Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 9th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 9th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajni and RAM bringing moody to their room. RAM says this is our room. He asks Rajni to ask Moody what happened to her. Rajni says I was about to ask it. Moody makes Moo Moo Sound. Rajni interprets that Moody is having pain in her stomach and that’s why she couldn’t give milk since a week. RAM asks her to scan and see. Rajni says okay. She scans and sees plastic polythene inside her stomach. She says Moody said that she had eaten plastic while eating grass. She says humans throw plastic everywhere. RAM asks can you take that bag out. Rajni says I can try and puts hand inside her mouth. RAM says you can do it MOBO. Rajni takes out plastic bag from her stomach. Moody thanks her. Rajni says you are welcome. Shaan comes and says he is hearing Moo Moo since she brought

this MOBO. He says Mom is troubled because of this buffalo. RAM says Moody is the prize. Shaan says who gave buffalo in prize. Rajni says Charan Prasad and tells how she won the competition. Shaan asks them not to trouble Surili as her Kitty party friends are coming over there tomorrow. He gets an idea.

RAM asks Moody to give milk. Rajni tells RAM that Moody will give milk today. Rajni makes RAM drink Moody’s milk. Moody thanks Rajni for treating her. RAM says we are family now and says I love you. Rajni says Moody is saying I love you too. Maggie and Surili spray perfume and fresheners in the hall to make Moody smell go. Her friend see buffalo dung in a utensil and asks Surili? Surili says she ordered dung for a therapy and lies to them. She asks Sharmila to bring breakfast and snacks. Sharmila says we forgot to make breakfast while cleaning and spraying fresheners in the house. Surili is shocked. Her friend asks if she is ordering food from outside. Surili asks why do you want food, look at yourself you have put on lots of weight. She says I have decided that this kitty party will be healthy kitty party and we will diet now. Her friends say you have called us and now insulting us.

Rajni comes and says mummy ji’s kitty party breakfast is ready. They see milk shake, sweets, ghee etc. RAM gives them ghee bottles. They ask about RAM. Surili says he is Shaan’s son. They say so many milk products. RAM says Moody gave so much milk today. Surili says she is our Switzerland Chef. They drink milk and says it is so yummy. They insists to meet Moody.

RAM calls Moody. Moody comes and says Moo Moo. Surili is shocked and thinks the ladies will make her leave the kitty party group. The ladies get impress with Moody and says it is a good idea to keep buffalo at home and get pure things. Other woman says name is also super cool and asks if it is moody like Surili. Rajni says yes, she is moody like Surili as she thinks of Surili as her mum. Surili thinks her friends will taunt her now, but her friends are impressed with Surili and tell Surili that they want to click selfie with Moody. Surili says ofcourse. They click pics with her. They thank them for the lovely day. Sharmila gives credit to Rajni for saving them. Rajni says welcome mummy ji. Surili says I haven’t say thanks to you. Rajni says you are special and always welcome.

RAM and others are outside the house. RAM asks the people to buy Moody milk products, the new brand which they have launched. Gyan says Moody gave 3 buckets of milk. Amrish is happy too. Dhyan comes and tells Rajni that he has distributed the pamphlets for Moody milk products and got some orders too. Rajni nods. Gyan hugs Dhyan and says we got 40 litres milk. Maggie says that’s why I asked you to choose Moody over mummy ji. Surili is upset. Amrish tells Surili that even though her children had not chosen her, but Moody admires her as her mum. Moody gives approval and says Moo Moo. Gyan says it seems Moody will make our destiny sparkle.

Shaan comes and says sorry everyone, but Moody is not in our destiny. Charan Prasad sees the milk buckets and says Moody/Bijuria is mine. Shaan says he is owner of Moody. He asks if Bijuria gave this milk. Surili says yes. Charan Prasad says she don’t used to give milk before. RAM tells that Rajni treated Moody and took plastic bag from its stomach. Charan Prasad tells that Shaan made his feelings towards Moody known to him, and says he brought 50000 Rs prize for Rajni. Rajni takes the money. Charan Prasad says he will serve them milk in their life for life time. They get happy. Amrish says Moody is like our daughter now, like Shaguta. Surili is surprised.

Rajni says a daughter have to go one day and time has come for Moody to go. RAM tells Moody that he has a nice time with it, and asks to come whenever it wants. Moody makes Moo Moo sound. Everyone wakes bye. Rajni tells Amrish that he needed money for RAM’s first lori and gives him 50000 Rs. Amrish gets happy and says if intentions are good then God helps us surely. He says we don’t need much money for celebrations. RAM asks him to give 10000 Rs. Shaan asks Surili to pat on his shoulder. Surili pats on his shoulder, and says Charan Prasad came, took buffalo and gave 50000 Rs. She says didn’t you get any other idea as Amrish is planning to celebrate lori for RAM. Amrish asks RAM why do you need money. RAM says Shaan wants to purchase gift for Rajni. Amrish gives him money. Shaan thinks he is always not appreciated for his work.

Doctor checks Surili and says her cholesterol is high. He asks them to let her exercise. Rajni says she will take care of Surili being adarsh bahu. Surili says she will not have medicine. Rajni, Sharmila and Maggie make her have medicine. Rajni says mission accomplished.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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