells Maggie that Surili will give keys to Rajni. Maggie says she might taunt us now. Sharmila says we are trained by her and will not back off. Surili writes and praises herself. She thinks it is fun to write, and thinks what will happen when Rajni will tell those things about her. She keeps the paper and goes to get the envelope. Maggie and Sharmila come inside and read the speech.

Shaan checks and says system is normal, then why you was shaking. He says I have to check full body scan. Maggie says how can anyone praises herself so much. Sharmila says she is Surili Kant and can do anything. She says Rajni will give speech written by me. She asks Maggie to keep eye on door and says she will write the speech being intelligent. She sees Surili coming and stops her. She says something is going on in her heart and says now we have to do it. Surili says we will meet after two days. Maggie says I have thought and says I have a wish and dances with her…..Surili is shocked. Maggie falls on her feet and asks her to forgive her, else she will not let her go. She sees Sharmila coming out and goes. Surili thinks Maggie is mad. Sharmila and Maggie are happy. Surili comes to lab and asks Shaan if he wants to make Rajni as scientist. Shaan says I am upgrading machine. She says you both are spending time in lab much. She gives the speech to Rajni and asks her not to do any mistake. Rajni reads it and smiles.

Surili tells everyone that Rajni will speak only truth. Rajni says hello ladies and gentlemen and is about to give speech, but her circuits jams shaking her up. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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