Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 9th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 9th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sharmila telling that this chipku RAM is Rajni’ son and says she was eating achaar 5 years ago. Maggie says she told that her legs are heavy. Dhyan says surely RAM is a combo of Rajni and Shaan and that’s why he talks about English. He says Ria shouldn’t have made any issue. Sharmila says Rajni will leave from here with RAM. Gyan asks them to talk to Ria. Maggie asks them to go to Ria and talk. They argue and fight, and thinks to go once marriage happens. Surili smiles and says this marriage can’t happen as Ria knows now that Shaan has a child. She asks them to enjoy their cat and dog fight and tells that their bad days are still on. She gets worried and goes. Dhyan says Shaguta will do something. Shaguta tells Ria that it is not confirm if the child is of

Shaan or not. She asks Vikram about his thoughts. Vikram says he needs to consult an understanding person, and tells that his business associate is coming in sometime. Shaguta asks if you will agree if that guy agrees. Vikram says yes. Door bell rings. Shaguta thinks she will convince him with her charm.

Vikram says sir have come. Dev comes. Shaguta is shocked seeing him in different attire and recalls the happenings. Shaguta drops the aarti plate shocking. Dev says hello….Shaguta says no way. She tells all troubles are coming today and asks him to get out. Vikram tells her that he is his business associate. MR. D Bang. Whatever I am today is because of him. Shaguta asks how is this possible and says this man can’t become peon. Shaguta says it is okay, it is our old continuity. He says today is Shaan and Ria’s marriage naa, where is Shaan. Shaan comes there and holds Dev by his collar. He says sala panauti….you came. Everything is happening because of you. Dev says your old Dev is back, but I am not old Dev, now I am rich have money, house, car etc, what do you have? Shaan says I have questions. Ria asks what is wrong with this family. Shaan says I have many questions.

Dev says Ria needs my one suggestion. He says you need a tip from me, and says he shall never think that you are hurting his family or he shall never think that you are thinking to harm them. He says Shaan has a habit of throwing malfunctioned things. Ria thinks Shaan had thrown her phone and tells Dev. Dev says its okay, you will take care of Shaan. He asks why marriage is stopped. RAM comes there and says Mamu…you are here. Ria says are Mamu. RAM says he is my Mamu. Vikram says it means Rajni is your sister. Dev asks Rajni and RAM, how come you both are here and asks if marriage is stopped because of you both. He laughs. Shaan says you are laughing much. Dev says destiny is so cunning. Vikram says I thought to take advice from you, oblivious to the fact that Rajni is your sister, and now things have become complicated. He says it is better that Ria and Shaan shall not marry. Dev says no, he has a solution and says if Rajni and RAM go away from Shaan’s life then marriage can happen naa.

He asks Rajni. Rajni says Shaan shall marry Ria. She will be proved better wife than me. She won’t trouble Shaan. I came here to take RAM. Surili comes and says that’s great, take your RAM and leave. Ria says but….Surili tells Ria, you are a modern girl, and making issue of Shaan’s marriage. Shaguta says now Mr. D Bang also suggested for marriage, and asks him to leave. Surili sees Dev and is shocked. She says no…and asks when, how, why…you have come? Dev says okay, I will go if you want. He says it is better if Shaan marries again, he says Shaan doesn’t need Rajni, and Rajni doesn’t need him. I am her brother and will take care of my sister and her child. Shaan thinks from where her son came.

Dev asks Rajni to come. Rajni says I want to tell something to Shaan, so that he don’t land up in any trouble. Rajni says according to law, it is a crime to marry again, even though your first wife is there. She says you will e jailed. Surili says I am also a lawyer. Rajni says I know, who have lost case with me. Surili recalls losing case badly. Shaan thinks he didn’t think to get divorce from robot wife. Dev asks Shaan to get divorce papers. Rajni tells Dev that Shaan is standing still as he forgot to give me divorce in a hurry. Surili asks how is this possible? You told me that you divorced her. Shaan says I forgot. Vikram says what is this? And gets angry. He asks what else? Sharmila and Maggie come there. Sharmila asks Dev Bangru..what you are doing here? Maggie says you are not Shaan’s friend or Shaguta’s husband now.

Vikram asks what? Even Shaguta was married before. Shaguta runs saying she has divorce papers. Surili tells Vikram that it is not an issue. Shaguta brings divorce papers and shows to Vikram and Ria. They check the papers. Surili says we do everything well. Vikram checks the papers. Maggie says their marriage was just computer error and they had nothing in between them. Ria tells Vikram that she is about to faint and says marriage can’t happen today. Vikram says he will think and goes. Rajni tells Shaan that he has taken a right decision, if he had married Ria, then he would have been in jail with family members. Surili congratulates Rajni for ruining family’s happiness again. Amrish comes and says everything happened because of your stupidity and asks why you are scolding Rajni. Dhyan says this is happening because of Rajni. Even Gyan, Maggie and Sharmila scold her. Shaguta says she will trouble everyone by not divorcing Shaan.

Dev says what did you say that my sister came here to break marriage? Shaguta says yes. Dev says your thinking is small and says Shaan needs divorce naa, she will divorce him. When Shaan doesn’t need her, she doesn’t need him. RAM says I don’t want to stay with Shaan and Surili. He asks Rajni and Dev to come and talks like Rajni. Dev says divorce will happen today and asks them to live their lives then.

Dev gets down the car and tells Rajni that they will not look back at Kant family once divorce happens. Shaan tells judge that they have been separated since 5 years. Judge asks Rajni if she wants to divorce her husband. Rajni looks on smilingly. Dev asks her to say yes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    It was sooooo dashing entry of Dev… i was lovinhl seeing that???????????….


    It was sooooo dashing entry of Dev… i was lovinhl seeing that???????????…. and best sence when kanth family was shocked to see him ???????????? their overacting was turned into over dose of shock???????…

    And nextly i liked the way Dev supported Rajini and R.A.M. and even now amrish did not spoke truth about being wrong of surili when rajini gave her shock???????????…
    But mostly importantly I think ???Rajini will not divorce Shaan and Dev will get angry???

    1. Right dear
      Shogula should be got a lesson

  3. I hate dhayan gayan part
    how can they forget Rajni’s favour do easily???

  4. Dhyan and gyaan are the one of the most ediot and stupid character in television history. Their presence is no effect to anybody .

    1. Right.Stupid and dumb characters

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