Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 4th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 4th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bubbles getting shocked seeing Rajni’s long hand and faints. Rajni gets the salt bottle from behind the oven. Surili, Amrish and Aishwarya tell that Bubbles is drunk. Amrish says she is happy today. He helps Bubbles get up and takes her to room. Surili comes to kitchen and says so Rajni, I am sure that you haven’t cook food, just then she sees food plate. Rajni says yes, I made it and tells that 12 mins are left in the watch. She thanks the electronics items. Surili is shocked. Amrish comes and smells the food. He likes it. Surili asks Rajni not to think that she has passed. Amrish says lets go and make sasurji have food. He calls Baba. They get outside and wait for crow to come. Gyan says crow, Nanaji will not come today. Amrish says he will come and asks Surili

to uncover the food. Surili taunts him and asks Dhyan to be silent. Amrish tells Dhyan and Gyan that he will agree crow through the rasgulla. He asks Rajni to make crow eat rasgulla and everything will be fine.

Surili asks what you are hiding? Amrish says Rajni brought this for you and asked me to give you. Rajni asks why you are lying? Amrish says he brought achaar. Rajni says it is having rasgulla. Surili understands that he brought it to impress her baba. Sharmila asks about the food which Rajni made? Rajni says everything is special, and says bittergourd rasgulla and pamplet bajiya..Amrish says all the things which babaji doesn’t like so that he will reject her. He says Rasgulla will be here. Surili refuses and fights with her. Gyan says if you keep fighting then nana ji will not come. Amrish asks where is he? Just then crow comes and sits on the light. Surili greets him and introduces crow to Rajni. She asks the crow to tell about his decision and says she is just Shaan’s choice. Amrish says she is our choice too. She asks Rajni to greet him. Rajni greets him. Surili keeps the food plate and asks crow to accept it. Crow looks at the food plate and recalls Rajni hitting him with a pebble. Rajni smiles. Amrish thinks if the crow recalled that incident and might attack Rajni.

Just then crow makes noise and is about to attack Rajni, but she protects herself with the rays. Crow flies. Amrish says baba ji have blessed Rajni and have shouted a lot. Surili says baba was saying something else and doubts. Amrish says baba will feel bad if you doubt on his decision and emotionally blackmails her. Surili says baba was behaving strangely. Gyan says birds and animals express their feelings through voice. Amrish congratulates each other and says sasural ji said yes. Maggie asks Rajni how can you impress everyone. Amrish asks them to inform Shaan and make arrangement for roka. Maggie says we have to do something now. Sharmila asks her to shake hand and come. She congratulates Rajni and says welcome home. Rajni thanks her. Sharmila asks her to share her problems with her.

Maggie thinks if Rajni and Sharmila get together then my condition will be worse than a servant. She says where are you Balwant. An Inspector is seen running on road following Balwant. A girl accuses Balwant for trapping her in love and telling her that he is an Inspector. Balwant tells that he is cursed since childhood and talks about Salman Khan. Girl says he is Salman Khan’s fan and I like him. Balwant asks if you agree? Girl slaps him and goes with her dad. Balwant says she was like a chudail. He wears specs and tries to flirt with a girl, but gets slapped instead. He says your destiny is bad as I am not in it. He gets Maggie’s call. Maggie asks him to come and says if he helps her then she will get him married.

Balwant agrees and says he is coming. Maggie says my brother will kick you out Rajni. Amrish is happy and asks Surili to make arrangements for the roka. He says you have stopped herself and says you can’t doubt on Baba’s decision. Surili says baba shouted heavily when he got electric shock and died. Amrish says Rajni is not bad. Surili says she can sense something wrong in Rajni. Bubbles comes and says this marriage can’t happen, and if you let this marriage happen then you will do a big mistake.

Sharmila tells Rajni that they can’t be romantic. Rajni asks what is romance? Maggie asks Shaan, if she don’t know romance. Shaan asks Dev to make her romantic. Dev asks him to take Rajni after 2 hours.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Ha ha ha ha…..
    Food list was just un bearable and rajni made it… waaowwooo…..
    Its just an amazing show….

  2. Oh wow now it will be quite interesting to see romance of robot n scientist 😛 RaSha rocks 🙂

  3. Hahaha… Rajni? And romantic? Just thinking what will happen? ?

  4. This show is jst awesome….different frm those stupid saas bahu serials…love it

  5. Rajni wl b taught abt romance 😮 hehehe 😀

  6. Robot and her scientist will do romance ! The great lol serial. Superb ! #ROBOTLOVE

  7. Hi joyee good to see you here

    1. Hi renu I m also happy to see u here btw what shows do u watch yaar

  8. Shraddha Sharma

    This is too much, 7 march 2016 ka episode update hi nhi hua hai, 9 pm se wait kr rehe hai…
    Agr kisi ko pta ho k kya aaya telecast me to bta do, because mujge lgta hai ki ab update hi nhi krenge Hasan ji…

  9. Yes ….why no update of yest epi- missed it due to shivratri :/

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