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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 3rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surili asking Virat about his condition. He asks her to eat chillies within 3 mins. Amrish, Gyan and others ask her not to eat. Maggie says let her eat it. Virat scares Surili. Surili eats chillies fast…..Shaguta and others are shocked. Surili finishes all the chillies and then asks Virat, can she go home now. Virat says 1 min and burns the given chawl. Surili is shocked and asks for water due to chilli influence. Virat brings water and pours on the burning shawl. Rajni senses danger alert, brings glass and takes water from the jug. She gives water to Surili. Surili drinks it. Virat praises her and says your heart is so good, just like me. Rajni says I am sorry…I am not your wife, but Shaan’s wife. I have just Shaan in my memory. Virat says you haven’t

done right and have broken my heart. I can take you from here if I want, but I will not do this, as I know you have lost your memory. I will pull you towards me with my love. He asks her to stay with them and take care. He says if anyone misbehaves with my wife then I won’t spare him.

Shaan thinks to find about him. Virat says I am feeling pity on him, you all can come inside and stay in the house so that I can keep eye on you. Amrish and others come back home and sit outside as told by Virat. Surili kills mosquitoes and tells that Rajni has sent her relatives to drink my blood. Amrish tells that Batra made false, morphed pics.

Shaan thinks there is some secret with Rajni’s face. He asks Rajni to follow him. Rajni says okay Shaan. They go to lab. Rajni asks Shaan, why Virat is calling her as his wife. Shaan says he is mad. Rajni asks but why? Shaan says may be his wife’s face resembles you, and have all proofs of marriage. He says I don’t know what to do? Rajni asks him to tell truth. Shaan says brilliant idea, and says he will tell him that she is a robot and not his wife, and will give him proof. He says I will talk to him, till then you take care of family. Rajni says we shall bring family members here. Shaan says don’t know what he will do, and asks her to go out. He thinks to clean bowl mad Virat. He comes to Virat and hears Virat laughing madly. He thinks he is more mad than him who have married a robot. He sees Virat beating guard and asking other guard to tickle him. Guard laughs and falls unconscious. Shaan thinks he is very much mad and thinks to take a wise move.

Other Guard tells Virat that wife thief have come. Virat says only I will call him that. Shaan says you made him unconscious. Virat says he made him laugh and gave punishment. He says this guard said that this girl is not Poonam. Shaan says Rajni is a Rob….Virat doesn’t listen him and says whoever says this will be buried in land with scorpion with him. Shaan thinks if I tell him anything then he will not leave me. He says Rajni is my wife, and will not go with you. Virat asks do you love her. Shaan says yes, you can’t think how much I love her.

Virat asks if your love have pain and passion. He writes Poonam on his hand with knife, and asks Shaan can you do this. Shaan says even I can do this, but with ball pen. Shaan says true love doesn’t need to do this. Virat says Poonam will come back to me. Shaan says Rajni don’t need all this. Virat asks him to go. Shaan sees mosquito repellent spray and is about to take it, but Virat asks him to keep it down, says this is not your house. He thinks mosquitoes will bite my Poonam too. Surili tells Amrish that mosquitoes are bitting her. Amrish says it is a miracle that they are digesting your blood. Just then they see guard taking out bed and mosquito net.

Virat comes and says this bed is for my wife. Rajni says mosquito don’t bite me. Shaan says she has more percentage of iron in her blood and that’s why mosquitoes don’t bite her. Virat says you know well about my wife. Virat asks Rajni to go and sleep on the bed. Surili asks Batra, if she can go and sleep on the bed if Rajni doesn’t want. Virat asks her to come inside with him, and says I will make you laugh and sleep on chair. Surili says okay. Shaan asks Surili not to go, and asks her to let Rajni sleep. Virat asks Rajni to sleep on the bed. He admires her. Shaan says she has accepted my command, not yours. Maggie asks him about fan. He gives hand fans and asks them to rotate hand fan near Rajni’s bed all night. All of them agree and rotates fan giving air to Rajni. Surili says I will not forget this day. She says Rajni you doesn’t know what will happen with you. He thinks I made Rajni for everyone convenience, but my family is working for her. I have to do something to make myself genius again.

Shaan tells Virat that they have court stay orders and they can enter house Virat warns them. Surili snatches gun from Guard. Rajni tries to take gun from her hand and bullet is fired. Rajni falls down. Virat shouts Poonam.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Bakwas drama… and lost charm of commedy… shaan replacement was accepted but this is purly bakwas….

  2. Same here Shradha. I was a continuous viewer of the show. Now I’ve heard that they are taking a 5 year leap. And this Shaan is not in a way justified to karan and no more comedy too. I feel like usual saas bahu serial except she is a robot. I might stop watching it if it gets too boring.

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