Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 5th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 5th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surili getting scared seeing the buffalo and asks what is this nonsense? Rajni says this is not nonsense, but buffalo and tells that it is an Asian buffalo, and tells its scientific name. She says it likes to have grass. Surili asks why you told essay and asks what this buffalo is doing here. RAM says my MOBO won this in competition. Surili says she won’t keep it at home. Dhyan says they can get milk from buffalo and sell it and build company too. Gyan says he thought of brand name also. Surili says where we will keep it. Do you know how to clean the buffalo, and what to give it in food and medicine. She keeps her hand on buffalo and takes back her hand. Buffalo lifts its tail. Surili says may be it will give milk now. Rajni says no, and tells that it will relieve


Buffalo excretes dung. Surili says no and asks who will clean it. Rajni says I will and tells various uses of buffalo dung. Amrish says this buffalo made me recall my village, and asks Rajni to set a place for moody. RAM says okay. Rajni ties moody to tree. RAM comes there and says he can sell his stuff and get money. Rajni asks why do he need money? RAM says he needs money to upgrade her, as Shaan will upgrade her. He says I will sell these things made by me. Rajni says nobody will buy this as this is priceless, and asks him not to worry as money will be arranged because of Moody. She says whatever money we will earn from Moody, we will give to Shaan. She asks him to take back his piggy bank and stuff to room. RAM says okay and goes. Rajni thinks to Moody happiness and says research is on.

Surili says I can’t believe it. Rajni brought buffalo at home, and thinks they have all wonder here at home. She thinks buffalo dung is smelling, and goes to her washroom. She thinks where is my body wash and shampoo and calls thief…. She gets her body wash smell and goes following the smell, and says this means Rajni and this chashmish are using my body wash. She goes to their room and thinks they might have emptied all my bottle, and goes inside the washroom. She says I couldn’t see anything because of body wash bubbles. She says chashmish where are you and holds the buffalo, and gets shocked seeing the buffalo instead. Rajni is giving bath to buffalo and makes water fall on Surili mistakenly. Surili asks her to stop it. Rajni says this is called “ gai bhais paani me “. She says Moody likes water and that’s why I was giving body wash to Moody. Surili asks her to return her body wash. Rajni says it is over. Surili says buffaloes don’t take bath with body wash. Buffalo licks her hand. Surili moves back, and asks Rajni to take Moody out. Rajni takes it out.

Surili tells Sharmila and Maggie that Rajni wasted her body wash on Moody. Surili, Maggie and Sharmila see Rajni taking buffalo in the garden. Rajni says she got kichad/mud as Surili said that buffaloes likes it. She scans Moody language and talks in that sound. Sharmila says she is multi talented. Moody makes sound. Rajni interprets that Moody is saying that Surili reminds it of its mum. Surili is shocked. Rajni says you gave a good idea of pool. Maggie says if you are Moody’s mum then it is my Nanand. Surili says you are making fun of me. Rajni says according to logic, if you can accept a crow as your father, then you can accept moody too. Dhyan comes and says all plants are without leaves. Surili says who has done this? Rajni says Moody was hungry and that’s why had plants. It will give us enough milk.

Gyan says we will get neighbors’ plants also. Surili thinks to make Moody go before they get more poor. Sharmila and Maggie like the idea. Gyan says lets see and get more plants for Moody.

Rajni thanks Moody and says I told mummy ji that she reminds you of your mum. RAM brings Moody’s name plate, and tells that he named her Moody Kant. Rajni thanks him and says Moody said so sweet…RAM. Surili thinks it seems she shall use Shaan to kick buffalo out. Shaan comes there. Surili acts to get heart pain. Shaan says I will call doctor. Surili says this is permanent pain. Shaan says divorce is taking time, what can I do. Surili asks him to take atleast buffalo out, says I think I can’t live more if I continue taking tension. She says if your family wants me to be on wall as a photo. Shaan says it is not like that. Surili keeps her hand on her chest and asks him to do something and kick that buffalo out. Shaan goes to buffalo and opens the rope. Moody goes out of house. Shaan looks at Moody and says if there is no buffalo then there will be no Moo…

Inspector comes with an injured person, who tells that their buffalo had eaten his plants last night. Amrish asks how can you say that this is our buffalo. Rajni comes and says he is right, our buffalo ran away last night, don’t know how?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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