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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 7th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ria coming to her room and says everyone is cheater. Rajni says whatever happened with you was wrong. Ria says she has problem as Shaan have hidden truth with her. Rajni says Shaan has a reason, as nobody wants to scratch his wounds. She says you didn’t know about his wife. Shaan tried to make his wife understand, but she didn’t listen. She says his ex wife couldn’t keep him happy. Shaan threw her out of house as his mum’s life was in risk. She says whatever Shaan is doing is right. Ria asks how did you know? Rajni says she knows everything. Ria thinks mehendi girls must know like servants knows everything happening in the house. Ria hugs Rajni thanking her for making her understand well and says how to convince Shaan now. Rajni asks her to tell jokes and

says she will tell her. RAM comes out of house and calls MOBO. Mahi comes to him and asks him to do as she says to get his MOBO. RAM smiles.

Shaan comes to lab and vents out his anger. He thinks he wants to forget Rajni, but she comes back again. He says I don’t know if I would have been with Ria after marriage, but my family’s pains would have been lessened. He thinks although Rajni is not here, but she stopped my marriage and brought problems in my life. He looks at the machines and think this is the same place where I made Rajni and brought the troubles. I have to destroy this. He is about to hit the machine, but just then Ria comes there and says I love you…Shaan. Shaan is shocked. Ria asks why Heer couldn’t say I love you to Ranjha. Shaan recalls Rajni asking the same thing before he let her go in scrap machine. He is shocked. Shaan recalls the answer. Ria asks him to say? Shaan says as heer doesn’t know English. Ria says you know this joke and says you have made me upset. Shaan asks who told you this joke. Ria says she has a special friend. Shaan asks what is her name. Ria says Rajni. She asks do you want to meet her. Shaan says yes, and wonders how can she be here. They come out, but Rajni is not here. Ria says she will meet us on marriage day. She tells Shaan that she will marry him.

Shaan comes to the lab wondering how can she be Rajni, how can she upgrade herself for 5 years? He sends her message through a device asking her to come to lab, where ever she is. He then tells himself that it is just a co incidence, Ria’s friend Rajni is someone else and says you have destroyed Rajni with your hand. Meanwhile message is sent to Rajni. Shaan asks himself to calm down and says Rajni can’t return. He is about to go, device radar start beeping as it receives signals from Rajni showing him that Rajni is near.

Shaan looks at the radar and says no no…Rajni comes and says hello Shaan. Shaan is shocked. Rajni asks did you call me? Shaan turns to her and recalls Rajni giving shock to Surili. A fb is shown. He comes to Rajni recalling all the past incidents. He says I had put you in that crusher, how did you get saved. Rajni says Shaan…when you put me in crusher machine, light went off, and I got saved. I wanted you to complete the incomplete work. A fb is shown, Rajni calls Shaan and asks where are you. Fb ends.

Rajni says you had left by then, and then I heard someone voice. Shaan says he don’t to hear anything, and asks how did you stay functional without maintenance. Rajni says because of Dev. She says he did my servicing and maintained me, but couldn’t upgrade me like you. Shaan gets angry on Dev and asks her not to spoil his life. He says I am going to make a new start in life, and asks her to go, calling her a problem. Rajni says I can’t go before fulfilling my task. Shaan asks what task? To ruin my marriage. He asks her not to go anywhere till he gets married. Rajni asks when humans stay away from their loved ones for long time, they miss each other. She asks did you miss me? Shaan gets thoughtful and goes.

Amrish talks to the guest organizer and asks why that engagement relatives haven’t come. He asks him to make an excuse that they went to get their notes exchanged in banks. Amrish goes. Gyan comes to Maggie and asks her to give Surili’s perfume as Dhyan asked it for Sharmila. Maggie says she will not give and she can’t act to be good with them. She says we will go separate ways. Dhyan comes and gives Amrish’s watch to Gyan. He asks for perfume. Maggie says she will not give. Sharmila comes and says even she will not give watch to them. They say that they will go separate ways once Shaan marries Ria, and think to bear each other till then. Gyan says it is just matter of 3 hours.

Vikram meets the fake guests and asks where are old relatives and where is Phupha ji. Gyan and Dhyan changes the topic and says bride is here. RAM comes to the Police station and tells Constable that he heard about law’s long hands, but didn’t know about fat stomach. Inspector comes and asks where is your mum. RAM tells him that his MOBO is kidnapped in that house. Inspector says MOBO looks like ROBO and says it seems to be toy. He says he don’t have time to search toy. RAM says she is his MOBO and threatens to call media. Inspector gets impressed and says we will go and search your MOBO, lets see who have kidnapped her.

Shaan and Ria are sitting for their marriage. Surili tells girls that this marriage should happen without any hurdles. Ria asks where is Rajni, and says if she doesn’t come then she will not marry. Maggie says why she is needed here, and says Shaan will marry you. Ria says this marriage wouldn’t happened if she wasn’t there. Shaan asks what do you mean? Ria says Rajni convinced me for our marriage. Shaan is super shocked and asks Surili about Rajni. Surili says she is her mehendi designer friend and tells her that Rajni went for some important work and gave message to her asking her not to miss mahurat. Ria says okay fine…Amrish asks Pandit ji to start the marriage. Surili says no hurdle shall come now. Inspector comes and asks them to stop saying this marriage can’t happen. Everyone is shocked.

Inspector asks RAM if he has any doubt on anyone. RAM says that khadoos/boring uncle. Shaguta insults RAM and scolds him badly. RAM starts taking heavy breaths. Shaguta is about to slap him, but Rajni comes there and holds her hand stopping her from slapping RAM.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Finally shaan came to known about presence of rajini..
    But he is behaving tooo arrogent..
    And how came they have this much money that they are affording fake relatives?? Drinking wine??? Wearing designer dresses??
    And precap is good.. waiting for everyone’s recation.. and where is kuhu went???

  2. Finally!! Hide and seek game is over

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