Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 5th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 5th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan telling Rajni that he will not leave her. Dhyan and Gyan hold him. Rajni says he loves me so much, don’t want to leave me even for a moment. Shaan says he is angry on her, and tells that she has ruined his years hardwork and have soaked his laptop etc in water and hanged on the rope, just like Gopi bahu had done in TV show. Rajni says I haven’t done anything. Shaan says you are lying. Rajni says I don’t have this feature. Everyone agree with Rajni. Shaan says so do I have? Everyone says yes. Surili says you are mad about Samaira, and says Rajni is different, dump and irritating, but will not harm you. Rajni says correct. Surili asks if anyone came to lab. Rajni says Samaira came to lab. Samaira comes and asks when did you see me in Shaan’s lab. Rajni

says when you was standing infront of me. Samaira lies and says she was sleeping in her room and haven’t went to his lab. She asks why you are lying? Rajni says I don’t have this feature.

Samaira says if you people want me to leave then I will leave. Surili says you just says, but don’t leave. She asks her never to come back. Samaira tells Shaan that she can’t harm him. Rajni says this is crocodile tears. Shaan says I know, this is done by Rajni and asks her to apologize to Samaira. Rajni says I am sorry Samaira. Shaan asks Samaira to come with him. Surili asks Rajni, why did she apologize to him. Rajni says until my battery is charged, I will follow his commands. Amrish blesses her. Surili asks Rajni to try to understand and asks God to keep eye on Samaira. Rajni says okay, I will go and keep eye on her. Surili asks her not to go. Rajni says then what I shall do? Surili asks her to sing song, but don’t eat her mind. Rajni says command accepted. Shaan tells Samaira that you can’t involve in all these things. Samaira thanks him for the trust.

Rajni comes and tells Shaan that Surili gave command to her to sing. Shaan asks will you eat my brain. Samaira asks Shaan to let her sing……Rajni sings song…Piya tu ab to aaja…and dances with Shaan. She asks Samaira to sing with Aa. Samaira sings Aa dekhe zara….Rajni sings then….yaayi re…Samaira sings Ruk ruk ruk…..Rajni sings phoolon ka taaron ka…and asks Samaira to tie on Shaan’s hand. Shaan says I don’t want to play and goes. Rajni says I have won in the antakshiri. Samaira says you have won in the same game, but I will win Shaan. Rajni says Shaan is not a thing and tells that Rahul said this. Samaira says you was saying truth and I lied, but Shaan supported me…and says you will be defeated daily, just wait and watch…she suggests her to become sanyasan and says your talent will be used there. Rajni scans about it and says got it. Surili hears everything and says betrayal. She says thank god I am calm, patient etc else I would have kicked her out. She says Samaira is threatening my bahu….in my house and says my bahu Rajni kant will kick you out from here.

Surili calls Rajni and sees sanyasan sitting in the house. She goes to her and sees her face surprisingly. Rajni gets up. Surili looks at her sanyaasi avatar. Rajni asks her to talk in low tone. Surili asks what is this new act. Rajni asks why you are surprised. Rajni talks like sanyasan and asks her to throw her jewellery and change her saree. She asks her to come to Himalayas. Surili says why did you give mad bahu God….Rajni says it is your work. Surili says Samaira wanted this……and says you have to keep Samaira away from Shaan. Rajni says even Shaan wants her. Surili asks her to accepts her command and says please. Rajni says okay and asks what? Surili says you have to become dangerous vamp..Samaira should know whom she has challenge. Rajni scans the TV vamps and got to know about Mandira, amma jo, komolika and says Okay. Surili says okay.
Next morning, Samaira wakes up and sees message on the dressing table, that her mum is waiting downstairs, get up kumkaran….she gets messages asking her to follow me. She follows the message and comes out. Rajni makes cat sound and asks why you are afraid. Rajni comes infront of her and says meow, reveals her vampish avatar surprising Samaira. Samaira says you? Rajni stands behind her and says yes me….She says I am a killer cat. Samaira asks what is this new drama? Rajni says this is called revenge. She says you have provoked and made me show you my negative side. Samaira asks her to look at her and tell. Rajni says TV vamps talk like this. Samaira asks why you are after me.

Amrish, Dhyan, Gyan, Surili, Sharmila and Maggie hear her. Rajni says you are after my Shaan. Samaira laughs and says Shaan loves me, and is trapped with you. She says Shaan will kick you out on my insistence, and says I feel time has come to get him back in my life. Sharmila is shocked and asks Surili. Surili signs her to watch. Rajni says no and apologizes like TV serials bahu. She asks her not to snatch her Shaan and asks her to show some pity on her. She then laughs and says what did you think that I will hear you. She says I am giving you face to face challenge, and says I will not kick you out, but you will leave from here. Everyone come out. Samaira is shocked and try to gain everything sympathy, says Rajni is threatening me. Surili says we have heard whatever you said. Samaira is shocked.

Rajni throws water on Samaira and asks her to tell truth. Samaira accepts to ruin Shaan’s lab things and says I need a reason so that Shaan kicks you out from the house. Shaan asks why did you do this and is devastated? Samaira looks on. Surili and Rajni looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ridhima pandit she truly r a MARVEL?Rajni_Kant SIMPLY SLAYS??RAJNI THE KILLER CAT?? she NAILED IT???she is OUR#WonderWoman word for today’s episode Ridhima panditis a Super woman ??There’s nothing impossible for her?? Blessed with talent❤ superb episode Ridhima perfect for any role Love Rajni & evry character that she plays..Shes is just outstanding ….A born actress ! Simply too good…

  2. shaan no trust on rajni she don’t have lying feature so bad but outstanding episode

  3. today, episode was good, but precap is awsm
    …. lv you rajni.. but shaan know rajni cannot tell lie but shaan blame her, stupid foolish scientist…

  4. Shaan fool dont u know tat ragini cant lie
    Its nice to see ragini and surili united
    Wat a robot she is just like a real robot .Her acting is siperb jst like robot
    Nice to see samaira telling truth in precap

  5. Rabbi to you aaaj cha gayi hour file Kush kar ditha Yar and by the way where are devbangdu and shogata

  6. Renuverma

    Agree with u tusi that episode was good but precap is superb.☺


    Full of fun…. in today’s episode the following are the best part…
    1. Phoolo ka taron ka sabka kehna hai with asking samira o tie rakhi to shaan..
    2. Surili united with Rajini
    3. Rajni Vamp look was killer expect her long bindi, it was not suiting her face.
    4. And precap finally….

    Fully enjoyed… and sometime I doubt that shaan forgets that Rajini is his creation robot; by doing stupid things!!!
    And may be Rajini is turning into human….

  8. i love this show. it is my favourite 🙂

  9. Shaan is such a fool. He was the one who put the feature of no lying into Rajni’s program. But, I’m extremely happy about the challenge that Rajni gave to Samaira. i especially loved when all the members of the family stepped out snd sided with Rajni. Can’t wait for next episode!! So excited. I’ve been screaming for the past half hour about the episode to everyone.

  10. RANdomfANCreationz

    shaan is so dumb how can he call himself a genius how can he not understand rajni is a robot isme jhoot bolne ka feature hi nahi hain 😛 and yeah shaan should blame himself he made rajni 😛 stupid shaan and its kinda weird that samaira is suddenly an obessed lover without any reason anyways this show never fails to make me laugh love shajni 😛 n where is dev-shoguta I love their fight 😛 i m sure they will become future amrish-surili

  11. good episode….loves rajni…

  12. eagerly waiting for monday .monday episode always special

  13. Ridhima s performance is awesome.. She acts like a real robot.. Sharmila plz kick of u r cousin sister from Kant house..

  14. manabendradas

    Achaa an ka episode me kya hua samaira ko ghar she nikal dia

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