Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 9th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 9th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan about to make Rajni wear the ring, but just then he sneezes and the ring falls from his hand. Everyone starts searching for the ring. Maggie sees the ring beneath Balwant’s feet and smiles. Shaan asks Rajni to activate her senses and search the ring. Rajni scans the place, goes near Balwant and asks him to move his feet as the ring is under his feet. She gets the ring. Shaan makes her wear ring. Everyone claps happily. Amrish asks Surili to make Rajni have sweets. Dev tells Surili not to make her eat sweets. Surili says now she will make her eat sweets for sure. Rajni tells her that she knows about the sweet. Dev gets tensed and thinks her circuits will blast. Just then Surili makes her eat sweets. Dev rushes to Shaan and informs him. Shaan says I am very proud

of myself. He tells him that he has fixed a vaccum pouch in her system and now she can eat anything. A fb is shown, Shaan tells Rajni that anyone can feed her anything when he is away. Rajni says it is every woman’s dream to eat healthy and don’t get fat. Dev is happy knowing it.

Shaan asks Rajni to touch elders’ feet. Rajni takes everyone’s blessings. Shaan asks her to go to washroom and empties her feeding pouch. Rajni says command accepted and goes. Aishwarya stops Balwant from going towards the washroom. She tells Surili that someone have spilled sauce on her saree. Surili sees Balwant having samosa with sauce. Surili comes to the washroom and sees Rajni spitting the sweets, and thinks why she had eaten when she don’t want to eat. Surili calls Rajni. Rajni asks if you came to spit the sweet dish. Surili gets upset and goes. She thinks everyone will take Rajni’s side. Once Rajni comes out, Surili asks why did you go to bathroom? Rajni says I went to spit the sweet dish/sandesh. Everyone is shocked. Dev gets tensed. Surili says you would have told me if you hates me so much. Shaan says Rajni has allergy with bengali dishes. Surili says you must have allergy with me also. She announces that she will leave the house. Shaan says I asked her to spit it. Maggie asks Balwant to make Rajni leave. Balwant thinks to win her and elope with her. Amrish asks Rajni not to make her heart small. Rajni says I don’t have a heart. Everyone is boggled.

Amrish says Rajni will stay in this house from now. Shaan says she will stay in Bua’s room. Bubbles gets shocked. Later in night, Bubbles gets shocked knowing Rajni doesn’t sleep in nights, and sees her spitting light from her eyes. She calls ghosts. Rajni says there are no ghosts. Bubbles runs out of room and faints on Shaan. Shaan asks Rajni to set off eye lights. Rajni says command accepted and gets on sleep mode. Shaan says her battery is getting low and tells Dev that they will put her on charging. Shaan makes Rajni lie down on the bed and asks her to come out when she is charged fully. Rajni accepts his commands. Balwant comes to Rajni’s room and keeps letter near Rajni saying if her answer is yes then she will come definitely.

Rajni goes to meet Balwant. Balwant asks if you love Shaan? Rajni says no, I don’t love him. Surili hears them and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ooops now what will rajni robot do, surili is funny ssometimes 😛 and I think there will be an episode when shaan’s family may think rajni suffers from bulimia lol 😛

  2. Shraddha Sharma

    What an idea Shan!!!!
    Iss show ne to Robot film se bhi accha robo ready kiya hai!!!????
    But i don’t like this balwant character…. yeh bus confusion and prblm create kr raha hai…

  3. Thanks Hasanji for ur update….

  4. Ohooo…noooo

  5. I love this show

  6. Soooprb..
    i jzt … thiz show….

  7. Lol ? I was laughing ? so hard ….superb

  8. Awesome episode….lol

  9. well i think rajni should only follow orders of shaan, atleast she should be taught not to disclose anything personal about herself

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