Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 8th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 8th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode start with police ?coming and ask them to stop the marriage. Surili as usual on her over acting say that you are not either Ria’s father nor shaan’s gf; then why are you interfering. Police ask them to stop their nonsense jokes. We have got complaint against you all. Surili and everyone ask who did so? Amrish says to himself may be someone complaint against us as we did not paid fully.
Police ?call R.A.M. did. They ask him if he doubts anyone? All starts overacting by saying he is kid and no no.. R.A.M. says this kadoos uncle Shaan. He even scolded me and my Mobo and she is missing since that time.
Police ask shaan to come out of mandap. Ria says marriage is going on. Police say to search every room, spcially servent room and store room. Shaan thinks

about asking Rajini to be in store room till marriage completes.

Amrish stop police and talk to R.A.M. that we become friends and even we want to meet her Mobo. Everyone start blaming R.A.M.
He starts to take heavy breath? and that time Rajini recognise that R.A.M. is at danger. Shoguta loses her control and goes to beat R.A.M.; Rajini comes on time and ask Shoguta that beating Children is not come. R.A.M. faints and Rajini ask him to relex.
Amrish ask Rajini I am not Drunk or I am hallucinating????? Rajini ask him that you are not hallucinating. Ria says she is my mehandi girl. Amrish shouts that she is Shaan’s ex-wife. Ria gets shock??.
R.A.M. comes and hugs Rajini and says Mobo and hugs her. Ria and every family member get shock??. Ria says that its worst day of my life; My would be husband has ex-wife and even have a son. Shaan says she is lying.
Surili gets shock ??and on her overacting mode make her faint???.
Everyone makes him concious and ask her to relex, and gets faint agian. Ria and her brother confornt Shaan, but Shaan says that R.A.M.? can’t be my son. They ask id he is Gay or impotent??? Shaan says that I can’t lie or not even say truth.
Rajini checks R.A.M. ?heart beat❤ never and say now you are fine. But you should be careful and you should not have done this! R.A.M.? says I promise that I will not repeat now and says sorry by hugging her and both starts to leave.

Shoguta says may be shaan is right, Rajini might have wrong motive to come back after so long time as she was not in touch.
Amrish stops Rajini and R.A.M. and ask them not to go. And hugs Rajini. Further adding that he is angrg with Shaan. But where were you both since 5 years? Rajini says that Dev was with us and secured us. Amrish praises Dev.
R.A.M. ask Mobo that who is he? Amrish says that I am your Dadu. (Asal se payara suit hota hai). Rajini says yes R.A.M. that technically he is your dadaji. Amrish says that in everyway I am your dadu. and since we have met I alwaya feeled connection?‍?‍? with you.

Amrish says that Rajini is your mother and Shaan’s wife and my favourite daughter-in-law. R.A.M. gets supper shock???. He ask Rajini why did you married him? India have 125 crore people and you found that kadus to marry. Amrish says that you both will stay here only and if anyone tries to hurt you both I will shoot that person. Rajini starts to leave with R.A.M. that I can’t go against Shaan’s comand. R.A.M. says that why can’t you do that?? I do not like that Kadus. I sometime doubt that I am so cute and smart how can be he Kadus my father??
Rajini and Amrish smiles.
R.A.M. thinks? that something is really fishy.

Episode ends

Precap- Everyone ask Shaan to give divorce paper to Rajini and marry Ria. Shaan thinks that I never gave her divorce. Dev(looking smart) ask give Shaan. Rajini says that Shaan did not gave divorce to me. Everyone gets shock????.

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    Finally family got to know the truth and have confusion… but I am hating all kanth ladies overacting drama…
    And Dev is looking toooo smart… and waiting for precap…

  2. I agree with you Shraddha.
    kant ladies are so much irritating.
    Overreacting ka dukan!!

  3. And Thank u so much for fast update

  4. Wow! Your writing style is superb
    keep it up Shraddha☺

      1. My Pleasure

  5. Finally Rajni has come out.
    eagerly waiting for precape

  6. Uff!!! again surili’s drama starts

  7. Thank u Shraddha for fast update

  8. Dev looks dashing


      If anything is good happened is Dev’s look

  9. I don’t understand why Kant ladies hates rajnikant . OK surili and shaugata hates rajni it’s right up to some point. But why sharmila,Maggie hates rajni.what rajni did wrong to them. There is a lot of confusion in the show which is totally unacceptable .
    In simple language , a good show is getting ruined badly and there is news in times of India that BHRK is going off air in February 2017.


      They do so as they want to be in good books of surili and shoguta.
      And rajini did not do wrong with them even, as she saved shoguta from being ruined by marrying that foreign, saved surili by giving her shock so that she lives, saved sharmila hubby and maggie daughter but they only do overacting to impress surili.

      What is that true that its ending??

      1. Yah it’s true I read that article , bhrk may end in Feb 2017

    2. Seriously!! Nooooo….


      No it should not happen so soon… ????

  10. Thks shraddha dear

  11. kant ladies lsck feminine affection

  12. hi shardha! your writting is more awsm, than this episode…. keep it up

  13. Hey shraddha…nice job with all the emojis..reading becomes more realistic and fun..keep up the good work


      Thank you tia padhye ?

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