Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 4th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 4th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surili asking Samaira, when she came here? She says you might have seen Shaan and Rajni loving each other very much and might be jealous. She says it is better for you to leave the house, else you can’t forget Shaan. She says I will ask Rajni to help you in packing. Samaira thanks her and says I will leave today. Once Surili goes, Samaira says Shaan and Rajni are close, my foot. She says if this was the case then Shaan would not have been mad about me. She says I have bear insult here and says I will not leave, but Rajni…(her negative side is shown). Samaira comes to her room and says she has to think something to stay back, and have to make Rajni leave from house. Rajni comes there. Samaira says you have long life. Rajni says if I get good service then I can live

for years. Samaira laughs.

Rajni says Surili gave me command to pack your bags. Samaira says I will pack. Rajni says I have taken the command and will do. She asks if you will lie down in the suitcase or shall I pack you inside. Rajni puts her in suitcase. Samaira asks her to leave her. She challenges Rajni that she has Shaan’s heart and Shaan has her heart. Rajni says I have to research now and scans something. She says I will be back. Samaira thinks she has to do something and make Rajni lower in everyone’s eyes. Rajni comes back wearing doctor’s clothes and says she will operate on her and take Shaan’s heart. Samaira asks have you gone mad? Surili makes Amrish writes down her orders.

Amrish promises that he will do as she says and will not dilpreet’s number. Surili asks do you really have her phone no. Amrish says I told Diljeet. Just then Samaira and Rajni come there. Samaira runs and asks her to stop. Surili asks what happened? Rajni says Samaira said that she is having Shaan’s heart, and I want that heart back. Samaira asks Amrish to explain her. Amrish says if you take her heart then she will die and you will go to jail. She says Shaan is just yours. Samaira says I was just joking. Surili laughs and says Samaira….look at you. Please do your make up…your face is looking as if you are shocked. She asks her to mend her ways else her intelligent bahu will take her heart. She asks Amrish to come with her. Samaira sits on sofa. Rajni sits and says I want to make you happy now….Samaira thinks she is mad, how to make her go. She starts sneezing. Rajni holds her nose and says you have allergy to something. Samaira says I have allergy to dust.

Samaira says I have allergy to Shaan’s lab dust. She asks her to clean Shaan’s lab and then house. Rajni says okay command accepted. Samaira thinks she is mad and she shall take her advantage. She thinks to make Rajni fall down in Shaan’s eyes and says well done. Everyone get Chamku washing powder. Rajni advertises it and says it cleans all the dust. Maggie says it is used to clean house and wash clothes. Shaan says I will go to clean lab. Surili says I am so happy, that you have started this instead of making Samaira go. Rajni says I am doing this for Samaira. Rajni brings chamku powder. Shaan asks what is this? Rajni says I came to clean the lab and tells that Samaira is allergic to lab dust. She says Samaira sent me here to clean the lab. Shaan says okay, clean it but dry clean, no Chamku.

Rajni asks him to take card and bouquet. She says I don’t need chamku and cleans the lab. She goes. Samaira comes to lab and wonders where is Rajni? She thinks she has cleaned the lab, if she can clean the lab then I can ruin it. Rajni comes back and asks what you are doing here. Samaira says I came to help you. Rajni says I have already cleaned the lab. Samaira coughs and asks her to bring water. While Rajni goes to bring water, Samaira puts Shaan’s circuits, laptop etc in water and hang it on rope. She laughs and says now it will be fun. Shaan comes back after buying rose and card. He sees his laptop, and other things wet and hanged on the rope. Samaira hides seeing him. Shaan sees Chamku washing powder and thinks Rajni have done this. He says I will kill you Rajni….Samaira comes out, laughs like a vamp and says I love you Shaan. She kisses the flower brought by him.

Surili gives command to Rajni to become dangerous vamp. Rajni says okay. Later she challenges Samaira that she will leave from home.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. awesome episode rajni ne samaira ko kitn bhagaya and evil samira shaan ka laptop kharab kar diya

  2. Love triangle turns into a war…but don’t expect this to last long… because the girl playing Samaira s character has quit this serial.


    So i was right in thiking that samira is psycho lover…. i hope her character end soon….
    Missing Kuhu, Dev and shoguta…..
    The best part rajini saying – phele lab ki safai fir samira ki??????????

  4. hey guys,
    can anyone tell me where did dev and shagota went?


      I think on honeymoon??????????????

      1. Where goa or neither world


        U mean to say another world….

        I think on different planet????

  5. nice episode….

  6. eagerly waiting for next precap so intresting rajni becomes vamp

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