Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 9th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 9th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajjo getting shocked seeing Mathew showing red light coming from his eyes, and requests him not to trouble Shaan. Mathew says Shaan will be most hurt when I ruin his created. He takes her to terrace and asks her to fight back. He says when you fall down and your robotic body separates apart then everyone will know that you are a robot. Rajjo says she is a human and not robot. Mathew pushes Rajjo off from balcony. Rajni returns and catches her. Rajjo faints. Dev also comes there following Rajni. Rajni tells him that Mathew has thrown Rajjo from there. Dev is shocked and says they shall take Rajjo inside first. Mathew comes out and thinks where is Rajni. He thinks Rajni is saved and goes to lab. Dev and Rajni make Rajjo rest in room. Mathew searches for Rajni. Dev

says where is that Mathew’s son. Rajni says he is not married. Dev asks her not to take it literally. Mathew sees Rajni and asks why she is unhurt. Dev says you came here to destroy Rajni and says you can’t. He asks Rajni to give him shock treatment. She gives him shock. Mathew laughs and says the more you give me shock, I will get more strength. Dev asks Rajni why shock is not affecting him. Rajni says she couldn’t figure out.

Dev asks Rajni to throw him out, but she couldn’t. Dev asks Rajni if her powers are lessened. Rajni says no. Mathew pushes her and Rajni falls down. Dev tries to beat him and gets electric shock. He asks who are you? Mathew says he is more powerful than Rajni and is half human and half robot. He says I will kill all family members and will put blame on Rajni. Dev says I will expose you. Mathew says nobody will believe you as I have blood in myself and I can eat, drink etc like humans. He pushes Dev. Rajni saves him. Dev thanks her and tells Rajni that he came to destroy her and came as a humanoid robot. He asks her to destroy him. Rajni says command accepted. There is a war between Rajni and Mathew. Dev gets hurt and falls down. Shaguta comes there. Mathew becomes normal. Dev asks Rajni to activate normal mode. Shaguta comes and sees the broken things. She asks who has broken these things. Mathew says Rajni has broken these things as I told her that I will bring new stuff. He says she is strange. Shaguta asks him to come. Mathew tells Dev that he will kill Shaguta first and will take revenge for the slap. Dev tells Rajni that they shall tell this to Shaan and says this family is in trouble. Dev tells this to Shaan.

Shaan doesn’t believe on Dev and says it seems you have drank bhaang. He tells that he met the jailer and came to know that he was a silent prisoner. Dev says he is a humanoid robot. Shaan says Mathew is just an investor and it takes years to learn robotics. Dev says you doesn’t believe me and asks her to come to Rajjo and asks her. Rajjo wakes up and thinks if it was a dream or reality. She thinks it must be a dream. Dev comes to Rajjo and asks her to tell what Mathew did to her. Rajjo says her head is paining and she doesn’t remember anything. Dev asks Shaan to believe him.

Mathew brings flowers and tells that he brought them for Shaguta and Rajni, sneezes. Shaan tells Dev that he is a human and that’s why sneezing. Rajjo says he is a nice man. Mathew thinks his idea worked. Dev tries to upgrade Rajni’s system, but couldn’t. He gets worried and tells her that he has always supported Shaan, but he is not believing him. Rajni asks him to make Shaguta understand to close Mathew’s entry in the house. Dev says Shaguta is mad about Mathew and will not listen that he is a half human. Rajni says that’s because she loves Mathew. Dev says if she was in my love then she will listen to me. Rajni says yes. Dev says you want me to make Shaguta fall for you and refuses. Rajni says Kant family needs us. Dev agrees.

Vinod Khanna of Har Mard Ka Dard comes to Shaan’s house. Surili asks Shaan what is going on? Maggie asks if your son got married. Shaan says he is a professor. Vinod tells that he doesn’t know how to make women around him understand and that’s why come to him. He says your problem seems like mine. Shaan thinks he is in problem because of real woman and thinks Rajni behaves like typical woman and always creates problems. He says it is every man’s pain and calls Rajni and asks her to solve Vinod’s problem and tell him how to understand women. Rajni after reading lots of books and seeing films, tells that it is rather difficult and impossible to understand a woman. Nobody can figure out what is in a woman’s mind. Vinod asks there shall be any solution. Rajni says you have to break your head to know it. Vinod is surprised and hopes that he gets some magical thing to understand woman. They promote the show Har Mard Ka Dard….

Dev tells Shaguta that he was poor Dev Bangru, but now he is rich D Bang…and says I love you. Mathew comes and says Shaguta is mine and will be mine. Shaguta asks them to fight and says whoever wins, I will be his. Dev is shocked, while Mathew smirks.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Plzzz. Only 2 episodes are left so do update on time…. though i know sad ending of show… ?????? but do not want to wait for so long….

    And episode waassssssssss just below fantastic as due to methew show had some robo fight which I was missing after sooo much bore episode….
    But show is ending on sad note ???????????

    1. you sure that it will be sad ending… crap… then I should watch last 2 episides… this is a comedy drama, don’t know why writers always want to crap ending, and mostly , life ok’s serials are always crap ending….


        Right tusi…
        In end robo rajini will be gone to robo planet.. and rajjo and shaan will unite


    Laavanya Show trp was high…
    It fell due to changes-
    1. Shaan changed
    2. Lost robo and human love chemistry
    3. Focused more on saas bahu drama

    1. Laavanya

      Still, show never reached in top 20. Ridhima Pandit is quite famous now…she will explore more rather then being playing role of a robot.
      Show trp fell due to reason no 3 mainly. Show promised something different but they turn into saas bahu crap. Show lost its charm when Karan Grover was Shaan, Raqesh did a fab job.


        Both shaan were good.. infact i also like raqesh more than karan as shaan.. but show did not show what they needed to show and what they promised.

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