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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 6th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ria saying Shaan is already married. Surili says you heard wrong hindi and says I told Shaan’s dadi. Ria says my hindi wasn’t that bad. She asks Shaan if this is truth, tell me. Shaan says yes. Ria says a big betrayal. You people have hidden this big fact from me, and cries. Shaguta asks Ria not to cry and try to understand. Sharmila asks her to understand their helplessness. Surili says it is not a big issue. Ria asks how can you say that this is not a big issue. She says I have no problem with Shaan’s first marriage, but have problem as you have hidden this truth from me. She says this can’t happen. Everyone is shocked.

Amrish shows fake relatives’ pic. RAM says she is not my MOBO. Amrish says I showed you all fake relatives’ pic and says we

will not be at peace until we find your mum. RAM says you don’t have peace and you are taking breath. Amrish laughs and says his innocence reminds him of someone. He asks him to tell about his MOBO. RAM tells him that his MOBO makes his favorite food. Once he asked her why Burger is small and why not big, then his MOBO brought a giant burger for him. Amrish recalls Rajni bringing big paratha. He tells that whenever he has a fight with his Mamu, his MOBO becomes traffic police and does like this. He moves his hands and acts as traffic constable. Amrish recalls Rajni clearing the traffic and says his talks reminds him of his favorite bahu. He says she was so good and says he will show her pic.

Shaan comes to Ria and asks her to listen to him. Ria asks him to say. Shaan says your anger is justified, we didn’t let you know anything about my marriage as it was my past and it hurt us. It was my big mistake. Surili tells Ria that she got heart attack because of her and it happened 5 years ago, it is not a big issue. Ria asks what will happen if Shaan’s wife comes back again. Where is she? Maggie says just 2 rooms after. Surili says she used to stay 2 rooms after. Ria asks Shaan if he knows where is she? Shaan says no, and says he is 1000 percent sure that she will not return. He says if you want we will cancel this marriage, you are right at your place, take your call. Surili and Shaguta try to make her emotional. Surili says I have daughter’s relation with you.

Maggie tells Surili that she has done a big stupidity. Shaguta says her golden future is at stake. Surili accepts her mistake and says they have to kidnap Rajni. Amrish brings album and says he will show him best bahu pic. He opens the album and sees Rajni’s pic. Just then Rajni comes there and says RAM. Maggie and Shaguta take her from there. RAM says I heard my MOBO’s voice and gets tensed. Amrish is surprised. RAM goes to search her. Amrish sees Maggie and Shaguta and stop them. He gets doubtful. Shaguta asks Maggie to take her and comes to Amrish. Amrish asks who is she? Shaguta says she is mehendi girl and tells that Ria came to know about Shaan’s first marriage. Amrish is shocked. Shaguta says marriage will happen and we will make everything alright. Amrish asks God if he wants to take his second Lakshmi back. Surili thanks God for bringing Rajni. Maggie says we are your God as we brought her else Daddy ji would have seen her. Surili says I know how to get rid of her and gives blank cheque to Rajni asking her to write any amount and leave from there. Rajni looks at the cheque and says it is useless. She asks her to sign and says then only it will be useful. Surili signs on the cheque and returns to Rajni.

Surili asks her to write any amount and leave them. Shaguta tells Surili that she has just 9000 Rs. in her account. Surili says she has 9700 in her account and says she sold boxes. Maggie asks what she is writing on the cheque and says it seems to be ‘will’. Rajni says it is done, and asks Surili, where she can encash this cheque? Surili panics and asks her to show the amount so that she can make the arrangements. Maggie checks and is surprised to read what she has written instead of amount. She writes she needs mummy ji’s blessings and everyone’s love only. Maggie asks what you have written. Rajni says she doesn’t have these two things since 5 years. Maggie asks if she is sure? Rajni says when I left from here, I couldn’t say bye to anyone or take any blessings. She says people are standing out to take their money and I am waiting to take your blessings since 5 years. She asks where to encash it.

Shaguta asks Surili to bless her. Surili asks Rajni to come near her and says she wants to see the cheque. She says I didn’t write the date, but I will bless you. She bless her for happiness and asks her to keep far from her. Rajni thanks her and says bye bye bye….

Amrish drinks wine and talks to Rajni’s pic. He says you was the real happiness of the house, everyone saw your mistakes, they didn’t see your truthfulness. He asks him to come back somehow. Rajni comes to him and says hello Bau ji. He sees her in glass bottle. Rajni says hello bau ji. Amrish gets happy seeing her and thinks he is seeing her as he is drunk. He thanks wine and gets emotional. Rajni says you are getting emotional. Amrish tells her that since she left, he missed her every day. He says since you left, our Lakshmi left and this home is just house. He says don’t know if we will get our Lakshmi back. He tells her that Ria came to know that Shaan is already married and now we don’t know what she will do. He says if you would have here, you would have make everything fine. He asks her to say it once that everything will be alright. Rajni says okay…Command accepted. I will go after making everything fine here. Amrish falls unconscious due to heavy drinking.

Ria tells something to Shaan. Later Shaan sees Rajni and is shocked. Rajni says hello Shaan.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Its been one week since rajni is not able to find R.A.M and nor kant men not able to see rajni.
    Isn’t it some kind of stupidity, f**king nonsense writer and maker of bhrk.
    Just wasting time in useless and nonsense things.

  2. precap is ria asks shaan why didn’t heer told I LOVE YOU to Ranja. Shaan gets shocked and asks that who told her this joke. She replies my special friend. shaan asks her name. Ria replies Rajni. Shaan rushes Rajni comes infront an saya hi Shaan. Shaan gets shocked

  3. Thank u Dilakshini

  4. Nowdays I hate this shaan. There is no affection in his eyes for Rajni. There is no chemistry between them at all. Miss Shajni. 🙁

  5. Thanks again sir…..

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