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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 7th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Virat coming to Shaan’s lab and sees Shaan with Rajni. thinks he is kissing her, and asks Shaan how dare he. He points gun at him. Rajni opens her eyes and tells her number. Shaan tells him that she is memorizing Pan card number. Shaan goes to Rajni and tells her that they have danger with Virat. Rajni says okay. Surili thinks why nobody have come till now. Virat comes there, Rajni follows him. Everyone is relieved to see her alive. Surili says she is very happy to see Rajni alive. Shaguta says she is very lucky to have been saved from bullet. Virat says there is a good news for you. Surili says don’t tell us that Rajni fainted because of pregnancy. Virat says that news will come soon. He says good news is that Poonam is alive and you all are saved. Amrish shows

the court notice and asks him to go. Virat says you have just papers and not court verdict. I am not going anywhere. Rajni says Virat…Virat says my love. Rajni says Bau ji have court orders, let them stay in the house. Virat agrees. Gyan and Dhyan ask him to go.

Virat says I am not going anywhere, and Poonam will stay here as a queen. Nobody will trouble her or will ask her to work in the house. Surili asks then who will do this house work. Virat says you all. He says poonam will behave like a saas and you will behave like her..bahu. Surili says she will not take her orders, and says she will go. Virat takes out his gun. Amrish asks him not to shoot else Rajni will faint. Virat asks them to agree for Rajni’s sake. Amrish agrees and asks Surili to say yes. Virat tells his goons that he has cancelled his death plan. He asks Rajni to do same with Surili whatever she has done. Rajni says okay…she asks Surili to co-operate with Virat. She says I will behave like Surili Kant. Surili is shocked.

Rajni dresses up as Surili with big bindi and long necklace. Sharmila, Maggie and Shaguta come there. Surili also comes there and says she is wearing my 3 lakhs sarees, and my favorite necklace. She asks her to remove her necklace. Rajni says your everything is mine now, and I am you. Rajni acts like Surili and asks everyone to get back to work. She asks them to do Poocha. Sharmila says we will not go and do poocha/clean the house. Rajni says mummy ji made me do this, and says she will tell Virat. Surili says it is good that you gave them work. Rajni says I know…and says she wants to drink green tea and play Veena. She asks her to bring green tea and veena. Surili fumes seeing Rajni talking in her accent. She asks how dare you to talk in my accent. Rajni calls Virat’s name. Surili asks why you are calling him and says let me complete my word. She says I will bring everything. Rajni asks her to go back to work. Rajni plays the Veena.

Surili brings green tea for her. Rajni thanks her. Surili is about to sit. Rajni asks her to hold her tea cup and stand there itself. Surili is angry. Amrish thinks they have to fast today and drinks water. Shaguta comes after washing clothes and tells that she has washed all clothes, and her hands have become dirty.

Rajni comes there and asks why breakfast is not ready till now. Surili says I am taking rest. Rajni shouts Virat. Surili says I am cleaning things here. Rajni asks them to get up and make food for Amrish../Bau ji. Amrish says he don’t accept this punishment. Rajni asks them to get up. Surili agrees and goes to kitchen. Rajni comes to Shaan. Shaan asks her to delete the program. Rajni talks in Surili’s accent and says if I don’t agree to Virat then everyone have danger with him. She asks him to stand there itself and goes. Shaan thinks Virat’s madness is growing day by day and thinks I have to know his history and bring his Poonam right infront of him. Shaguta tells Surili that she will fall down. She takes flour box and it falls on Surili. Surili turns with flour on her body. Shaguta apologizes. Maggie and Sharmila take a quick nap. Rajni throws water on their face and asks them to get back to work. Shaan searches for Virat on the net and thinks he have to find out about his location.

All the Kant family are tired after working hard. Virat comes there and says you people might be thinking how life would be if you had not come in this world. Everyone say yes. Virat hears TV’s noise and breaks it in anger. Goon tells Maggie that Boss is afraid of dogs. Surili, Amrish and others bark happily. Rajni thinks she has to bring a dog to make Virat scared.

Virat tells Rajni that he gets afraid when she stays far from him. Rajni says I will show you something which will make you more scared. She shows dog. Dog barks and makes Virat scared.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Plz chnge this track… agr aise hi chalta raha na show to definetly show or trp lose kr dega…
    Aaj to thoda maza aaya due to rajini acting like surili and asking them to work…

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