Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 8th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 8th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amartya telling Surili that there is something wrong with Rajni. He says I have seen her doing strange things yesterday night. Amrish asks when did you see when you couldn’t find any difference between bubbles and plant. Amartya says I have seen for sure and tells that he heard Rajni talking to Alien. Crow comes just then. Amartya greets him. Crow makes noises and flies away. Amartya is shocked and tells them that Rajni gave electric shock to my baba, and says only Alien can do this. He says my BP is increased and takes tablet. Amrish says Rajni is human, and says I doubt that he is not human. Surili says Rajni is a little weird, and asks him to relax. Surili tells Maggie and Sharmila that she wants to insult Rajni. She tells her friend’s story to them, and

says that her friend rubbed her sandal with her bahu brush and kept it back. She says it is a bad idea and thinks to cut her hairs like Ghajni. She says ganji rajni…Ghajni…I am sure she will feel pain. Surili says why can’t I. I can go to any length to hurt Rajni. Neighbors come and claps. Surili turns and says door was open. Neighbor says so you are planning to hurt Rajni. Surili says it is just a rumor.

Rajni comes and greets them. Surili hugs Rajni and asks her to tell how much she loves her. Rajni tells them about yesterday’s incident, when Surili pressed her neck. Surili says you are joking and praises her sense of humor. Rajni says I don’t have sense of humor and asks shall I crack jokes. Surili says no and asks Maggie and sharmila to take her away. They take Rajni inside. Surili says her bahus love each other a lot. Neighbor tells her that they are keeping an event in which bahus will give speech on their mum in law, and asks her to ask Rajni to give speech. Surili is shocked, and says everyone’s doubts will be cleared.

Amartya thinks there is something wrong with Rajni, but I have no proofs. Rajni goes and he feels current. Amartya feels current and says there is something wrong with her. Rajni scans and realizes that he is behind her and runs fast so that he couldn’t find her. Amartya takes a tablet.

Bubbles reads the comments on the matrimonial site and cries. She says I got the kiss but of that frog. Amartya hears her, asks her to close laptop so that he can get in. Bubbles takes laptop near him to scare him. Amartya runs and says it all happened because of that alien rajni. Bubbles asks what did you say? Amartya sits and tells that there is something wrong with her, says she is not a normal girl. Bubbles recalls seeing her doing strange things, and says she is a ghost. Amartya says she is not a ghost, but can be an Alien. Bubbles says it is a good news, says we can be friends and shake hands so that we can expose her and kick her out of house. Amartya says friendship idea is good, but it is not right to kick her out. Bubbles says Rajni’s chapter will close during Ganapati and asks him to shake hands. Amartya promises while feeling shy….and blushes.

Maggie shouts for Gyan. Gyan comes. Sharmila shouts for Dhyan and he comes. Maggie tells Gyan that Sharmila made thermocol dish for me. Gyan asks why did you make thermocol dish for her. Sharmila says I was just testing her intelligence. Maggie says badtameez woman and pinches her, says I was testing my pinch. Surili comes and asks what you are doing. She asks them to make arrangements of ganpati. She gets Mrs. Sahay’s ganapati pic and asks him to buy even more big idol. Amrish says God doesn’t give blessing according to his size. Kuhu comes and asks them not to make plaster of paris idols. Rajni scans and tells about its advantages. Surili says I am impressed Rajni, you are saying right…but don’t tell if have no idea then I will bring plaster of paris idols. Rajni sees the wires loose and thinks to fix it properly. Amartya sees her repairing electrical wires and feeling current. He is surprised.

Amartya comes to Bubbles while she is sleeping and keeps his hand on her bed…Bubbles turns and crushes his hand. He shouts and wakes her up. Bubbles gives him tablet. Bubbles says you would have told me about your hand. Amartya says I couldn’t tell you. Bubbles says male Surili. She sees chemical in his hand and asks if it is wine. Amartya says it is complex chemical solution to expose Rajni. He says I made this for Rajni. Bubbles says when did you learn to make it. Amartya says I have done PhD in chemistry, and made it for Rajni. Bubbles says let go and make her drink it. Amartya says no, you are brave, you go and make her have it. Bubbles says we are good friends and partners now, asks him to go. Amartya gets happy hearing partner word from her. They come to Rajni….and sees her taking out her ear and repairing it with her finger. They are shocked.

Bubbles comes to Rajni and says I have brought ganapati ji Prasad for you and asks her to drink it. Rajni drinks it and returns the bottles, thanking her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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