Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 8th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 8th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan searching about Virat and says time has come to put Virat in trap. Surili plans to get dog at home. Everyone is cleaning the house. Shaguta says your idea is the best. Amrish says I will bring dangerous dog, and is about to go. Guards stop him and asks him to finish work first. Amrish says I will go to park and return soon. Guards refuse to let him go and asks him to get back to work. Amrish says how we will bring dog home. All of them get sad. Amrish says who will bring dog now and how we will say tommy bite him. Virat makes Poonam’s painting and praises his own talent. Guards see painting and are quite shocked to see danger painting. They praise his painting. Amrish, Maggie, Surili and Sharmila come there. Surili says wow looking at painting and asks which

country is this. Virat says this is my Poonam’s painting. Surili laughs and says perfect. Virat says where is my Poonam. Amrish says we didn’t know. Virat shouts her name. Rajni comes and says I am here…hello. Virat holds her hand and asks where did you go? Rajni switches on lie detector and asks who am I? Virat says you are my life.

Surili and Amrish asks him to leave her hand. Rajni tells Amrish that decision is taken. She tells Virat that she is going to show something to him which will make him much scared. Dog comes and barks. Virat gets scared and asks his guards to take him out. Surili, Amrish and others get happy. Surili scares him much and says dog is going to bite someone. Rajni says yes, this dog was biting everyone on the street, I brought it here to make Virat leave. Virat runs to save his life. Surili thanks Rajni. Amrish and others are happy too. Surili tells that she will kiss dog. Dog barks seeing her. Surili asks why is it shouting. Dog barks. Rajni asks Surili not to run else it will bite her. Surili says how can I stand here? She goes while dog follows her. Surili shouts. Rajni says mummy ji is bitten by the dog.

Shaan comes to Virat’s house and rings the bell. He thinks he will get all kundli. A veiled woman opens the door and asks if he came to get charity. Shaan says if this is Virat Batra’s house. He asks who are you? Woman says she is his wife. Shaan asks her to let him see her face. Woman says my husband don’t want me to show face to others and says he is crazy. He says your husband is eyeing other woman.

Surili shouts seeing big injection and says it is like a rocket. Doctor asks if she is ready? Surili says she is not ready. Amrish asks her to thank god and says Dog have bitten you now, but not before. He says I will not forget your favor. Rajni says tommy will also not forget your favor as it became silent after biting Rajni. Surili says may be this dog is not dangerous. Rajni says you would get rabies and get mad, according to Maggie and Sharmila, you are half mad and if you don’t take this injection then you will get full mad. Sharmila asks Surili to get injection. Shaguta also asks her. Surili says she will make an important call before getting injection. Rajni asks everyone to hold her. Doctor gives injection to Surili. Surili shouts….Doctor says it is done. Shaan lifts the woman’s veil and sees her face.

Amrish asks Surili why she is afraid. Surili says Rajni is the reason for her pain. Maggie says Rajni made him go. Sharmila says Virat came because of her only. Surili says sometimes you say right. Shaan asks are you Poonam? Woman says I am Bhakti. Her husband comes. Bhakti says he is Virat Batra. He hits Shaan. Rajni brings green tea for her. Amrish tells Surili that Rajni is their bahu. Surili says she is Virat’s wife and we don’t know her history. Sharmila says don’t know she did many marriages. Surili asks her to shut up. Rajni says I am not Poonam, but Rajni. She says even Virat knows that I am not Poonam. Sharmila asks then why don’t you stop him. Rajni says Shaan went to enquire and says Virat’s truth will be out now. Surili says she made us work and get insulted too.

Shaan comes back home holding his eye. Amrish asks if something has fallen in your eye. Shaan shows his injured eye, and tells that he had a reaction while working in lab. Rajni asks Shaan, if you got proofs against him. She says even Virat know that I am not Poonam and he is lying intentionally. She says when he held my hand, I have measured his heart beat and it had increased whenever he said Poonam. Maggie asks if you are a machine. Shaan says she catches my lie also. Amrish says it is good that Virat is left. Just then they hear Virat calling them. They see Virat coming there dressed as a groom. Amrish asks why did you come again. Surili asks Amrish to call commissioner and says I will murder him and will go to jail. Maggie says we will call dog here. Virat asks his guards to bring their dogs. They see Gyan and Dhyan on gun point.

Virat threatens to kill Dhyan and Gyan. Amrish asks what do you want? Virat asks them to take his wife inside and bring her getting ready as a bride.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Today’s episode made me confuse about what is truth or what is lie??? And what all this going on???


      But yes it was little laughter dose during dog scene and injection scene

  2. ewwuuuu
    Shaan is behaving lyk hell?
    his character is soo dull n unbearable
    he’s doing nothing… everyone is doing good except for shaan..hell boy..

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