Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 4th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 4th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Balwant taking Rajni to his house and says this is our house/ashiyana. Rajni says your house looks like kabur khana/pigeon house. Balwant asks until when you will talk in this language. Rajni says until I distribute this pamphlet. House owner comes and asks Balwant about the rent. Rajni says I am his wife. Owner asks from where did you get this girl? Balwant says God is great. Owner asks Rajni to either give rent or take him to her mayka. Rajni threatens him and asks him to leave. Owner asks Balwant to give money in 1 hour else he will throw the stuff out. He leaves. Balwant says he is joking. Rajni asks do you stay in this house with garbage all around. Balwant asks where is garbage. Rajni says you…Balwant says house is messed up because of you and asks her to clean

it. Rajni takes out his shirt to clean the house. Maggie takes out money from the locker. Gyan sees her and thinks something is fishy. Gyan wears blanket, hold the stick and acts as a blind man. He collides with her and asks for money. Maggie gives him 5 rs and goes in auto. Gyan follows her.

Maggie calls Balwant and says she has reached Garden. Balwant says I will come. He tells Rajni that he will be back. Amrish calls Surili and asks where are you? Surili asks why you are shouting and says she was waiting outside. She calls Aishwarya and asks her to get some water. Aishwarya comes with her hairs on front and asks her to drink water. She then dances as witch scaring everyone. Dhyan says who will handle her. Sharmila says Aishwarya has gone mad. Aishwarya dances and falls down pretending to faint. Gyan thinks I will find out whom she is helping today. Maggie gives money to Balwant and asks him to give the landlord. She says Rajni is missing.

Balwant says what I could do? He says Rajni left from my heart. Gyan comes and asks Saale….He says you are using house money for him. Balwant says you are looking real beggar and praises his acting talent and get up. Gyan gets happy and flattered. Someone informs Balwant to tell his wife not to throw trash outside home. Maggie asks when did you marry? Neighbor says she is very beautiful. Maggie takes the money and insists to meet his wife. Aishwarya gets up and asks where I am? Amrish says you are here. Aishwarya asks if I acted like ghost and danced. She says ghost entered in me again. Surili says I feel sorry for you. She says I am educated, and my kids are educated, I don’t believe on all this. She says we are getting late for distributing pamphlets. Aishwarya says ghost is behind Sharmila and Dhyan. Surili says I don’t get afraid of ghosts. Just then she acts as ghost entered her. She talks in different accent and says she is not classy, sophisticated Surili, but Kanta ben…Sharmila gets scared. Surili tells about Dhyan and asks her to work on his weight. Aishwarya says she is acting good than me.

Amrish asks Aishwarya to help ghost get out of Surili. Aishwarya says ghost will take time to go. She says she will handle Surili. Amrish says she can’t come with us for searching Rajni. He takes the pamphlets. Balwant comes home and tells Rajni that his jija and jiji came home. He hides her face and asks her to make them go with her tapori language. Maggie and Gyan come there. Maggie tries to see her face. Balwant asks Maggie to keep far. Gyan asks her to show face. Rajni calls them beedo log and asks them to satak lo/go. Maggie says if she is sanskari and says she is mawali and you are gadha/donkey. Rajni picks the knife and says she will kill them. Gyan asks Maggie to come. Balwant asks her to give money before going. Maggie gives the money and asks him to show her face. Rajni is about to lift her veil.

Samaira meets Rajni and asks how come she is here. Rajni says she met her husband. Samaira asks if he has given any proof, marriage certificates or pics. Rajni says no. Shaan thinks Rajni was traced in Samaira’s guest house last time.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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