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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 9th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Virat asking his goons to call their dogs. Surili, Amrish and others see goons bringing Dhyan and Gyan and keeping gun on their heads. They are shocked. Virat says you people will understand when your sons die. Amrish asks what do you want? Virat asks him to give Rajni and get their sons. Shaan says she is not Poonam, but Rajni. Virat asks are you getting angry and asks what happened to your eye, did someone beat you? Rajni says I will tell you and goes towards Virat. She hits on his eye. Virat falls down. Everyone is shocked. Rajni says this has happened. Surili asks Rajni, why she has become enemy of her sons. Virat says I don’t feel bad at all, and tells that Poonam had slapped me like this before. He says you have forgotten our marriage etc, but I will make

you remember everything. He calls Pandit there. Pandit ji comes. Virat says Pandit ji will make us marry again. Shaan says this is illegal. She is already married to me. Maggie says you will go to jail. Virat says Shaan had snatched his wife, but he is marrying his own wife. He asks them to take his wife inside and make her dressed up as a bride. Shaan thinks he is understanding his plan.

Sharmila and Maggie go. Surili gets angry on Virat. Shaan nods Rajni to go. Surili asks girls to give her idea to protect themselves from Virat. She says shall I call Police? Rajni says you can’t do this, as Gyan and Dhyan’s life is in danger. Surili says yes, and says what else we will do now. Rajni says we have to follow Shaan’s instructions, and I have to get ready. Surili asks whose plan is this? Virat asks did you make my bride ready? Surili asks her to make Rajni wear anything or bedsheet. Virat asks them to make her wear best of clothes. Maggie takes out bridal dress from her cupboard. Surili says I got this dress made for Shaguta for her wedding. Maggie says let her be alive to wear this. Surili permits her to give dress to Rajni. Maggie takes out costly necklace. Surili says it is her favorite. Virat hears them and asks them to make her wear costly necklace. Surili lets Maggie to give necklace to Rajni.

Gyan and Dhyan ask Shaan not to let him marry Rajni. Virat says he can’t do anything, just he can repair the machines in his lab. Shaan says may be Rajni and Poonam are lookalike or twins. Virat says if this is the thing then bring my Poonam. He says this can’t happen and asks them to bring Rajni fast. Amrish says Rajni…as virat takes Rajni’s name instead of Poonam. Virat says I mean my wife Poonam. He asks why she is not ready till now. Maggie asks Rajni to make Virat eat poison tablets. Sharmila says else you eat it. Surili asks her to try and stop the wedding anyhow. Rajni says okay. Surili talks to the dress and jewellery and says don’t know. Rajni says you loves me so much mummy ji. Surili says I am talking about this dress and jewellery. Amrish asks Virat to stop all this. Gyan gets angry. Maggie asks Virat to eat glucose tablets which Rajni have. Shaan says she is not Rajni. Rajni comes and sits for mandap. Virat sits beside her and asks Pandit ji to start the marriage. Pandit ji recites the mantras. Surili says now we will know if she is Poonam or Rajni.

Sharmila tells Surili that Rajni will take her jewellery and clothes with her if she goes with Virat. Surili keeps her hand on right side of chest and says my heart….Maggie tells her that heart is on left side and asks don’t you know this. Surili says sorry and keeps hand on her left side and says my heart…and feels pain of losing jewellery and bridal dress. She asks someone please stop this wedding. Rajni blows on the havan fire to set it off. Pandit ji says fire is set off. Surili says marriage can’t happen now. Virat asks him to light it. Pandit ji lights the fire and it blows off again by Rajni. Pandit ji tells Virat that he saw Rajni setting off fire. Virat asks him to joke and says it is not a candle. Surili tells Virat that kanyadaan is done before rounds. Virat asks who will do kanyadaan? Rajni says elders do kanyadaan according to my data.

Virat looks at Surili. Surili says I am not old and asks Amrish to do it. Amrish says even I am not. Rajni says I know, baba have to do kanyadaan. Virat asks who is baba? Surili says my baba…otherwise this marriage can’t happen. Virat asks where is he? Dhyan says he is in garden. Amrish says he is crow. Virat asks if you people are mad, or just acts. Amrish says you have to bring it for kanyadaan. It must be sitting on tree branch. Virat says okay, I will get it. Shaan tells Rajni that he is so proud of him and then her. Rajni shows him thumps up. Virat comes out of house and thinks where is baba? He sees many crows and thinks everyone is same. I will make one as baba. All the crows fly away from there, except baba who makes caw caw. Virat says caw caw and try to catch the crow, but he falls down. He comes back with injured legs. Surili laugh and asks where is Baba? Didn’t you meet him? Gyan and Dhyan laugh seeing him. Virat says baba…let him go to hell. I will take rounds directly. Everyone is shocked.

Virat tells everyone that he will celebrate wedding night directly without marriage, and takes Rajni with him. Surili asks Shaan to do something, and tells Virat is taking your wife with him. Shaan looks on angrily.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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