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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 4th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amrish and Dhyan doing yoga at their respective places. Dhyan instructs him on the asanas. Amrish thinks he is helpless to bear him because of Rajni. Amrish’s legs feel stuck. Dhyan tries to help him. Amrish asks him not to help him and cross border. Shaan and Rajni come there. Rajni says ok..Shaan and is about to help Shaan. Shaan asks her not to be robotic. Rajni makes crow’s noise. Amrish gets up hearing crow and says bengali sasur to lighten itself. Shaan says there is no crow. Dhyan says Yoga is not your cup of tea. Amrish says tell him that he shouldn’t have done it. Shaan says we, humans are very complicated, and thinks when will this line go? Rajni says I will erase it. Dhyan says this line is not on floor, but on heart. Shaan says you should be hero of

shows. Dhyan asks if you have Ekta Kapoor’s number. Rajni says I have. She asks Shaan to go to river side and take bath. Shaan asks her to come out from Ramayan mode. Rajni says okay Shaan…..Dhyan says you are so lucky that your wife obeys you well, and says my muffin….Rajni says she is not muffin anymore and have become bitter.

Dhyan comes and tells Shaan that their tap is not water, and he need to reach office before Gyan. Amrish talks on phone and says he has kicked out his dear one from job, and says he needs someone suitable. Rajni says Bau ji have kicked you out from job. Shaan thinks how to make them talk in a room, and says I need to recharge you also. Rajni says we have to make them talk…Dhyan calls someone and comes to know that his cards was blocked. He is shocked.

Amrish is sitting in the bar and sings a sad song. Rajni hears him. Dhyan comes and says hello bhabhi. Rajni says hello and gives him napkin to wipe his sweat. Dhyan says thanks. Rajni throws napkin inside the bar. Dhyan goes to pick napkin. Rajni closes the door. Dhyan asks what is this joke. Rajni says your ego is more complicated than Shaan’s science, and it won’t break till you both sit and talk. Amrish asks her to open the door. Dhyan sits on his side and says when human’s mind is not well, then they do drink even in day time. Dhyan says dad’s blocks kids credit cards. Amrish says I would have get a truck instead of you. They argue. Dhyan says Nana ji gave his puzzles treasure to me, as he knows that I am good. Amrish says your mum is crow’s daughter. Dhyan says you are gone, I will tell mum. They shout. Amrish gets angry and blames Rajni for the happenings. Sharmila says I will pack Rajni’s bags.

Amrish says this punjab tiger have woken up after many years and asks Shaan to tell his wife not to interfere. Amrish asks Sharmila to go to Dhyan’s side. Dhyan says it is kala paani for you, dad. Rajni asks who is mummy ji then? Amrish says your mummy ji is hang to death sentence. Amrish and Dhyan argue again. Shaan thinks I will go mad. Rajni says I will help and whistle like traffic police. They wonder how did she make whistle sound. Shaan says I couldn’t understand who is mad, and asks Rajni and everyone to stop. He says don’t fight like truck driver, and says Dhyan is your son. Amrish says this is how you will talk to me. Shaan says I am not scolding you, but trying to make you understand.

Amrish gets emotional and tells about Shaan’s childhood incident. Dhyan says Bau ji told same story to me also. Shaan says because we share the same dad. Gyan says he didn’t tell me this story. Shaan says may be Nana ji had raised you. Amrish asks about Surili. Gyan says she is in shock. Amrish says I am hungry and asks Gyan to cook food. Shaan asks Rajni to make food. Amrish says no need. Gyan asks Sharmila to make food. Amrish says I will die if I eat that food. Rajni asks Shaan, if she has done wrong as Amrish is angry with her. Shaan says no, and says we humans are complicated. He says although he is angry, but loves you very much. He hugs her and says Bua ji is acting to hide his emotions. Rajni massages his hands and head. Shaan says I am so proud of me.

Maggie says Kuhu will not cut the cake if everyone is not together. Amrish gives permission to let everyone attend the birthday.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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