Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 7th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 7th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mathew coming out of Central Jail after 5 years. His jail friends ask who is he? Mathew says he is an Investor, and tells that he would have understood that Shaan made Rajni, the robot with my money. He says 5 years, I have spent in jail because of you and now I will send you to jail, will expose Rajni and will ruin your family and also take back Rajni with me. He says I am coming Shaan for Rajni.

Gyan tells Dev that although he has become rich, but can’t he control on his hunger. Dev says he has managed to control his hunger outside, but not in the house. Amrish laughs and asks him to eat. Shaguta comes and says she is leaving the house as Ghajni is inside house. Gyan says she must be Rajni. Surili comes and tells that there is no ghost and there are two

Rajnis in the house. Shaguta asks Dev to tell what happened last night. Dev jokes that nothing happened when we were married. Shaguta asks him to tell what he told her. Dev says I didn’t meet you last night. They all leave. Surili asks Shaguta to think wisely like her. Shaguta says she is smart….She gets Mathew’s call and gets excited to meet him.

Mathew wears a electric helmet and says I have learnt robotics in Jail. He says I have become Shaan’s dad in robotics now. He says now I can make a robot. He says you have just made a machine, but I have learnt how to make half human and half robot. He types something and says I will be first human robot. He wears electric helmet and says now see how a human gets super human powers. He gives shock to his head and screams in pain. He falls down unconscious. After sometime, he gains consciousness and opens his eyes. He says now I am ready Shaan and talks like a robot. He says nobody can save you and Rajni from me and moves his head like Rajni does.

Surili thinks she will see what Shaan and Rajni are doing. She sees Shaan sleeping with Rajni and wakes him up, asks him to move back and not to sleep with robot. Rajjo is actually with Shaan and tells that how can I sleep with you. Shaan silently asks her to behave like normal wife. Surili asks Shaan why she is behaving as if he is a stranger. She says I will find out where is the other Rajni. Shaan prays that real Rajni shall not be found. Surili hears alarm sound and asks Shaan. Shaan says he has set the alarm. Surili asks if alarm is coming from Rajni. Rajni comes out from cupboard. Shaan hugs Rajjo and Surili tightly and signs Rajni to go. He says I love you both. Rajni goes out. He leaves them. Surili asks him to promise keeping hand on her head that she is a human. Shaan keeps his hand on her head and says this girl is not Robot. Rajjo says he is saying truth. Surili asks how can you take my fake promise and says even if she is a human, then also I don’t like her.

She comes out of room and sees Rajni. Rajjo cries and says your mum always scolds me. They hear Surili running behind Rajni and asking her to stop. Rajni runs faster. Surili thinks she is a Robot Rajni. Surili says I will catch you. Rajni’s battery gets low and she stops and stands near the separation wall. Surili says I will catch Robot Rajni. Amrish, Gyan, Maggie and Sharmila come there. Surili says she is behind that pillar. Dev comes and takes Rajni to lab. Gyan says if you are proved wrong then you will proved mental. Surili takes them to pillar and couldn’t see Rajni. Dev comes and asks what happened? Surili accuses Dev for hiding Rajni and presses his neck. Amrish and others take her to room. Dev holds his neck and thinks it is good that Amrish took her to room.

Rajjo tells Shaan that she can’t stay here anymore and says your mum scolds me always and calls me robot always. Shaan apologizes to her and folds his hands. Rajjo says I look like your wife and that’s why you are not letting me go. Shaan says yes, but I am saying for your betterment. He says your brothers will get you marry old man and asks her to stay in his house happily. Rajjo asks if he is doing this for her happiness. Shaan says I am not asking you to be Rajni, but Rajjo and says I will handle my mum, and asks her not to cry. Rajjo asks why? Just because Rajni don’t cry. Shaan says tears don’t suit on your face. Rajjo smiles. Shaan gives saree to Rajjo and asks her to change. Rajjo signs okay. Shaan shows thumps up.

Shaguta brings Mathew and surprises Shaan. Mathew shakes hand with Rajjo thinking her to be Rajni. Rajjo shouts as she feels current from his hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Hating writers for spoiling end and loving robot rajini…
    But now I can precidict its end vry easily.. it will have 3 phase end-
    1. Robo Rajini will fight with Robo Methew and in end no robot.
    2. Shaan will marry Rajjo after loving her. And may be shoguta and Dev marry too.
    3. Family may come to know about Rajini being a Robot.
    And I am hating writers more and more as why they write such story which they can not end on proper ending.. just 3-4 episodes left and i am feeling sad due to disgusting ending ???????

    I would have liked the track that rajini is robot is truth out, she fights with methew and bless by god due to some miracle and turn into human.

    but writers added about duplicate rajjo and forgot about divorce drama of 6 month… ??????????

  2. Only last 4 episodes are left now
    Will miss this show
    Want 2nd season

  3. Plz don’t separate rajni n shaan ….plz plz…..we luv them together …. . Plz as the show also ending

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