Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 6th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 6th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the hospital wardboys taking Shaan to ward. Doctor comes. Ward boy says he is the patient who was to come today. Shaan says my wife is strange, and have circuits, ship in her metallic body. Doctor gives her electric current and says now you will be alright scientist. Surili writes poetry (actually a song) and thinks it is original thought. Bubbles comes there and says she will kick the ghost out from here. Surili says ghost left from here. Bubbles says ghost don’t come out like this and beats Surili with the broom. Surili runs in the room and hides behind Amrish. Amrish asks Bubbles to stop it. Surili faints and falls on the bed. Samaira brings Rajni to the mental hospital and asks Rajni to wait till doctor comes. A mad man comes and says he has snatched Kohinoor from

british. Rajni says you seems to be desh bhakt. Mad man says his name is Colonel Deshbhakt Sharma. Rajni scans his name in her memory data. Surili gets up and asks where I am? Amrish says you are in our bedroom. Surili says from where this bad smell is coming and says it is from Bubbles. Amrish gets happy and says my surili is back. Bubbles says she is Kanta and beats Surili with broom. Surili says okay and says I am kanta and cries. Bubbles asks her to leave from Surili’s body and beats her.

Samaira calls Shaan and thinks he should pick the call. She sees Rajni missing and gets worried. Mad man asks Rajni to protect Kohinoor if anything happens to him. Rajni promises. Rajni comes to Shaan’s ward and says this place is safe. We shall hide this Kohinoor in this room. Shaan gains some consciousness and signs Rajni. Mad man says he is also british’s man and says we shall go from here. Shaan loses consciousness. Bubbles continues to tortures Surili and asks her to say if she will get inside again. She says she will never get inside Surili. Bubbles asks her to leave. Surili acts as if Kanta ben left. Bubbles asks are you fine? Surili says you have beaten me badly. Amrish thanks Bubbles.

Mad man and Rajni are sitting under the hospital bed. Ward boy comes and asks what they are doing under the bed. Rajni comes out and says Colonel Desh Bhakto Sharma is resting. Ward boy asks her to move and says he is not Colonel. Samaira comes and asks Rajni to say. Rajni says Colonel Bhakto Sharma gave me responsibility of Kohinoor diamond. Rajni takes out Kohinoor and says it is a Champakali’s egg. Mad man says it has betrayed me and cries. Doctor comes. Samaira asks him to check her friend Rajni, who has lost her memory. Amrish talks to Dhyan and asks him to search Rajni. He asks him not to show his face until he finds Rajni.

Doctor asks Rajni to close her eyes. Rajni closes her eyes. Doctor asks can you see what is in my hand. Rajni says you asked me to close my eyes, I couldn’t see. Doctor says can you hear me. Rajni says yes, and says she has cleared blockage in her ears pipe. Doctor asks do you remember anything. Rajni says I remember meeting Samaira and know that I am not a human. Doctor asks when did you born? Rajni says just two days back. Doctor tells Samaira that she seems to be in deep shock. Samaira says she met her two days back. Doctor asks her to take her to Mumbai’s popular places. Patient’s father comes and says he is not his son. Doctor removes the electric shock pipes from Shaan’s body and apologizes to Shaan.

Shaan says I am a scientist and beats them up. Doctor says even he has symptoms of madness. Shaan goes out and collides with Samaira. Samaira says she wants to talk to him about something important. Shaan says he is in urgency to go. Surili’s crow baba comes and sits on the wall. Amrish says Rajni is not here who used to feed you food. Crow makes noise. Amrish gives promise to crow and asks it to find his Rajni. He asks it to crow and find Rajni. Crow flies in air and leaves. Amrish thinks I am getting mad.

Samaira shows the landmark places of Mumbai and says I am sure you have went there. Rajni says sorry and says my memory is erased. Samaira says take your time, I am sure that you will remember everything. She says lets have fruits. Samaira bargains to get fruits. Rajni looks at the fish and scans it. She asks Samaira, can I see it. Fish seller says do you want to buy. Crow comes there, picks fish in his mouth and flies away. Seller woman says crow have taken my fish. Rajni asks her not to worry and says she will get fish back. Samaira comes back and asks where is Khushi. Fish seller says she went following the crow. Samaira is shocked. Rajni runs behind the crow at a fast speed.

Crow comes back to Surili’s house and throws fish on Surili. Surili asks why did you throw fish on me baba. She says it is giving some sign. Rajni comes there following the fish and says this fish is stolen one, and was stolen by this crow. Surili and Maggie are surprised to see her. Surili says Rajni….Smarty Crow shouts as he managed to bring Rajni home, which even Shaan couldn’t do.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. lol
    crow found ragini but humans could not find her

  2. Hilarious ?????

  3. Kathy

    Finally baba found rajni…?? surili part was hilarious…. Shaan gonna get rajni…. But shaan ka tho barosa nehi hai..whenever he sees samaira even he gets … Memory loss n… Forgets rajni….

  4. Awesome awesome I love it

  5. today’s epiosde was good love this show and and humniod robo rajni……. BHRK is so entertaining with different storyline and concept

  6. today episode very good last shaan see samaira forget rajni but this time shaan see rajni forget samaira …crow find rajni great

  7. Hii frdz sorry for not commenting yesterday but nyc episode eagerly waiting for today’s episode

  8. this serial is so hilarious and very much enjoyable nice job team rajani

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