Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 6th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 6th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kant family sitting in darkness. Amrish tells Surili that you didn’t tell me that you have unique family, one is crow and one is animal. He says don’t you have any normal person. Surili asks did you tell me before marriage about Bubbles. Amrish says no. Amartya tells that he wants to live normal life and asks them to give idea. Amrish says one needs to be normal for that. He asks him to win over his fears by taking God’s name. He asks him to keep his finger on switch board and switch on lights. Surili says Amrish. Amartya says if I die, then I will come as an eagle and will do potty on you. Rajni comes and says I brought rasgullas. Surili says today is Poornima and lucky night, as Rajni’s values have woken up. She asks her to give rasgullas. Rajni says I

brought it only for Amartya mamu. Amartya says she knows my importance and thanks her. Rajni says you are welcome. She thinks Shaan commanded me to maintain 1 mt distance from Amu Mamu. She asks Surili to come to her and gives Rasgullas to Amu Mamu. Surili says I didn’t see person like you in my life. Rajni says I am not a human. Surili says I like your honesty. Rajni says my work is done and asks her to give rasgulla to mamu, and says good night. She goes. Surili gives rasgullas to Amartya. He eats it.

Shaguta is walking in sleep. Dev slaps her to make her come back to senses. Shaguta comes in her senses and says how dare you touch me. Dev says I came to take revenge. He says Shaan told me that I am your childhood crush. Shaguta says what nonsense? Shaan lied to you. Dev takes out a small knife and says I will take you crush feeling from you. He stabs her. Shaguta is shocked and holds her stomach, sees fake knife then. She relaxes. Bubbles gains consciousness and thinks what she is doing on floor. She thinks today is Poornima’s lucky night and thinks to do chance. Amartya says I will go and asks them to switch on AC. Surili stops Amrish and says lets go out. Amrish says moon is infront of me. Surili says think about me, until when I will see Amavasya. Amrish gets upset. Surili smiles. Shaguta comes to lawn and says give me my chand. Amartya also comes. Rajni follows Amartya and maintains 1 mt radius.

Amartya turns and sees Rajni. He says he didn’t have these types of rasgulla in Bengal. Rajni says that’s because it is made in Mumbai, you can’t drink wine, but can eat. Amartya is shocked. He says you made me eat wine. Rajni says wrong rasgulla. Amartya says I am thinking why didn’t I have it before. He says I am flying…Rajni says even I can fly and asks him to see. She flies in air surprising him. Bubbles talks to moon and asks to get her chand else she will burst. Amartya is surprised and says I know you have eaten that rasgulla. He says my mind is away from gravity and asks how did you do this? Rajni says with ease. Amartya says I will do something tufaani. Rajni asks him to go to Bua and behaves this way, as she must know how one behaves after drinking. Amartya says I am coming Bubbles. Shaan sees him going and asks where is he going? Rajni says I have followed your instructions and says I have made him eat wine. Shaan is surprised and looks at her.

Surili and Amrish are looking at poornima moon. Amrish looks at Surili and says moon is in the balcony. Surili asks him to upgrade his romance. Amrish says we will do…..Surili says what nonsense. Bubbles prays to God to help her get a kiss. Amartya hears her and thinks she needs a kiss. I shall help her. He goes near Bubbles. Shaan sees Surili and Amrish and says if Mamu kisses her then mum will take my life. Amartya holds Bubbles hand. Crow makes noise. Surili hears and tells Amrish. Shaan says I wish I would have given him command. Rajni says he is a human and will not accept your command. Amrish says baba might be doing dinner in the trash. Bubbles gets happy and thinks his prince charming came. She opens her eyes, sees Amartya as he forcibly plants kiss on her cheeks. Bubbles shouts someone save me. Amrish and Surili say no. Rajni smiles. Shaan looks on tensed.

Surili and Amrish stare Amartya and Bubbles. Surili says how dare you bubbles to woo my brother. She asks how dare you to kiss my brother’s lips. Amrish says your taste is low, and says you got chemist shop. Surili says your sister is wine shop. Bubbles asks Amrish to scold male Surili and says he took advantage of my innocence as it was dark. Surili asks Amartya to say something and says I know you are shocked. Amartya says I am not in shock, and says I accept with full confidence that I kissed bubbles with my lips and have fun. Shaan says he had slipped actually and his lips stuck on to her cheeks. Amartya says I was helping her, and says I will redo it again. Amrish asks him to close his mouth and gets rum smell. Surili says my bhai never drink. She says may be wine smell is transferred to him through bubbles. Amartya says I will kiss Bubbles. Bubbles says he has kissed innocent girl like me, and says I asked for prince, but I got a frog for a kiss. Surili asks Amartya to say that he haven’t drink. Rajni says he haven’t drink. Surili says Rajni said and that means he didn’t drink, she don’t have feature to lie. Rajni says he had eaten rum rasgulla, and says I made him eat it. Everyone is shocked.

Kuhu asks Rajni to tell her joke in alien voice and make something on cardboard. Rajni speaks in alien’s voice and takes out her pointed metallic finger shocking Amartya. He shouts Alien. Kuhu is shocked. Rajni looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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