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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 5th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with bubbles drinking wine shocking everyone. Surili gets happy and says yes. She asks everyone to return her money. Amrish returns money. Surili thanks him. Bubbles says you have made fun of me, and insulted me. She says bua ek roop anek. She says you people drink wine and stopping me from drinking. She says the person should implement first before teaching others. Shaguta says I will get weight now after drinking coffee and icecream. Maggie says your plan flopped. Surili says bubbles will drink more now and asks her to do something so that Bubbles leave drinking. Rajni determines to make her stop drinking. Amrish says Bubbles said right that we have to stop drinking. Gyan says it can’t be possible. Amrish says until she stop drinking. He asks everyone to go to room.

Surili goes to keep money in locker. Rajni tells Shaan that their plan didn’t work. Shaan says Bua said right and says someone have to teach her who doesn’t drink. Rajni says I will find such guy.

Bubbles is angry and drinks wine. Electricity goes off. Amartya lights candle. Bubbles asks him why he keeps candle in his pocket. Amartya says you also keeps wine bottle with you. Bubbles says only you can understand my pain. He asks why did you start drinking? Bubbles tells that she is alone and that’s why drinks. Amartya says today is Poornima and very auspicious. He says if you kiss someone today then he will become yours for forever. Bubbles says I shall try this. Amartya asks since when you have started drinking. Bubbles says I don’t get sleep. Amartya says I will give you medicine. Bubbles say that we both are co dependent. Rajni sees them together and says medicine and wine, perfect combo. Amartya goes. Bubbles switches on lights. Rajni comes and holds her wine bottle. Bubbles asks why you are scaring me and asks her to return her bottle. Rajni says that is not possible. Bubbles tries to snatch bottle and falls down. She holds her legs. Rajni turns her upper part body and says okay bua, now I don’t have any option left. She tinkles her. Bubbes laugh and asks her not to tinkle her. Just then she looks up and sees Rajni’s body turned towards her, gets shocked, says ghost and falls unconscious.

Rajni gets back to her normal form and says task completed. She thinks bua will be unconscious for 50 mins more and thinks to search perfect candidate till then. She comes to Amartya and thinks to maintain 1 mt distance from Amartya as told by Shaan. Amartya plays harmonium and coughs. Surili asks Rajni to make ginger tea. Amartya says I will make. Surili says she makes good tea and asks her to go. Rajni says yes mamu…I will make ginger tea. Amartya gets up asking her to stop, goes near her and says machine…..He gets an attack and says I can’t bear your batameezi, will tear your shirt. Gyan gets tensed. Amartya runs after Gyan and beats him. Rajni plays harmonium and says good instrument. Surili asks what you are doing? She says don’t know why Amartya shouts machine when he stands close to you. She says you are human and not a machine. Rajni says incorrect, I am a machine, and tells model no. Surili asks her not to joke. Gyan shouts that he is getting beaten by Amartya and asks her to give tablet.

Surili opens the medicine pouch and asks so many medicines are in it, when you have food. Surili makes him take tablet. Amartya is about to beat her, but then gets fine. He asks what is happening? Surili tells him everything. He asks Gyan why you are lying down? Gyan says you have beaten me. Amartya apologizes to them. Surili asks Amartya to take cough syrup. Amartya refuses to take cough syrup as he will feel sleepy after that, just like wine. Surili says okay, I will make ginger tea for you. Rajni thinks Amartya is perfect and is fulfilling all conditions of Shaan. She comes to Shaan and says she has found the person who can make Bubbles stop drinking. Shaan says I got an idea and says my candidate is ready. Dev comes there. Shaan asks him to drink wine and says I know you gets excited after drinking it, and we will make Bua stop drinking. Dev says I shall have a reason for drinking, and I have nothing. Shaan says I will give you reason and says Shaguta have a crush on you in childhood. Dev keeps his hand on his heart and goes.

Rajni tells Shaan that your candidate is flop, now it is turn for my candidate…Amartya mamu. Shaan asks what? If your system is corrupted. Rajni says we can make him drink wine and tell Bua about its side effects. She says it is logical and he fits in our criteria. Shaan says he doesn’t drink and takes a long route if he sees any wine shop. He asks her not to make him drink wine else Surili will kill him. Rajni scans and says Shaan asked me not to make him drink wine, but not to make him eat. She smiles.

Bubbles wait for her prince on poornima night and asks God to get her a kiss. Shaan and Rajni see her. Amartya comes and holds her hand. bubbles says it seems my prince came and opens her eyes. Amartya kisses on her cheeks. Bubbles shouts no….Amrish and Surili happens to see Amartya kissing Bubbles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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