Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 9th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 9th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajni asking Shaan, can I stay here for one more day. Shaan is sad. He gets Mathew’s call and he asks him if Dev give him hotel voucher. Shaan says yes. Mathew threatens him and asks to come today itself. Shaan says okay. Rajni asks Shaan to give answer. Shaan says we have to leave today itself Rajni. Shaan tells his family that they are going to honeymoon…Surili says I thought you will go on your first anniversary. Gyan and Maggie give their suggestions. Surili says it might be Rajni’s idea. Rajni says it is Shaan’s idea as it is hard to maintain me. Dhyan asks he will call travel agent. Surili says why did you make plan suddenly. Rajni says mood comes suddenly. Everyone is surprised. Surili asks when you will return? Rajni says I don’t know. Surili blesses

her and asks to keep Shaan happy. Rajni says I am going to keep him happy only. Surili asks her to nod her head. Shaan says okay and asks her to come. Rajni says bye bye my family and gets emotional. Shaan says they will come to tell us bye. He says where is dev? Who will pick the bags? Rajni says I will and lifts all bags altogether surprising everyone. Rajni hugs everyone before leaving.

Shaan thinks Mathew’s men eying them. Rajni says how I will stay without you all. Sharmila says you are going with Shaan. Dhyan says we can accompany you. Gyan says we can come also. Shaan says you can go to some other place. Rajni says let them come naa. Shaguta says how rude? My marriage is broken and they are hurrying up for honeymoon. Rajni asks Shaguta to come, and have honey with a sight of moon. Everyone laughs while Shaguta is angry. Shaan asks Rajni to come. Rajni says she will not go without meeting Amrish. Amrish comes and asks where is they going? He is informed that they are going for honeymoon. Amrish says one week is hard and troublesome for Rajni and says they can’t go. Mathew’s man informs him. Amrish takes out their luggage stuff from the car. Dhyan asks him to say about the trouble. Amrish says rahu, ketu are in trouble. He says I won’t let Rajni go. Rajni insists to go. Maggie says she is shameless to go on a honeymoon. Gyan asks did you forget your days. Sharmila says they are far ahead of us. Shaan says Papa…I want to go. Amrish asks him to have patience and go next week.

Rajni says bau ji is right, we have to follow elders’ orders, and says I will stay with mummy ji. Shaguta says this is not fair. Maggie jokes. Shaguta says dad took Rajni’s kundli and not mine. Amrish says Mathew snake left from your life and everything is good in your life. Shaan thinks that snake is in my life now. Mathew calls Shaan and asks why you are still there. Shaan says you are so smart? He says there are some complications and he will come after sorting out. Mathew warns him to come soon. Shaan says I understand. Dev comes to Shaguta’s room and thinks if Surili makes him son then he will stay in this room. He sees mangoes and eats it. Shaguta asks what are you doing in my room? Dev says I didn’t know that this is your room, else I wouldn’t allow even my shoes to come here. Shaguta says you came here to take my advantage. Dev says since I got married to you, my life has become hell, and witch is scaring me in my dreams. Shaguta asks did you see your face and acts like him. Dev says you are shortcut ki dukaan, who doesn’t know english properly. Shaguta asks him to leave. Shaguta throws mangoes on him. Dev says he will come again to take the mangoes.

Shaan asks Amrish, how can he believe on kundli, planets and baba. He says baba’s are fake and it is their business to get money. Amrish says I have much money, let him take, but my decision is final..Surili says I will sponsor your honeymoon. Amrish asks him to wait for a week. Shaan says it is very important to go today. Amrish gets Pandit’s call and he goes to receive him. Baba ji comes and sits on sofa. Shaan asks who is he? Amrish says he is baba ji. He asks did you find hard to search the house. Baba ji says he found it on juggle map…Shaan says why do you use juggle (google) and can’t you use grahs to locate the address. Baba ji gives a reasoning. Shaan asks him not to feel bad and says he want to ask something. Shaan asks can you change planets positioning to make everything right in Rajni’s life. Baba ji says are you making fun of me. Shaan says when you can read the planets etc then you can work with NASA. Baba ji says what is Nasha…Shaan asks what to do now? Baba ji asks him to do parishram. Shaan says I will do and asks when to go. Baba ji tells him to do jal abhishek on a shivling of Shiv temple. HE asks him to do 201 times jal Abhishek and asks him to get water from some well away from there which is half kms away. He says you have to do this all alone, and then you have to pray with your wife, then troubles will go away from your wife’s head.

Shaan does the parishram as said by baba ji and fetches water from the well.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  13. plzzz shaan dnt let rajni go……i hate tht blo*dy mathew

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