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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 8th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amrish telling Samaira that he didn’t hope this from her. He says we kept you at home like our child. Surili says only you Amrish, I said no. Samaira asks what do you mean? Surili says we came to know about your big plans regarding Shaan. Sharmila and Maggie feel disgusted hearing her plans. Samaira says you are misunderstanding me. Rajni asks Samaira to accept that she has ruined Shaan’s lab with water. Samaira refuses to accept. Rajni says I have many ideas to get truth out of your mouth and brings water pipe. She throws water on her through pipe and asks her to tell truth else. Samaira accepts to have ruined Shaan’s lab with water and asks Rajni to stop it. Rajni says camel came under the mountain now, and asks her to tell why did she do this? Samaira says

I did this, as you are not suitable for Shaan. She says Shaan loves me only and not you. He is always worried with you. She says I just need a reason so that Shaan kicks you out of house…Shaan hears her and is shocked. Samaira sees him and is shocked too. She says Shaan….Shaan says you have ruined my lab…what and why? Samaira says because of you…Shaan. I always wanted to be with you. Shaan asks what you will get by ruining my lab. Samaira says your family members are mad, and says I can’t stay with you with this mad family. I can’t share you with Rajni….Shaan. Everyone is shocked to hear her truth.

Shaan asks have you gone mad? You are Samaira, lawyer and so sophisticated. He says why you are acting as a vamp, what is this behavior. He says I can behave stupid, but can’t hear my family insult. He says I am getting angry now, and will ask you to get out. Samaira asks you would have ask me to get out. She says don’t you love me. Shaan says I do love you, but not more than my family. He asks her to go. Samaira says okay, I will leave, and says I am mad to love you and asks him to remember that he is a loser and will always be a loser. She says good bye. Shaan says good bye. Rajni says bye bye bye…Maggie says I became your fan repeatedly. Rajni thanks her. Surili feels proud of Rajni and tells Shaan to apologize to Rajni, as she has saved him from a big trouble. Shaan says sorry. Rajni acts as a vamp and smiles.

Shaan thinks Samaira left him again because of Rajni. Rajni comes there and makes a cat sound…She says I will beat everyone. Shaan asks her to give a glass of water. Rajni asks why? Am I your servant? Shaan says exactly, I made you for your convenience, else I will shut you down and will keep you in cupboard. Rajni puts water in glass. Shaan thinks she is stuck in vamp mode and says I will reprogram you after 5 mins, but for now….I want to drink water. Rajni splashes water on his face shocking him. He says you are misreading human commands, but now permanent shut down. He asks her to get ready to stay in cupboard permanently.

Rajni hits him with hunter and asks what did you think that Rajni, the killer cat will get happy when you flirts with Samaira. Shaan asks her to calm down and says I am real human and gives her direct command to stop herself. Rajni refuses to take his command. Shaan says wife should obey husband and asks her to stop. Rajni says my scan says that wife shouldn’t bear even smallest mistake of a husband and says you will be punished. Dev comes there. Rajni blames him for spoiling him, and hits him also. Shaan tells Dev that her vamp mode is on and says they need to reboot her. He asks Dev to get beaten by Rajni and searches for his laptop. He goes to his room to get his laptop and asks Rajni to beat him as he has spoiled him. Rajni tells Dev that Shaan thinks you as a loser, stupid, ugly….Dev asks am I ugly? Rajni says no…and says you are good. Dev says he is bad. Shaan comes, pats on his head and calls him loser.

Rajni instigates him against Shaan. Dev says we will ruin him. Shaan says she is provoking you as her vamp mode is on. Shaan asks him to give data cable and calls idiot. Rajni says did you see he called you idiot, duffer and asks him to beat Shaan with hunter. Dev says you are saying right sister and hits Shaan…Rajni says this is Rajni’s the killer cat’s mind. She thinks to damage the laptop, and says it is impossible to make Rajni, the killer cat alright. She is about to throw water on his laptop. Shaan instructs her to shut down. Rajni stops. Shaan asks Dev to get up. He asks Rajni to shut down. He asks her to reset…Rajni gets reset and says hello, what can I do for you. She tells her adarsh bahu mode is on. Shaan asks her to charge herself and don’t go anywhere. Rajni says ok Shaan. Rajni is still on vamp mode and says she will discharge everyone and show Rajni’s the killer cat’s true avatar.

Dhyan, Gyan and Amrish are sitting and having wine. Dhyan praises Rajni’s intelligence. Rajni peeps in their room and thinks she can’t see anyone happiness. Amrish says wine is light. Rajni says don’t worry, I will give you current. She sits beneath the table and gives him current. Amrish says I felt current. Gyan drinks it and says even I felt it. Dhyan takes a sip and says even I felt it. They laugh. Amrish says this is so enjoyable. Rajni gives him much current. Dhyan and Gyan hold him and feel current also. They fall down. Amrish says I will have food and sleep in room. Dhyan and Gyan also leave from there. Rajni comes out and says I have ruined their party. Now I will spoil their dinner also.

Shaguta tells that she bought necklace worth Rs 2 Lakhs. Maggie asks for keys and says I will keep that necklace. Surili refuses to give. Later in the night, Rajni steals the keys and says you think you are smart, now see what I will do.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. hahaha, as usual fantastic episode , love u rajni in vamp mode…
    only this show is real entertainment


    Love u rajini….. her killer cat vamp role is just surperb….?????????????????
    Finally samira chapter is over….. and best parts were rajini beating shaan and dev with hunter and giving electric shock to males kanth…???????

  3. hilarius episode lagta ha rajni ne vamps ke saath anika ko bhi scan kar liya tabhi sab par pani dal rahi thi

  4. Rajni, the killer cat killed it in today’s episode…kiss innings, slap innings ke baad ab dhulai innings bhi shuru…Rajni instigate dev against shaan..awesome trio are back dev,shaan and rajni

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