Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 7th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 7th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhyan asking Rajni, if he is looking good. Rajni says yes. Gyan comes and asks how am I looking? Rajni says nothing. Gyan asks if I am looking like human? Rajni says yes. Amrish comes wearing turban…Rajni says perfect. Surili comes changing their attire. Surili says we are getting late. Rajni says you people can’t go as there is tiger outside. Everyone laughs. Rajni says I heard its sound. Amrish says there is one tiger and tigress outside. Rajni says okay, I will check before you go. She opens the door and makes tiger sound. Everyone run and hide. Surili asks Rajni to close the door. Rajni says I heard the news on TV. Dhyan asks why you are scared Papa? Amrish says he is Punjab tiger, but this is real tiger. Gyan says I will call forest dept. Rajni thinks

she has managed to stop the family from going out, and asks them to stay at home itself. Surili says Amrish is getting honor for the first time. Surili asks Rajni to bring green tea. Rajni says okay and goes.

Dhyan asks if tiger left from here. Amrish crawls and peeps out of door. He says tiger must have gone. Surili asks Amrish to stop and says she will honor him. Amrish says I will not stop and leaves in his car. Surili cries. Dhyan says he left in car. Rajni brings green tea for Surili and tea for everyone. Dhyan informs her that Amrish left. Amrish comes to his truck company. His employee asks him to cut the ribbon. Dev asks Shaan to go and says he will handle Mathew. Mathew says I won’t do anything. Amrish thanks everyone and goes to cut the ribbon. Mathew says you must be proud of your father. Shaan says yes, and says he is very lucky to have him. Mathew says what will happen when his respects gets ruined within a min. Dev asks what do you mean? Mathew asks them to wait. Amrish cuts the ribbon and sits in the truck driver seat. He starts the truck happily. Everyone claps. Mathew asks Shaan to see. Shaan and Dev see Police team coming there. Mathew smirks. Inspector says where is Amrish Kant? Amrish says I am Amrish. Inspector says we have to search your truck as we got the news that you smuggles heroin in your trucks. Amrish says it is a fake news and asks him to search the truck.

Dev asks Mathew if he called Police. Mathew smirks and asks Shaan to let police do their duty. Dev says he wants to frame Amrish. Mathew says do you have any proofs? Shaan says I can understand that you have done this, and politely asks him not to involve Amrish in this conspiracy. He says Amrish doesn’t know even the spelling of a robot. Mathew asks him to think about Amrish’s reputation if Police gets heroin in the truck, life can be very unfair. Shaan says don’t trap my papa. I am ready to bear the punishment. Mathew says I don’t trust you and asks him to sign on the papers. He says it is written that you will deliver my robot by tomorrow. He asks Shaan to hurry up else get ready with tomorrow’s headlines. He asks if he loves Robot more than his father’s respect. Dev asks Shaan to read contract first. Mathew says your dad will go to jail until you read it fully. He says I can stop Police if you want?

Shaan gets thinking. Dev tries to stop him, but in vain. Shaan signs on the papers without reading. He asks Mathew to stop Police. Police apologizes to Amrish and says there is no drugs in the truck. Mathew laughs and says he didn’t keep drugs in it. Mathew asks them to give robot by tomorrow. Dev asks why did you sign Shaan. Shaan says I didn’t do anything for Papa till now, and says I can make robot again, but Papa’s respect..Ragini have to go. He goes to Amrish. Amrish says someone gave wrong news to Police, and says he got tensed for a min. Shaan hugs him and says nothing will happen. Amrish asks where are other family members and goes. Shaan looks sadly. Dev stands by his side.

Rajni gives a Kant transport collage to Amrish and says she made it for him. Amrish blesses her. Surili is also touched and says one thing is common, we both love Amrish very much. Shaan says even Surili loves Rajni now when she is going.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice episode kant faily loves rajni how can shaan give rajni to mathew

  2. He will not give. There will be a big twist

  3. Agree to u deeps

  4. Matthew is very danger kinda gabbar!!
    Is shaan really going to give away rajini??
    I want the storyline of rajini making shaan to confess his love for her????
    I just love their pair????

  5. I feel very emotional when rajni love by all family member she has to go i hope shaan will not give his wife /robot to mathew..

  6. Oh shaan super performance, inside pain hurts more than any pain.

  7. I don’t think that Shaan will give Rajni to Mathew. He will take her somewhere else for some days.
    Their pair looks very good together.

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