Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 5th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 5th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajni picking the sweets pieces and eats it. Dev also eats it. Shaguta asks Aishwarya to shake her hand with her. Aishwarya shouts and shakes her body. Aishwarya asks Rajni to open gifts and see. Surili says not now, later….but Aishwarya says it is a ritual. Rajni says okay and opens the gifts. She says it is written that it is a gift from Surili Kant, which was wiped from the gifts boxes. Aishwarya says it is Surili’s gifts. The guest gets angry and try to leave. Surili apologizes to them and says her bahu is a little strange. The guests say she is very much weird. Shaguta shakes hand with Rajni, and Dev gets shaken up. Shaan is tensed. Surili asks guest, do you think Rajni have insulted you? Guest says yes and asks Surili to make Rajni touch their feet and apologize

to them.

Surili asks Rajni to apologize to the guests for insulting them. Rajni apologizes. Surili asks her to touch their feet and apologize. Dev runs to Shaan and tells him that Aishwarya made him leave from here and also beaten him. Shaan gets tensed. Rajni bends down infront of guest. Surili asks her to touch their feet and apologize. Shaan comes and asks Rajni to stop. He says she will not apologize to everyone. Surili says it is between us. Shaan asks Dev to take Rajni from there. The guests says it is too much insult now, and says we will leave. Surili asks them to stop. She asks Shaan if you are happy now. Shaguta says this is very shocking Shaan.

Surili cries. Amrish asks her to spit her anger. Surili says Rajni have insulted my guests and me. Shaan repairs Rajni’s hands and asks her to point her hand at something and say….Rajni forwards her hand and points towards his nose. She says you take breath with nose. Shaan says I know. He asks how did she fall down the stairs.

Shaan asks her to tell…Rajni is silent. Shaan says did you walk with your eyes closed because of maa’s condition. She says I am trying to make you best robot and asks why is she smiling now? Shaan thinks he is behaving like a husband and goes. Rajni apologizes to him and thinks she didn’t tell him about Shaguta who asked to meet Surili and that’s why she fell down. She says she wants to be adarsh bahu. Shaan comes and asks her to come. Amrish asks Surili why did you want Rajni to touch guests feet. Shaguta says Rajni have insulted them. Amrish says Rajni have brought their truth infront of you, and says you should thank Rajni. Surili says no way……Shaan and Rajni come there. Shaguta says you have insulted mom. Shaan says Rajni wants to apologize to you. Sharmila asks her to touch her feet and apologize. Amrish says I will apologize on her behalf. Rajni says you have done my kanyadaan and are like my parents. Surili cries. Rajni says your friends are cheap people.

Maggie and Sharmila tell something to Rajni and says it is for Shaan’s betterment. She says okay.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Finally end me aaj show fir se back on track lga…. but I hate this shaguta character, she is behaving like typical SIL and her overacting is……..????????????… inta to koi family member nhi kr raha behave…

  2. I just love this show , Rajni is too good love her robot character

  3. d show is full of this show..rajni is superb

  4. Superb show wish it is for an hour. Hate shans sister

  5. Rajni is too good… just loving her… robot with emotions… btw i hate ths shaguta…too much nautanki

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