Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 8th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 8th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amrish trying to bring Rajni’s memory back and shows the gulel. Rajni says I don’t remember. Surili says Amrish…you have beaten my baba. Amrish says just scared it. Sharmila says I want to play this game also. She whispers something in Maggie and Amrish’s ears. They get happy. Amrish asks her to implement on idea. Maggie asks Surili to come to side. Surili comes to side. Maggie makes Rajni stand at the other side. She brings kalash and keeps it on Rajni’s way. Then she holds Surili and asks Rajni to kick the kalash. Surili says no and gets shocked. Rajni says okay, command accepted. She proceed towards kalash. Surili asks her not to kick kalash and says her head will break. Rajni scans goal soccer in her memory and kicks kalash. Surili and Maggie bend down

and the kalash hits on Dev’s head. Dev says my precious mind is broken. Amrish says do you remember anything now. Rajni says no. Amrish says I have one more idea and shows the marriage pics. Shaan looks on.

Surili says you are getting too much emotional behen. Amrish looks on puzzled. Dhyan smiles. Amrish shows the album and says this donkey is your husband. Rajni asks if this donkey is my husband. She asks how is this possible. He is a man, but I am a Ro….Shaan stops her and starts drama saying what he should do as his wife doesn’t remember him. Amrish says he is sure that Rajni’s memory will be back. Shaan says Doctor said that if we pressurized her to remember then she will lose her memory for forever. Amrish says okay, we will ask tomorrow. Shaan hugs Rajni and says he is missing his wife, and wants to love her, wants to spend sometime with her. Amrish says okay and asks him not to do any mistake. Shaan says I will update her properly. Surili wishes she starts working again. Samaira comes to Shaan’s house with Inspector. Inspector says she stays here only.

Rajni asks Shaan, if your name is Shaan…Shaan says yes. Rajni says did I marry you? Shaan says yes. Rajni says strange. Shaan asks her not to do drama and says he has made her. He slips and falls in Rajni’s arms. Inspector comes and says this is the girl. Samaira is happy to see Rajni. Sharmila greets Samaira with a hug. Rajni apologizes to Samaira for leaving her in market. Rajni says I know Samaira since 48 hours. Samaira says I took police help to find you. She says I am surprised that you stays here. Surili says where will house lakshmi will stay….Samaira…She says Rajni is bahu of this house and Shaan’s wife. Samaira is shocked. Rajni says yes Samaira. She says this old man is saying that this donkey is my husband. Shaan is tensed. Samaira asks if he is your husband? Shaan struggles for answers. Amrish says I am thankful to you as you have taken care of her. Surili asks why you are sad? It seems you have thought that Shaan will be still in her memories. Inspector goes. Sharmila says my cousin Samaira has found her. Samaira says it is okay, I didn’t know that Shaan got married. She says you might have told me. Shaan says……She congratulates them.

Shaan thinks he has to live his life with Robot now. Maggie asks Samaira to have dinner and go. Samaira says I have to leave. Surili says she must be busy. Sharmila says she is her cousin and should have dinner with them. Even Rajni insists. Surili asks Shaan to hold Rajni’s hand till she gets her memory and says she don’t want her bahu to go missing. She also asks Rajni never to leave Shaan’s hand. Rajni says command accepted and pulls him towards her. She says this is the best example of arrange marriage. I didn’t know you, but you are my husband. Samaira congratulates them. Amrish asks her to freshen up and go after having food.

Surili asks Amrish, if these many dishes are enough for Samaira. Amrish asks her to forget the past. Surili says Samaira calls loser to Shaan and then he used to cry all night. She says she has to bear Rajni because of her and is irritated with Samaira. She asks Amrish to leave her at her house. Samaira comes to have dinner. Rajni and Shaan also comes there. Dhyan tells Gyan that mum’s expressions have changed since she came. Dhyan says Shaan is sitting with gopis. Surili asks Shaan to go and sit beside Rajni. Shaan gets up and sits beside Rajni. Surili says until Rajni sits at his right hand side, he couldn’t eat…and looks angrily at Samaira.

Shaan goes to guest room thinking Samaira is sleeping. He tells that he wants to marry her instead. Rajni gets up and slaps him. She asks what are you doing here? Are you trying to tease a girl in the middle of night.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ha ha ha nice precap

  2. hahahha so entraintaing serial. rajni is ultimate……

  3. No day without fun this show can make a patient laugh


    Ha ha ha…. nice precap… but i hope we do not have to bear love triangle for long tym..

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    Nice turn in drama

  6. this show make my day this is my fav i watch 3 times in a day

  7. Kathy

    Tnx hasan ji for the update ….

  8. Kathy

    Kalash scene is mind blowing…. ??? poor Dev….. Loved the way rajni hold Shaan’s hand when she comes to dinning table……. N precap…. Ha ha ha …??? she act as a typical wife….

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