Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 9th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 9th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone rushing out of the mall. Kant family look for Kuhu. Kuhu comes to them scared. Amrish says she is very scared, we shall go from here. They leave. Rajni asks the goon to surrender. Goon says I will kill everyone and die also. Rajni scans him and detects bomb. Goon asks her to come closer and die. Rajni takes out wire from the bomb and slaps him. She asks him to think and says it is good to save people rather than killing them. Surili tells that these kinds of incidents happened twice. Maggie says you can know this after going up. Surili says I don’t need to go there, God must want to tell me that I am lucky to get you. Maggie smiles. Gyan says if Rajni would have been here, then she would have save you. Shaguta says you are saying as if she is a super woman.

Kuhu looks on.

Inspector comes and asks amrish and his family if they saw the person who fought with the terrorist. Surili says she was wearing the mask. A kid tells that she looked like a girl, but she was not a girl. Kuhu says no, she was a girl. Surili says a girl have saved my life, and says girls are far beyond guys now. Inspector says that guy or gal is a wonder, we couldn’t know who is she/he. Kuhu says Dadu..she was Rajni Chachi…before she could complete the sentence. Shaguta says why they are taking her name, and says she didn’t come here to receive us. Surili also says the same. Maggie says Rajni might be praying for us at home. They make fun of Rajni. Kuhu looks on tensed.

Rajni comes home. Courier guy asks her about the attack on mall. Rajni says it is fine now. Courier guy thanks her for the juice and sandwiches, and asks her to open his hands. Shaan comes back home and gets the courier. Courier guy goes after thanking Rajni. Rajni tells Shaan that she went out and made the courier guy sit at home. Rajni tells him about the attack on mall, and how she has saved the family. Shaan asks if anything had happened to you. Rajni says no, and says she is alright. Shaan takes a sigh of relief. Just then his family comes home. Kuhu says Rajni saved them. Shaan is boggled.

Shaan tells that Rajni is not a super woman or the wonder girl to fight with the terrorists. She is an ordinary girl like you. Rajni says right. Kuhu goes to room. Amrish scolds Shaan for scaring Kuhu and asks Gyan to see Kuhu. Maggie asks Shaan and Rajni, why didn’t you come to pick us. Bubbles says they didn’t know. Maggie says they might be watching TV. Shaan apologizes for the inconvenience caused to them because of the terrorist. He says I am thankful to the girl who saved you all. Rajni says you are welcome. Amrish asks everyone to take rest for sometime. Surili asks Shaguta to come. Shaan tells Rajni that Kuhu is scared to see her cinderella chachi and Robot chachi. Rajni says nice and says she has a solution.

Kuhu wakes up in the night thinking about Shaan’s words. Amrish brings food for her. Kuhu hugs him and says cinderella chachi is a super woman. Amrish laughs and says she is everything. She is good, honest and humble. He says I will make everything fine and asks her to drink milk and be happy. Kuhu says good night. Amrish asks her to sleep after finishing milk.

Kuhu gets a paper rocket and a message written on it asking her to come out to know the surprise. She gets many paper rockets. She gets happy and is about to cross the line. She smiles and crosses the line, and follow the direction. She smiles looking at the balloons, teddy bears etc in Shaan’s lab. Rajni smiles looking at her. Kuhu gets tensed.

Shaan tells Kuhu that he will dismantled Robot chachi. Kuhu looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Awww this Kuhu is so cute love her bond with her Cinderella Chachi I feel that Kuhu is the most wise member though the youngest in the Kant family

  2. I love cute kids …..


    Plz chnge kuhu… she is not good….

    1. Why ? Will they make kuku die?there is no fun in bahu hamari rajni kant when there is no kuku or Rajni.:-P


        No i did not mean that… the girl who is now playing kuhu should change as she is not good in her acting… she has same expression even when she is sad or happy or horrified etc…. team should find better kuhu….

    2. Both kuhus are very cute but the first one acting was too good I saw in her other shows too she is so adorable, and this kuhu is also good but as they suddenly replaced Kuhu we r taking time to accept her she is also not that bad

  4. manabendradas

    New promo ke dekhache

  5. Its shobhita & not shaguta


      Its shaguta as its bengali name…

      1. her name shagata kant or shoguta kant but nor shobhita…

  6. Absolutely correct @ shraddha , new kuhu is cute, her acting skill is not so good. Need old kuhu or else give some time to new kuhu to improve his acting

    1. I cant understand kuhu happy or angry by looking her face acting…


      Of course… i think she needs to work on her face expressions …..
      Plz update today episode fast…

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