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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 4th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaguta thanking God for getting her inside house. She sees Virat and says she has to use ladies room. Virat says you call yourself by your name. Shaguta says I will do conversation with you later and asks him to move. Virat calls guards and asks them to throw her out. Shaguta asks how dare you, and says she will teach them a lesson. Shaan tells Rajni that Gyan and Dhyan went to have tea, and he is going to court. He asks her to take care of herself and family, and no activity as her battery is just 10 percent left. Shaguta holds her stomach and is in pain. Rajni comes to her. Shaguta tells her that she has nature’s call. Rajni says I understood and says she can take them there. She takes them to open area and tells that it is nature’s washroom. She tells 100

years ago, people used to relieve themselves here. Shaguta says her gall bladder is about to burst, and asks God to show some miracle, and tells that she will become sanskari. Surili gets a call that court order came. Shaguta tells God that she don’t need his help. They all go. Rajni thinks 5 percent battery left and no activity now.

Virat asks where is Poonam? Sharmila asks who is he? Dhyan says he is Virat. Surili asks Virat to move and let them go inside. Shaan brings court stay order. Virat asks guards to keep eye on them and says he will talk to his lawyer. Surili asks Guard to move and says we have court order. Guard says we have sir order. Surili tells that she doesn’t care. Guard takes gun from his pocket. Surili snatches gun from his hand. Amrish, Shaan and Gyan ask her to leave gun. Shaan asks Rajni to snatch gun. Surili aims gun at guard. Rajni tries to snatch gun from Surili’s hand and says Shaan gave me command. Rajni’s battery gets low. Surili shoots by mistake, and Rajni falls down due to low battery. Surili and others are shocked. Virat comes out and is shocked to see Rajni unconsciously lying on floor. He calls her Poonam. Surili shouts Rajni.

Virat says you have killed my poonam. I will not leave you. Shaan thinks Rajni’s battery is low, and this mad fellow will kill us. They take her inside. Amrish says her nerves is not beating and says someone please call doctor. Shaan says I will make her fine. Surili says I can’t kill Rajni and asks her to wake up. Virat says I will kill you all. Surili says I didn’t shoot her intentionally. Lets not waste the time and take her to hospital. Virat says Poonam, wake up. Shaan says she fainted hearing gun sound, nothing has happened to her. Virat aims gun at himself and records suicide note in his mobile, saying my Kant family is guilty of my death. He tells Shaan married his wife and Surili killed his wife. He says now I am going to kill myself and says poonam….I am coming.

Amrish asks Guards to save his boss. Shaan asks Virat to check if she is bleeding. He says she has fainted many times. Surili says Rajni isn’t bleeding. Shaguta says it means bullet is fired in air. Shaan asks Virat to give him 15 mins and says he will make her fine. Virat asks if you are doctor or God? Shaan asks him to think whatever he wants, but give him 15 mins. He says if I fail to do so then kill my family. Everybody is shocked. Gyan says he was about to die, and you are saying this. Virat gives him 15 mins. Shaan brings Rajni to lab and start charging Rajni. Virat tells Kant family that everyone’s name is written on the bullet. Shaguta tells the right proverb. Virat says Shaguta and Amrish’s name is written. Surili asks how many bullets you have. Gyan says there will be 6 bullets in gun. Surili says but we are seven. Virat shows his other gun. Amrish asks her not to ask how many guns he has.

Surili asks Sharmila to go to kitchen and bring sabzi for Virat. Sharmila brings sabzi dish. Virat asks where is the roti. Sharmila says she didn’t bring. Virat says you people are mad. He tastes sabzi and says it is not good. He asks Gyan, how they can eat such food. Gyan cries and says they are helpless to eat. Virat says I will kill you at the end. He asks who have closed the watch. Surili says it is just 2 mins. She offers to play veena. Shaan switches on Rajni, but his laptop shows system error. Surili plays veena. Virat asks her to stop playing and says it is making him sleep. He goes to Shaan’s lab. Surili prays for Shaan’s safety. Virat comes to lab and sees Shaan and Rajni close. He gets shocked.

Virat tells Kant family that he will not go anywhere until court orders come. He says Poonam will stay as a queen here. Surili asks then who will do this house work? Virat says you all women. Surili, Maggie and Sharmila are seen working in the house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Though i am not liking the track but atleast for some days all will work expect rajini as rajini works all the time and rest only rest all tym, now tym her to rest and others to work….


    Team plz change cover of show with new shaan

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