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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 8th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajni asking Amrish to have juice. Amrish refuses to drink any juice. He says you are my tigress daughter. Surili says there is only one tigress here and there is no need for other tigress. Amrish says oh, I got to know that tiger came to meet you and laughs. Rajni says mummy ji’s relative is crow and not tiger. Surili asks her to shut up. Amrish asks Rajni, why didn’t you come there. Rajni says Shaan asked me not to go anywhere from home. Amrish asks did you stop Rajni because of the recent accidents. Shaan nods. Rajni says I made a gift for you on your completion of 30 years I truck company and goes to bring it. Surili says I am noticing now a days that you are treating Rajni specially and asks why? Amrish says look surili. Surili asks if she has done something

special. She says even Rajni didn’t attend the function.

Rajni brings a large pics collage (with Amrish’s pics with truck and Kant transport written) and says I made this for you Bua ji. Shaan, Amrish and Surili are surprised and touched by her gesture. Amrish says you have kept my life at one place. He says you always touches heart and I like it. Shaan looks on. Amrish blesses her for happiness and safety. He gives the collage to Surili and says he has to go and show Rajni’s kundli to pandit ji. Surili asks him to change his clothes and go. Amrish says okay and goes to change his clothes. Surili likes the collage and thanks Rajni. Rajni asks why? Surili says there is so much difference between us, but one thing is common, we both love Amrish a lot. Rajni nods.

She says Amrish got happy seeing the collage and thanks her again. Rajni says but….Surili asks her not to tell anything and ruin the moment. Rajni blinks her eyes innocently. I want to enjoy this moment. Shaan hears everything and gets emotional. Surili asks her to let her enjoy the moment. Rajni nods in a yes. Surili thanks Rajni again and goes. Shaan thinks mom who was always upset with Rajni is happy with her now, when she is leaving. Shaan thinks how to tell the family that its time for Rajni to leave home.

Mathew tells his boss that finally that day has come, you will be glad and get your toy. Shaguta runs to him and hugs him. She says I still love you. He calls her stupid, moronic, spoilt brat. She calls him the same. Dev comes and looks on. She calls Dev there. She asks Dev to help her and say bad words to Mathew. Mathew asks him to say. Dev says no, I can’t. Shaguta says I still like you Mathew. Mathew says I never loved you. She gets sad.

Mathew tells Shaguta that I was never interested in you. He asks Dev to give an envelope to Shaan. Mathew goes. Shaguta blames Dev for all this. Dev calls her mad and says thank me, that I did not let you marry that joker. She says shut up, I hate you, you made this plan to trap me, you won’t get successful. He tells her that he can’t trap her, it will be suicide if he falls in love with her. She leaves.

Shaan recalls Mathew’s words. Rajni comes to him and asks Shaan to dine with the family, it increases love, Tulsi said such thing. She sees tear near his eyes and says who made you cry, just tell me the name, I will not leave that person. She says hindi serials lines. Shaan asks her to calm down and sit. He asks drama queen, is your dialogue over. She nods. He says its happiness and sadness mixed tears. She asks why do humans cry in happiness. He says humans are complicated and don’t understand emotions, you know why I made you. She says yes, for human’s good. He says correct, even now I m thinking of my family’s good, if I ask you to leave from here, how will you feel. She says I m robot, I follow commands, I can’t feel good or bad, you should know. He says I know, I m your creator, its time that I give you to Mathew, you have to leave from here.

Rajni says I will go to Mathew Sir, the world will know about your creation, you are a genius, not a foolish scientist, the people who felt you are a loser will find you successful, your ex GF has to believe that whatever she did was wrong, she has to take her bad words back. He holds her and says you don’t get emotional, but can make anyone emotional, don’t talk such things, else I will cry like Bau ji, change mood, I can’t handle this. She says mood change, okay Shaan and goes. Shaan relaxes. Rajni starts dancing to cheer him up and change his mood. Meri Desi look mein……………plays……….. Shaan gets up and looks at her moves.

Shaan stops her. She asks when are we going to Mathew, shall I start packing. He says I will manage packing, I have stress about family, what will I tell them about their bahu, what excuse shall I make. Rajni says I got excuse, Mr. Kapadia is going on second honeymoon, my husband did not take me till now. She pushes him on the bed and gets over him why did he not take her till now, did she take someone else on honeymoon. She beats him with pillow and says I will go on honeymoon with someone else. Shaan says I got it, we can go on honeymoon, superb, thank you. She says you are welcome, what do we do on honeymoon. He says I will tell you when we go there. She says no problem, I will search on internet. He says no wait, internet search is not always good, go and do packing.

Rajni does the packing and asks Shaan to have coffee. He says you did all this yourself, you made me speechless. She says its wife’s work to make husband’s mouth shut. He says coffee got cold. She says no problem and dips her finger to heat the coffee. She hands over coffee to him. He holds her close and gets emotional. He says I will miss your small features, you logically analyzed me and named me PareShaan, I will really get worried after you leave, you love me more than a human wife, I will miss you. She asks him not to get senti, its my last day in this house, do I have permission to stay here for one more day.

Mathew tells Shaan that you have to leave today itself, my men are keeping an eye outside your house. Shaan says we will leave today. Surili asks Rajni to be happy and keep Shaan happy. Rajni says I m going to make him happy. Shaan looks on. Shaguta says they are going on honeymoon. Amrish tells Shaan than they can’t go anywhere out this month. Shaan asks why. Amrish says next one week is dangerous for Rajni.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Please update fast na bcoz i cant wait anymore

  2. Today it was emotional

  3. Shaan is very sad and sad is very bad shaan not realize love for rajni

  4. Plz rajni ko rokh lo…someone plz kill dat stupid mathew.i jst hate him

  5. Loved the semi romantic scene of rajnish<3<3<3<3.shaan is falling in love with rajni,but he didn't realize the day is not so far when shaan will realize his love 4 rajni………..
    Oh,rajni!plz do not let shaan's ex gf 2 come between u and shaan.
    Plz someone move the scroundel,idiot,crazy matthew from the show….i can nt bear him anymore…….
    Guys,i am thinking that soon shaguta <3<3<3<3 dev will fall 4 each other…plz tell me A.I.R?:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P
    I m happy thát surili is nw liking rajni.oh god!
    AT LAST,THANKS H HASAN 4 THE UPDATE.LOVE U ALL:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*

  6. No body can save himself to getting fall in love if he have a girl like Rajni even without super power…shaan know that there is no any girl in earth who become Rajni….so he is missing a lot.she is also his life best and most beautiful creativity ….how can a person leave it… is only truth of this universe and thing is connected by love….when love get week or finish then someone or both get fall from every….I like this chemistry of story who clear that what are human or why are not human is human….thanks for Update…

  7. Manabendra das

    Acha shan. Ki rajni ko Methuen kach par de ayge ?

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