Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 9th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 9th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaguta telling Surili that she brought necklace worth 2 lakhs rupees. Surili says I will keep it in locker as there are chances of theft. Sharmila and Maggie insist to keep it in the locker. Surili says do you think that I will give my locker keys to you, asks them to wake up and stop dreaming. She says this key will be kept with me. Rajni hears them and says only time will tell..meow. She asks everyone to gather and says good is ready. Amrish chews the food and says small stone came in it. Surili asks him to be careful. Gyan and Dhyan check the food and says even they got it. Dhyan says this is called, something is black in rice. Surili asks Rajni to bring roti. Rajni says I didn’t make roti today. She asks them to have rice, and says may be somebody added rice

in the stones. Amrish says today is the bad day, and goes to sleep. Everyone get up without having food. Surili gets up and asks Rajni why I am feeling you are doing this intentionally.

Rajni says if I could, then I will cut my stomach and make my family eat. Surili asks Rajni to stop acting and says Samaira is gone, and asks her to change her vamp saree. Rajni thinks Surili have done a big mistake by threatening Rajni, the killer cat. Later in the night, she comes to Surili’s room and gets the keys. She says you think yourself as smart, and says now see what does Rajni kant do. She laughs and goes. Surili hears her voice and gets up. Amrish says there is nobody here, I might have laughed. Surili says you don’t laugh like this and laughs aloud. Amrish asks her to sleep and switches off lights. Surili realizes that the keys are missing. She checks under the pillow and says I knew it, keys are missing. Amrish and Surili get shocked. She says oh my God….

They gather family members. Gyan asks how can this possible? Dhyan says those keys have house papers keys etc. Surili asks them to find it. Rajni brings water and asks her to drink it. Surili asks why you have put question mark on your forehead? Rajni says I have applied bindi of question mark as everyone is wondering who has stolen it. Maggie and Sharmila ask Surili where she had kept it. Sharmila says you used to keep it under the carpet. Surili says oh my god…..and says their eyes were on my keys. Sharmila and Maggie says ofcourse. Rajni says this wouldn’t have happened if keys was with me. She declares on behalf of Surili that whoever finds the keys can keep it. Surili is shocked and asks everyone to find the keys before Rajni could find it. Rajni asks Sharmila to keep an eye on Maggie and says she must have hidden keys somewhere, and asks her to keep an eye on her. Amrish gets his head stuck in the vase.

Surili asks who are you? Amrish says your husband. Surili asks did you get keys? Amrish says no. Rajni throws keys on bed and signs Maggie. Sharmila also sees keys and jump to get it. Rajni picks the keys while they are fighting. Amrish tells that Gyan is great to walk with close eyes. Dhyan and Gyan come there, and says flour was fallen on them. Rajni brings the keys and praises herself. Surili gets happy. Amrish asks Surili to free his leg from the pot. Rajni asks him not to worry and lie down. She takes it out. Amrish thanks him. Rajni asks him not to thank her, and says she will thank Surili when she gives keys to her. Surili asks Rajni to shut up, and forget it. Rajni says okay…and asks her to give keys. She tells Rajni, the killer cat will get keys anyways. She shows her sparkling eyes. Surili is shocked.

Rajni shows hunter and threatens the family that the house is hers now. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Renuverma

    Thks hasanji for the update. ?????

  2. rajni aise bilkulbhi achi nahi hain


    Killer cat rajini is just killer….. ??????
    Just good laughter dose..

  4. rajni the killer cat ke killer expessions …
    vamp rajni kant family discharge karke rahegi …sari vamps apne aap se baat karti ha…

  5. RAJNI-The Killer CAt- Meowwwwww..
    Wish she give smany more hunter beats to Shaaan..

  6. pls anyone tell me, when will finish this vamp track. i don’t like rajni in this avtar.

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