Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 8th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 8th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan smiling seeing Rajjo. Dev thinks Shaan is loving Rajjo now and doesn’t need Robot Rajni now. Dev asks Rajni to pack her bags and says you don’t need to stay here and have to go from here. Rajni says okay Dev and packs her stuff. Shaan comes and sees Rajni packing her metallic stuff and asks what is happening here. Rajni says packing…I am going from here for forever. Shaan asks what does it mean? Dev says Rajni’s work is finished here and asks him to understand and says Rajjo is here, and you shall stay with her so that Surili doesn’t doubt on you. He says I will take care of Rajni and RAM and asks him not to get emotional. He says Rajni have to go, if you want to start a family with Rajjo. Shaan says I couldn’t digest this fact that Rajni will leave.

Shaan says I thought about Rajjo’s betterment and that’s why stopped her.

Dev says you are selfish and when you stopped her, it shows that you started liking her. Rajni checks his nerves and says your heart beat and pulse have increased when Rajjo’s name is taken, and says Dev said right. She says you have never such feelings for me, as I am a robot, and there can be no love between human and a robot. Shaan says I don’t know what is happening? Rajni says you can become Shaan again from pareshan. Dev asks Shaan to understand to let go Rajni with him, and take care of Surili who is very troubled because of Rajni. Shaan says okay. Dev asks her to come. Rajni says okay Shaan and stares Shaan for last time. She asks him to take care of Rajjo, and says good bye Shaan. Dev takes Rajni with her.

Later thinks Rajni went with Dev, if this was a dream or reality. How Dev will maintain her, and hopes she will return back. Rajjo comes and asks Shaan, why he is upset. Door bell rings. Shaguta comes with Mathew and says surprise…Shaan is shocked to see Mathew and recalls everything. Kant family comes and see Mathew. Shaan asks why did you bring him here? Shaguta says Mathew wants to get back to me. Amrish asks have you gone mad? Surili says I won’t let this happen. Shaan says he has hurt us and was in jail for 5 years. Mathew says I was in jail and have realized that I did wrong with you people, but I am changed and apologize to you all. Surili says we will not forgive you. Shaguta asks Surili to forgive him and says he said sorry 1000’s times. Mathew says I will touch your feet. Amrish stops him. Shaguta asks Amrish if he will not forgive when he is apologizing to them. Surili says you are real dumb…Shaguta. Mathew says shall I name my everything on Shaguta.

Shaguta asks them to agree and says he is my happiness, and asks them to agree. Mathew says I have brought something for you all and shows the gifts for them. Some of them get happy seeing the gifts. Mathew gives gifts to them. He tells Gyan that he will invest on his ideas just like he invested on Shaan’s ideas. He asks everyone to give a chance to him else he will leave from Shaguta’s life. Shaguta asks Amrish to agree. Amrish asks her to do what she wants. Shaguta hugs Mathew happily. Mathew tells hello to Rajjo thinking her to be Rajni and says we met after many years. Rajjo feels current from his hand and shouts. Shaguta asks her not to blame Mathew. Shaan says he can’t stay here. Mathew tells Shaan that his secret will be saved with him.

Shaan and Rajjo go. Gyan says we shall move on. Mathew thinks I will kill your creation. Shaan asks God, why did he do this with him, and thinks Rajni is not here, but Rajjo is here. He wonders what to do and calls Dev, but his number is not reachable. Rajjo comes and asks what happened? Why did you become pareshan from Shaan….Shaan recalls Rajni’s words and thinks how did she know? If Rajni taught her this. Rajjo asks if he is worried about Shaguta’s friend. Shaan tells her that Mathew is not a good person and came with bad intention. He says I will handle somehow. Rajjo prays to God and says he is really worried, I shall help him.

Rajni is in Dev’s house and says Dev said that this is our house, and we will stay here once RAM comes back here. She thinks to upgrade herself and removes all the glitches. She opens the box and thinks her new chips and circuits are left in the lab, and Dev brought old stuff. She thinks to go back to Kant house and get her stuff. Mathew tells Shaguta that he missed her very much and asks how is Surili? Shaguta says she is fine now, but is worried because of Rajni. She tells that Rajni is not a human, but a ghost. She tells that Rajni is having her ghost Ghajni with her. Mathew thinks stupid girl, she is a robot. Rajjo brings drink for Mathew. Shaguta asks him to be nice with her else ghost will attack him, and goes. Rajjo feels current as she gives juice to him. Rajjo tells that she felt current touching him. Mathew says I have become half like you. Rajjo asks if he became a woman. Mathew laughs and shows his lighting eyes. Rajjo is shocked.

Mathew brings Rajjo to terrace and pushes her. Rajni comes there and sees Rajjo falling down.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Showing vry vry bad ending…. i m vry upset with writers specially of like OK as they always end shows on sad and on nonsense note..
    Its have lots example-
    1. Dream Girl
    2. Zindgni abhi baki hai mere ghost
    3. Jane kya hoga rama re
    4. And now Bahu Hmari rajini kanth
    Do not want Rajjo and Shaan Jodi… ??????

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Yeah I agree life ok shows ending r very bad though I never saw no.3, no.2 was more of sad and lame, but loved that show all the way. No.1 was like the evil won in the end. Used to be a fan of that initially but after the male lead’s character died and the female lead quit stopped watching it.
      And ya BHRK ending could have been better , it’s okay with the fact shaan is paired with a human, but what was the need of rajni robot to leave, and if it was only shajni paired up it would have been unique the relationship of a human and robot and how the robot helps the family and ya everyone knows she is a robot.

    2. Laavanya

      Yeah I agree with u, this show was not only how Rajni cross all her obstacles thrown by Surli n Co, but also unique relationship of a human n robot. I know a person need a life partner who can understand all his/her needs, but they can show that by a miracle, Rajni become human just like the movie Vaah! Life Ho Toh Aisi. But no, it is life ok record to show ending on sad note.


    So true… they are setting a record on sad note ending.


    End of show is out… shown on Abp news channel…

    Rajjo will die and rajini will make her alive and will make rajjo and shaan unite and iqbaal khan will enter will take rajini to robo planet. ?????????????????????

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      What!!!!!! Completely illogical ending ? If they had to make it illogical they could have used the vah life Ho Toh aisi concept rajni back to human ???
      But I read there will be a sequel of BHRK where shaan and RAM will find a remote and they will see if they can bring rajni back if this news it’s true then it will be damn interesting


        It may be true.. as they were talking about sequal but no confirm news


        I m more upset with end right now.. ?????

      3. Laavanya

        But I don’t think there will be season 2 just like dream girl. Show trp is 0.3 which is quite low, I don’t think Ridhima will continue with the season 2.


        Show trp was high…
        It fell due to changes-
        1. Shaan chnaged
        2. Lost robo and human love chemistry
        3. Focused more on saas bahu drama


    Plz update today’s episode soon

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