Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 4th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 4th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajni reading the pamphlet given by someone. She reads that whoever pulls the truck will win 50000 Rs. and can get rich, but have to pay 500 Rs. as entry fees. A man is seen trying to pull the lorry/truck, but gives up. He pays 500 Rs. for losing. Another man says that he wants to try. The organizer tells his person that even 10 men can’t pull the lorry as its tyre is jammed. Rajni comes there and says she wants to play. Organizer asks Rajni to think that she has won. Rajni asks him to give 50000 Rs. Rajni says I can try. Organizer asks her to go home and make rotis, and not to play with her bones. Man asks him to let her play and get 500 Rs. He says people will gather here and we will get 100 Rs. each from everyone for seeing her pulling the truck. Man tells Rajni

that she can try.

Rajni smiles. The people gather there. Organizer and man take money from the persons gathering there to watch a girl pulling the lorry. They ask Rajni to pull the lorry and says they want 500 rs. new note. Rajni asks him to give new notes only. Rajni is about to pull the lorry. Tera Junoon song plays……………Others look on. Rajni’s system hibernates. The men standing there think she is dead or fainted. Rajni gets activated and says she has to earn money for Bau ji. She pulls the lorry and it start moving shocking owner and his man. Everyone is shocked to see her pulling lorry easily. Everyone claps for her. She asks the owner to give 50000 Rs. to her. Organizer says I don’t have money. The participants says you have to give money when you have promised. Rajni says she has to call Police. Organizer tells that he will give her something else equivalent to the price. Rajni agrees to take it.

Shaan comes to Rajni’s room and thinks where is chota remote. He thinks to search Rajni’s remote and get hit by the punch. He opens the cupboard and finds RAM. RAM asks if you are searching that device which can be more important to you than me, and asks him to stop searching it, and says I have hidden it from where you can’t get it back. He asks him to use his energy to upgrade his MOBO. Shaan says I am not interested. RAM says he will give the info to Surili dadi and then what she will do? He asks when you will fix and update MOBO. Shaan thinks to take RAM on his side and tells all equipments are outdated now, and says he needs money to buy new equipments. RAM asks him to take his piggy bank. Shaan says nothing will come with that money, and says they need atleast 1 lakh, but they can start repairing her with 10000 Rs. RAM says he will do something for MOBO.

Rajni comes home in lorry. Everyone is surprised to see her. Rajni says she brought prize and won in the competition. Amrish gets happy and asks if she got lorry as prize. Rajni says no, and says she got prize in lorry. They get happy and think she must have earned a big prize. They hear buffalo sound and asks if this is music system. Rajni says this is Moody. She pulls the curtain and shows buffalo. Everyone is surprised again. RAM gets happy. Rajni says this is my prize. Shaan asks what is this? Rajni says this is buffalo, who gives us milk. Shaan says who can get buffalo in prize. Rajni says prize was actually 50000 Rs. but the organizer don’t have any money and that’s why he gave this. Rajni says Amrish wanted to celebrate lori and we can sell milk, paneer and etc and get some money. Shaan asks her to return buffalo. Amrish asks him to see her efforts and tells that let buffalo be here.

Surili tells that she have sacrificed food, but can’t compromised with her make up. She applies face pack and thinks it will have an effect. They take buffalo inside the house. While they are discussing about Surili’s reaction. Moody goes inside and licks Surili’s face. Surili thinks Amrish is touching her and asks him to stop. She opens her eyes and sees buffalo, shouts. Everyone is shocked.

Surili sees Rajni and RAM giving bath to Moody. Rajni splashes water on Surili with water pipe. Surili asks Shaan to kick that buffalo out if he wants her life. As Buffalo steps out of house, Shaan thinks to close the door and kick buffalo out.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Great job rajani


    I think rajini wakai insan banne ki raha pr hai.. as jo family itne crisies se gujar rehi thi ki hr cheez uddari me chal rehi thi uss tym sbko shaan ki dubra shadi ki to sujji pr kisi ne yeh nhi socha ki dubra earning suru kr de.. rajjni ne aate hi soch liya about milk products…
    Well done rajini ?????

  3. So slow n boring.where is methew

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