Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 7th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 7th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode start with maggie calling mummy ji, plz give idea that we do not go out and find rajni. Surili says that due to bubbles all my ideas failed. Maggie says that means we need to go out..
Crow/baba comes and drop fish.. surili call baba…
Maggie says that now crow will bring his choice fish for cooking… rajni comes…
Surili says that its a sign of something.. rajini says that crow is theif; crow took fish of fish lady… surili and maggie are surpirised… surili says baba u r god… surili we are so happy rajni you are back; specially I…
Rajini says that i am not rajni… both are shockingly surprised… Maggie says I am your favourite bhabhi..
rajni says i need to go back to fish lady to give fish back…

say you can only go on my dead body. Rajini says comand accpected and start pressing neck of maggie…
Surili ask her to leave; as till now even I did not do this till now.. shaan comes and Shaan is so happy seeing rajni and hugs rajini and say i was not happy when i made you and not to leave me…
Shaan ask mggie and surili to close eyes and switch off her button and hold her. Surili and maggie ask why she did not recognize me and her..

Samaira ask if you have seen a girl in pista dress. Everyone says no. She thinks i need to take help of police..

Rajni is lying on sofa and all ask what happened to her? Shaan says i think due to stress. Plz give water.. everyone ask each other to give water and till that time shaan open rajini button.. Gyan shouts that Rajini is coming in senses. Surili says plz say in low tone baby.. and adding that what will she do now as she is opening her eyes like curtain..
Amrish ask puttar ji are you fine?? Rajini my system is rebooted and i found new word. I do not know any one puttar ji.. all are surprislingly shocked.. everyone says hows that possible??

Amrish how can rajini lose her memory. Shaan says due to chip. Everyone ask chip??? Shaan says that due to rain she slipped and lost her memory. Aamrish says khotte ka puttar… and rajini reapts same…
Amrish start beating shaan with slipper and shaan runs and amrish behind him… rajini ask interesting game mayy i do plz. Amrish says yes.. rajini hits shaan.. amrish says Puttar hits with slipper and rajni repeats.. Dhayn says we should consult dr. Shaan day dream that amrish coming to know that rajini is robbot…and shoutss…. and says that i will do rajini ok in 3 hrs. And amrish says leave or i will beat you.. shaan leaves..

Samaria says to police that i was roming with her so that she remembers anything and now she lost. Police ask her to describe her and artist will make and we will find her..

Dev comes and hugs shaan and say its good to see you.. shaan ask for chip. Dev finds in his pockets and do not find.. shaan beats dev saying i gave you one work and you lost it. I will kill you; rajini is playing puttar puttar ji with papa… dev says i swear my temporary mother in law that i kept it safely but do not know where lost it.. shaan press in neck in anger. Dev say leave me otherwise who will find it and you need to play pechanchan kaun with rajni..

Amrish ask everyone to give ideas.. surili tell to all ladies that we should beat her with log; atleast we will have some fun.. Dhyan give idea that we should show rajni happy moments of her and recite wrong idiom and amrish beats him with slipper; dhyan goes to bring rajni and Surili ask him where is your Gun??

Samria describe rajni to artist and says she is excattlly her. Police says that I know herr; she helped us in bank robbery. Samria says we should go to her house and inform everyone..

Dhyan ask rajini lets play teen patti and flaskback of casino is shown.. rajnj says he is teaching me bad things. Amrish scold ddhyan..
Maggie says now my turn; surili says no; you already did. Gyan says that i know what to do.
Gyan ask Shuguta to act like begger and flashback of rajni thinking shaguta as begger. Rajni says i do not have change begger sister.
Amrish show gulel and flashback of rajni beating crow is shown; amrish says that you remeber that you saved me from that crow sasurji by beating him with it..
Surili is shocked…

Precap- Samaira comes with police and everyone is shocked to see her and samaira is shocked to see shaan.. surili says samaira after so many years…

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  1. Palaklunkad

    Good episode

  2. thankyou sharaddha for fast update.todays episode full of fun.rajni back in kant house and fun back in serial.after many days best episode ones again thankyouuuu sharaddha

  3. Kathy

    Thank you so much shraddha ji for the update….

  4. Kathy

    Baba ji tusi great Ho…. Finally rajni back …. High voltage drama began…. Hope Dev will get the chip soon…

  5. Shai

    finally mr and mrs bhangru after a long time…..and rajni back to the crazy kants!!!

  6. Wao thanks God shaan got rajni back at least now wait for when Samaria know the truth

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