Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 6th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 6th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Inspector coming to Kant house with a man. He tells Amrish and others that a buffalo entered his shop and started eating his plants. He says I tried to make it go, but it haven’t gone and made the rod fall on my head. Shaan thinks Moody did this. He asks if you think it belongs to us. Man says yes, and tells about the board hanging on to its neck. Rajni brings buffalo back. Surili tells Inspector that this buffalo is not ours and we don’t know this girl Rajni. RAM tells Inspector that buffalo belongs to them and Rajni is bahu of the house. Inspector asks what is this nonsense? Everyone is saying differently. Amrish asks him to end the matter and take money from him for the loss. Surili is shocked and turns to him. Man says he had a loss of 5000 Rs. Amrish asks

him to lower the price. Man says he can’t and asks him to give 5000 Rs. Amrish asks everyone to contribute and give the money. He gives 5200 and asks man to return 200 Rs. Man says it is my travelling expenses. Surili asks them to kick buffalo out. Rajni asks her to let Moody stay here. Dhyan asks her to forget it. Surili asks them to decide what they wants. Dhyan and Gyan discuss and say that they have chosen buffalo over her. Surili cries and tells Amrish that her kids don’t want her, but buffalo, cries.

Dhyan and Gyan try to fetch milk from buffalo and asks it to give some milk. Maggie and Sharmila join them and try to impress buffalo. Rajni says you people are wasting your efforts and says she will ask buffalo if it will give milk now. Rajni talks to Moody and says her stomach is bad and we need to take it to doctor if we want milk. Surili asks them to think that it is a investment. Rajni says my logic board needs an explanation, when a human is sick and workless, we take care of him and bear all his expenses. She asks why there is a differentiation between human and animal, and says if we shall kick it out for not giving milk. She says it is giving us milk even after knowing that only its calf/baby have the right on its milk. She makes everyone emotional. Surili says owner gave you this buffalo as it is useless. Gyan and Dhyan agrees with Surili. Surili asks Amrish to keep quiet and asks Gyan and Dhyan to take Moody out. Rajni asks RAM to go inside as he is feeling pain. RAM says he won’t go inside and will not let Moody go too.

They come out and see people standing outside the house. Surili asks if they are money lenders. They ask if buffalo is yours and says we want to buy it. Surili says it is ours… Maggie says we will sell it for 50000. Gyan says 75000, and Surili says 100000 as it gives milk. The man says we are from animals rights welfare and asks them to come to office. He says we came to know that you people are ill treating buffalo here, and says you all are in big trouble now. Surili and others are shocked. The man tries to take buffalo in vehicle, but Moody doesn’t move. Surili says it loves us a lot. Rajni makes sound like Moody. RAM says my MOBO can talk in its language and can understand it also. Rajni makes sound. Moody replies it. Surili says may be she will take them to mental asylum. Man says even I can make Moo Moo sound. Moody makes sound. Rajni tells that Moody said that it don’t want to go, and that you both are smelling bad. Man is surprised and asks how did it know and says I didn’t get water in my locality since a week. He says I saw for the first time that a human is talking to animal.

Rajni says Moody loves Surili as her mum. Surili says she loves Moody baby and goes to it. It hits on her face with its tail, and does potty. Rajni says it is potty time. Maggie suggests Surili to clean her potty and prove that she care for Moody. Animal rights activists get happy seeing Surili cleaning the dung and think they are taking good care of Moody. They give them guide to treat animals. Rajni asks Moody to thank them. Moody makes Moo Moo Sound. They leave. Dhyan says thank god we are saved. Amrish says you shall thank Rajni. Rajni says we shall take care of Moody following this guide. RAM says may be it will give milk. Rajni says we have to work hard. Shaan comes to Surili and tries to lower her stress by giving something. Surili asks him to kick buffalo out.

Shaan thinks I can’t tell her that I kicked Moody out last night and that’s why we had a loss of 5000 Rs. Surili blackmails him emotionally and asks what have you done for your Maa till now, nothing Shaan…Shaan looks on. Surili says which idiot kicked that buffalo out and made us lose money. She curses the person. Shaan is shocked and asks her to relax. Surili tells Shaan that she has to call her kitty party friends tomorrow, and asks him to handle Moody. Shaan says he will handle Moody and asks her to trust him. Surili says I can’t trust you. Shaan says Moody will not stay in our life, and thinks Rajni will help me to kick Moody out, this is my brahmarastra.

Surili’s friend asks her for breakfast. Surili asks why do you want breakfast. Her friend says now you are insulting us and gets up. Rajni comes and says breakfast is ready. Surili’s friends see lots of milk products. RAM says Moody gave lots of milk today. Surili’s friend ask who is Moody and insists to meet.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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