Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 6th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 6th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hamari Bahu Rajni Kant Maha Episode.

The Episode starts with Dhyan asking Rajni why is she cleaning the house as Aishwarya have cleaned the house. Rajni says there is nothing to do and that’s why I am working. Dhyan feels bad seeing her working. Rajni says I don’t feel bad as I don’t have this feature. Shaan says in sync and asks him to go and meet investors. Dhyan leaves. Shaan asks Rajni to come, and asks can she hear something. Rajni says fridge noise, birds noise etc…Shaan says this is called silence, and says there is nobody at home. He says I waited for this day and will dance on the chance. He asks her to be there and tells himself that he can do it. He goes. Rajni thinks Pareshan is looking less pareshan and thinks he wants to romance with her….She says I get

it…She hears news on TV about the terrorist found in Mumbai. Maggie tells Gyan that bua is shopping. Gyan says every woman shops for her problems. Maggie takes his wallet and asks him to follow her. Gyan asks her not to buy punjabi songs CD.

Goons enters the mall. Amrish and Kuhu are together. Kuhu says we are not having fun. Amrish says lets go to kids zone. Security guards go for an urgent meeting. Goons throws smoke bomb in the meeting room and run. Shaguta asks Mathew not to do it again and says thank god you came. Mathew sees a tarot card reader and says lets know my future. Shaguta says I need to see the dresses designs to copy/ for inspiration. She goes.

Mathew comes to tarot reader and asks her to tell about his future. Tarot reader says you will be betrayed big, and your life will change completely. You will get have even a land. Mathew thinks who might be that person. Shaan thinks only a husband have to take care of wife. He thinks normal husband takes their wife to malls and for shopping, but he being a scientist have to serviced his robot wife. Rajni comes to his lab and hugs him. Shaan asks what are you doing? Rajni says Chance pe Dance. She says we are all alone in this house. Rajni asks how did you become adult wife from adarsh bahu. He says I mean to say that I will update you. Rajni says that means Pappu can’t dance. Shaan asks her to shut up and says there are so many viruses in your system. Rajni says even humans need servicing. She starts massaging his head…and says because of your intelligence I am made, please allow me to do this. Shaan says it is sound cheap, but okay. He gets a call from Mathew. Mathew asks if you are betraying me about your Robot. Rajni says he is talking about you. Mathew asks are you cheating me? Shaan says you should believe in progression and robotics. I am disappointed with you. Mathew warns him not to betray him. Shaan says I know you will sue me and send me to jail. He asks Rajni not to show her powers to Mathew, and says he will go and bring some parts for her. He asks her to be at home, and asks her to do as he says. Rajni nods her head. Shaan leaves.

Amrish takes Kuhu to kidszone and asks her to swipe card and play games. He asks her to be there till he comes. Shaguta tries to go out. Goon closes the entrance gate, and asks her to step back. Gyan says everything is good here. Surili says I hope I could get a good bahu here. They hear bullet noise and thinks it is crackers noise. Goons shoots bullet in air and says mall is in our custody now, and you are our hostage. Surili shouts for help. The goons asks her to move back. Rajni cleans the things. She hears the news. She sees rat and thinks to make it go from the house for house hygiene. She catches the rat and asks it not to worry as she will not kill it, but will throw out of house. Goons asks Surili not to show cleverness. Surili says okay. She asks terrorist to get the floor cleaned or get chair or sofa for her. She asks for green tea and food also. Goon asks di you need bullet old lady? Goon asks her to hold her ears and do sit ups. Surili says are you serious and do sit ups. Goons count the countdown. Goon says you have to stand up. Amrish says we are innocent citizen and asks why did you kept us hostage. Goon says we want govt to leave our leader. Amrish says this is not right. Goon gets angry and asks him to sit silently else he will kill him. Gyan asks Amrish to keep quiet.

Rajni hears the news and thinks her family members are in the same mall and in danger. Police team comes and wait outside the mall. Goon tells other goons that media is covering them. Goon asks the other goon to record everyone’s faces. He records everyone’s faces and says if our demands are not fulfilled then everyone will die. Rajni thinks her family is in danger and she has to help them. She thinks she can’t unfollow Shaan’s command and can’t go out.

He thinks goons are doing wrong, and I am also a bad robot. She thinks my creator commanded me not to go, and thinks she is confused. She searches in her system, and says I know now what Adarsh bahu do in this situation. Police Inspector asks goon not to hurt anyone inside, and says they will try to fulfill their demands. Goon asks him to watch TV to know their demands. Rajni prays to God and thinks according to my data, God always support humans and asks him to help her save the people. She asks rat in the box to asks God to help her. Just then a courier guy comes. Rajni thinks God has sent him. Courier guy asks her to sign and take the parcel. Rajni asks him to be at home and says she will go and save her family. She takes him inside.

Mathew asks Amrish, why their gun is old. Amrish says there is one technology that a person dies if gun is fired. Rajni ties the courier man and says she has kept cold drink for him. She says ganapati bappa moriya, and says she is coming. Rajni comes there. Inspector asks everyone to move back. Rajni follows his command. She scans the building and acivate her system on commando mode. She climbs up. They hear the noise. Goon goes to check. Rajni beats him and wears his clothes. She thinks she has to wear terrorist mask to catch them. She comes back and signs that everything is fine.

Amrish tells Surili something. She whispers in Mathew’s ears and he passes the message. Maggie thinks if Amrish is caught then he will be killed. Amrish tries to escape, but goon catches him. Surili says well tried Amrish. Goon says you want to be hero and asks goon no 3/ Rajni to shoot everyone. Maggie and Bubbles say that they don’t want to die. Amrish asks goon to kill him and leave everyone. Goon says okay, we will start with this old man, and asks goon no. 3 to shoot him. Rajni targets gun on him. Surili asks Amrish not to do this. Amrish says let it be and closes his eyes. Goon asks Rajni to shoot on his head. He asks other goon to shoot. Rajni fires bullet in air. Everyone panics and runs. Goon asks who are you? Rajni takes his gun with her magnetic powers. Goon get shocked and runs. Inspector hears the gun sound and says attack. Rajni goes to the kids zone and beats the goons. She asks kids to run. All the kids including Kuhu runs. Kuhu comes back and asks who are you? Rajni asks Kuhu to go. Kuhu asks how did you know my name. Other goon shoots Rajni, but she catches bullet in hand. Goon is shocked. Kuhu runs. Police team open the exit door and the people leave from there. Amrish says Kuhu is there still. Rajni sees goon holding kuhu on gun point and asks her to show the face, and threatens to kill Kuhu. Rajni shows her face. Goon says girl? Rajni asks him to surrender. Kuhu says cinderella chachi….Goon asks her to keep quiet. Rajni takes gun from his hand through her magnetic powers. Goon says a girl can’t spoil my game and throws Kuhu on the floor. Rajni enlarges her magnetic hand and saves Kuhu. Kuhu says so you are a super woman. Rajni says I am a top secret.

Gyan tells Surili that if Rajni would have been here, she would have saved us. Kuhu hears them. Shaguta says if she is a human or super woman. Rajni informs Shaan that she went to mall to save their family from terrorist. Shaan asks if anybody had seen her. Rajni says Kuhu has seen me. Shaan is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Nice and horrified episode….
    So finally kuhu knows the truth… ???????

  2. kuhu is cute girl and she may be good friend of rajni….rajni is now shaktimaan…super girl….

    1. What if kuhu tells the whole family that rajni is a robot?? 😮 😮

      1. small kids are honest but sometime when their demands have not fulfilled then they become dangerous ….

  3. Fabulous rajni ur acting is killer super duper awesome ☺?

  4. Omg Kuhu gets to know that Rajni is a robot, well kuhu is a sweet girl who loves her Cinderella Chachi. And it would be funnier if one of the bhabis got to know that rajni is a robot and they will be like mummy ji rajni ek robot hain 😛 😛 😛

  5. Kuhu barer sabai me boledebenato he rajni robot

  6. Kuhu barer sabai me boledebenato he rajni robot.

  7. manabendra das

    Kuhu barer sabai ke bolede benato he rajni robot.

  8. Kuhu told rajni, a super women not a robot. Kuhu believed rajni had some super power like spiderman ,batman etc. So the secrecy is still secret

  9. manabendra das

    Kuhu ke bole deba rajni ekta robo

  10. manabendradas

    Acha next weaker promo dekhea che

  11. Yeah Cinderella saved me…. I am safe :p

  12. Kuhu Rajni ka sach family ko nai batayegi kyuki she love her Cinderella chachi too much

  13. I have seen this episode and rat catching is very hard. they are too naughty.robot worshipping of ganpati bappa its kuhu look not cute and also not good.she dont have child real expression…I love rajni’s romance logic


      Sahi kaha shubham

      1. oh really …about rajani or kuhu….


        For both…..

  14. manabendradas

    Achha new promo dekheache

  15. manabendradas

    Rajni or kuhu maneta kr

  16. manabendradas

    Achaa purono promote dekhache keno

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