Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 6th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 6th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with goons stopping Shaan’s car. Shaan asks what happened? If your car is not working. Goons tell that this is the long hair man. Shaan tells you were waiters naa, and says function is still on. Boss asks Shaan to give crystal power. Shaan says he doesn’t know anything. Boss asks his goons to check dead pandit’s pocket. Meanwhile Shaguta explains the ring finding ceremony. Bubbles asks Amartya not to take her lightly. Surili tells Amrish that everyone is playing ring finding game, but I am seeing rope in it. She says I want to die. Amrish says idea is not bad, and then asks her not to think like this. He feels smoke and asks from where it is coming. Surili says my heart is burning and it is that smell. Amrish thinks may be it is right. Rajni thinks to stop the poisonous

gas from mixing in air, and blows on the havan kund with her mouth.

Kuhu comes and asks Rajni to come and play with her. Rajni says I can’t come and have some urgent work to do. She scans and says 80 percent of the gas is poisonous and that’s why I have to find crystal power. Everyone is busy with the ring ceremony and joke. Amartya and Bubbles try to find the ring. Shaan tells Boss that Pandit is his uncle and he is taking him to hospital. Boss says he is a doctor and asks why you was making him do puja and marriage. Shaan asks if this Pandit is a doctor. The goons check in his pocket.

Shaan says I don’t have any crystal powder. They get almonds in his pocket. Shaan says it is good for brain. Boss asks if this is a joke and tells that they have added poisonous in the havan kund, and if any of his family member sleeps for 2 mins then they will die. He asks him to take antidote and give crystal powder in return. Shaan is shocked. Rajni scans the house for the crystal power. She sees everyone busy doing the rasam. Bubbles get the ring. Dhyan says they will do the rasam 5 times. Dhyan feels sleepy and says he will take a power nap. He lies down. Rajni thinks if he sleeps then will never wake up. She gives him electric shock to wake him up. Dhyan wakes up and joins them.

Shaan calls Rajni. Rajni says hello…Shaan. Shaan tells her that he met goons and they asked him to give cystal power. Rajni says she is searching for it. Shaan asks her not to let anyone sleep, and says if they sleep for more than 2 mins then they will die. Rajni scans the house. She comes back and sees Maggie and Sharmila taking a nap. She makes them wake up. Surili talks to her baba’s asthi and apologizes to him for couldn’t able to save Amartya. She asks him not to forgive Rajni. Rajni scans and thinks crystal power is in this kalash. She asks Surili to give kalash to her. Surili says it is my baba’s kalash and I will not give. Surili refuses to give. Rajni tries to snatch it from her hand and says she will use her super sonic power. Surili says you do not know what is my super sonic power.

Rajni catches the kalash and gets crystal power. Surili says it is mine and snatches from her hand. Rajni freezes and gets off. Surili thinks Rajni’s life is in this crystal power. She thinks it is Mani and throws it outside. She thinks I will never give it to her, and goes. Everyone feels sleepy. Surili comes back and asks why they are still doing this ritual. Amartya takes tablet and also makes Bubbles take it. Amrish wakes them up and asks to do rasam fast. Shaan thinks why Rajni is not picking the call. Rajni is still off.

Shaan calls Gyan and tells that he went to drop Pandit. Gyan says he is feeling very sleepy because of havan smoke. He asks him to come fast. Shaan asks him to listen and insist to talk to Kuhu. Gyan calls Kuhu and gives call to her. Shaan asks her to go and find Rajni and give her message not to let anyone sleep. Kuhu says okay and goes. Surili tells Amrish that they will celebrate tomorrow and says good night to all. Kuhu thinks about Shaan and searches Rajni. She checks her in every room and comes to Rajni. She tells Rajni that Shaan is searching for her, and defreeze her. Rajni thanks her and says Surili had freezed her. She calls Shaan and tells that she got crystal power, but Surili freezed her by mistake. Shaan commands her not to let anyone sleep.

Rajni says okay, and tells everyone that they can’t sleep. She asks Surili to return crystal power. Surili says I came to know that your strength is in that crystal power and I will not return. Rajni shouts. All of them keep hand on their ears. Maggie says we will take her to doctor in the morning. Rajni says there is another surprise and ties them with rope. Shaan comes back home. Rajni says Shaan. Surili asks Shaan to save them from his mad wife. Rajni says sorry and says she has to do this to stop them from sleeping. Amrish faints. Surili asks what happened to him.

Shaan makes Amrish wake up. He takes Surili from there and asks Rajni not to let anyone sleep. Rajni says okay. Shaan asks Surili about the crystal power. Surili says she has thrown it from her window.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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