Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 4th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 4th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan giving injection to Dev and makes him wear Rajni’s ring and bracelet etc to make his hands look like of Rajni. Dev cries and asks Rajni to remember his sacrifices. Surili comes to kitchen. Aishwarya asks if Rajni is fine? Shaguta asks her to come and see the arrangements. Aishwarya and Shaguta think how can she be fine? She says it is strange. Sharmila shouts seeing face in the mirror. Maggie asks what happened? Sharmila says I shouted as I have seen your face in the mirror. Maggie asks her not to joke. She looks at her necklace and says Surili will give this necklace to Rajni. Sharmila says no. Maggie says I will make your collage. Sharmila asks her to go. Maggie tells her that Surili asked her to give necklace and silver utensils. She takes the silver utensils

from her cupboard. Sharmila asks how did you know that I had hidden it there. Maggie says it is an advantage of joint family and takes her pics.

Shaguta waits for Mathew. He just arrives then and tells that he went to airport yesterday, but people mistaken him to be florist. Shaguta asks how did you like indian wedding? Mathew says it was totally epic. Shaguta says she wouldn’t have let Rajni become bahu of the house. Mathew asks why you are upset with Rajni? He says Rajni is a fine girl and looks stunning. Shaguta is angry. Mathew says we shall also marry seeing this wedding. He finds Microchip controller there.

Shaan makes arrangements. He asks Dev to put his hands through the hole made to the sitting plate. He asks Rajni to sit. Dev asks him not to change his body parts. Rajni sits on chair. Shaan asks Dev to forward his hand and gives instructions. Surili comes there with guest. She is shocked to see Rajni there and asks her to come later afterall you are my daughter in law. Rajni gets up and says she will come later, but Shaan makes her sit. He makes an excuse. Surili’s friends compliments Rajni’s beauty and tells Surili that she is very lucky to have Rajni. Sharmila asks Surili why is she giving her necklace to Rajni. Surili says it is their family customs, and says they have to give unwillingly. Surili says lets start the rituals. The guest gives the gifts to Rajni. She looks at Rajni’s hand and says it looks like a man’s hands. She says she will die with snake’s venom. Dev shouts hearing that. They wonder from where did male voice come? Rajni says she is absolutely fine and can’t die with snake poison, as it will have no effect on her body. Guest tells Surili that she is weird. Surili says you will know her.

Shaan wonders where is the microchip and says how he will make Rajni’s hand work without the chip. Mathew knocks on the door. Shaan opens the door. Mathew gives him micro chip. Shaan thanks him and says you are great, I will become like you sir…after growing up. HE asks him to go as Shaguta might be waiting for him. Mathew thinks he knows that Dev is a robot. guest asks Rajni to eat sweets, but she couldn’t put in her mouth.

Guest asks Rajni to bend down and apologizes to everyone present there. Rajni bends down. Surili asks Rajni to touch their feet.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Now what will happen next :O 😛

  2. Shraddha Sharma

    I am not liking all this …. as if its easily predictable… plz chnge this track soon….

  3. kal kya hoga.. excited..but i dnt feel good whn evry1 dislike rajni..i want to see adarsh robot.mein chahti hu ki sab log rajni se pyar kre.ak robo ko adarsh bahu k rup mein dekhna chahti hoon

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