Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 5th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 5th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajni seeing honey bees attacking Ria. She makes honey bees go back to their hive using the mehendi cones. Ria gets impressed with her and asks how did you do this? Rajni asks her not to worry and says I made them go with my hands. Ria sees mehendi designs on floor and says you are amazing mehendi wali. She asks her to come inside and says your dress is spoiled, I will make you change it. Sharmila asks RAM how we will find your MOBO. Gyan asks RAM to give description. Sharmila says she will make sketch as she is an expert. RAM describes Rajni while Sharmila makes sketch. Everyone laughs seeing the sketch. RAM asks if you are scaring me and says this seems to be your face. Surili says you are so funny…Sharmila. Sharmila asks RAM to make his MOBO face. RAM goes to

make sketch and says my mum’s face is round like moon, her smile is like loving, her eyes and face reflects love. Everyone get emotional. Gyan says his mum is so good. Amrish says all mum are same.

Gyan asks Mahi to learn something from him. Mahi gets angry. RAM makes Rajni’s sketch, but Mahi throws black ink on it and ruins it. She then apologizes to him. Amrish takes RAM with him.

Surili tells Shaguta and Sharmila that her eye is blinking. Aishwarya says I have an important work to do. Surili asks where are you going? Aishwarya bites her nails and gets sweating. Surili asks what happened? Aishwarya says that Rajni is eloped. Maggie says how did she run away? Aishwarya walks and says like this. Surili says I want Rajni in my control. Sharmila sees Rajni coming with Ria and tells Surili. Surili keeps hand on her heart and asks Rajni how did you get free? Rajni says I free myself hearing 7 am alarm. Ria says she is mehendi designer called by you. Surili says I didn’t call her. They hear Amrish coming there and takes Rajni inside. Ria says I am here, aunty…take me.

Amrish asks RAM to have food. RAM says he don’t want to eat and he needs his MOBO. Amrish says he needs strength to search his MOBO. Amrish asks him to eat Pav. RAM sees his foot. Amrish says you are so innocent, and reminds me of moghly. He asks about his MOBO. RAM says his mum is strong, brave etc. Ria asks Surili, where she is taking her. Surili says first I will take her interview and then decide. Ria says I have seen her work and I will get mehendi on my hand by her. She asks them to go, and asks Rajni to come inside to change the clothes. Surili tells others that their destiny door is closed.

Maggie says if Rajni told everything to Ria. Rajni changes the dress. Ria compliments her beauty. Rajni says let me speak, I am not….Ria stops her and asks her to apply mehendi on her hand. Rajni tells her that she has to find RAM first. Ria asks her to make her ready for her Ram. Rajni agrees. She applies mehendi on Ria’s hands while talking. Ria looks shocked and cries. She comes out of room. Surili, Shaguta, Maggie and Sharmila see her shocked. Ria tells them that she needs to talk to Shaan, as she was unaware of big thing. Surili says Rajni told everything to Ria and goes to talk to her. Surili goes behind Ria. Shaguta, Sharmila and Maggie come to Rajni and ask her, if she told everything to Ria. Rajni says yes. Shaguta says her rich dreams with Vikram is dead.

Ria comes to Shaan and says I came to know that I was stupid. Surili comes there and stops Ria asking her to try and understand. She says we have suffered. Rajni asks how your life will ruin with our conversation. She says Ria is a big fan of Gandhi ji, but doesn’t know anything about him, so I told her about his history since his birth till death, and also told about his doings. Ria says it is not past, but history. Surili says yes, bad history. Shaan asks what? Surili whispers that she came to know everything. Rajni says I gave her info about other freedom fighters and she got emotional. Shaguta, Maggie and Sharmila think to stop Surili. Shaan tells Surili that he was against this. Surili asks Ria to listen to her version. Shaguta, Sharmila and Maggie come there and try to stop Surili. Surili tells that they were beaten in the house and kept as servants etc. Ria says yes. Maggie says Ria was talking about independence. Surili says no, and says she came to ask Shaan about his first marriage. Ria says Shaan’s marriage. Surili says you came to ask this only. Ria nods no and gets teary eyes.

Amrish tells RAM that he will show him best bride of the world. He opens Rajni’s pics album. Rajni comes there and calls RAM. RAM turns to see her. Amrish shows the album, but RAM doesn’t see it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. They are f**king wasting time. Such a beautiful show is getting ruined badly.


    This is the limit its about a week and mobo and ram are not able to unite and not even male members able to know about rajini being at home??? And even dev do not bother to know??? ?????????????
    But best part surili bursted truth herself ??????? this is called APNE PAIR PAR KUD KHULAHADI MARNA…??????


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  4. WTH…It has already entered the worst shows list in india…hats off for ruining it

  5. It was so amazing show.
    But, the writers are now ruining it

  6. After karan v grover’s leaving, this show lost it’s charm

  7. pehele yeh show kitna acchi thi.lekin abh! HUH!

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