Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 3rd May 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 3rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amrish divides the house into two. Surili tells Amrish that divide and rule scene was filmy. Shaguta says your mind have become weird. Amrish asks her to think wisely and says we will send you from home with Makarand/Mathew. He asks her to marry and go home. Shaguta says dad. Surili asks her to go. Shaguta says alright, whatever and goes. Surili brings green tea and says you need it more than me. Amrish drinks it. Surili says I am also sad because of Dhyan’s doings, but your punishment and decision is…..Amrish says you are telling you, who takes breathe less and gives orders more. He says you want me to be strict, and that’s why I am doing this to teach lesson to everyone. He says even Rajni is getting punished. Surili asks him to keep Rajni out of mind. Amrish

says Dhyan is inside the house because of Rajni, as she knows that I couldn’t see her sleeping on road. Surili says it is waste of time to talk to you. Amrish asks her not to talk to Dhyan and says he gets angry once in a year.

Surili thinks Rajni have broken my home, and drinks tea feeling bad for Shaan and Dhyan. Dhyan tells Shaan that it is fun to sit on floor. Shaan throws pillow on him. Rajni says you both are here because of me. Shaan asks her to sit silently and asks Dhyan to pick the pillow. Dhyan is about to cross the line, but seeing Amrish, he comes back. Amrish comes and brings table. Rajni calls Bahubali Bau ji. Amrish says this pillow is mine. Shaan asks her to stay mute and says he is angry. Dhyan says Bua ji will calm down soon. Dhyan tries to speak to Amrish. Amrish pretends to talk on phone and asks him to cut the call. Dhyan asks can you stay without me. Amrish gets up. Dhyan says until whn you will cut the connection. Amrish acts to shot him. Dhyan falls down shockingly. Amrish asks him to be in limits.

Surili comes and asks what did you do to my son. Dhyan asks her to cross the border if she is so bad about her sons. Dhyan says you are angry on me because of money. Amrish says stupid fellow, I would have been happy if you had given money to poor. He says I can sacrifice lakhs of rupees for my kids, and says I am angry because of your cheap thinking. Dhyan looks on. Surili asks Rajni to say something. She says now I know that you don’t have any sympathy towards us, and says you have ruined our home. Shaan tells Rajni that the matter is complicated, and asks her to be silent. Rajni says ok, Pareshan. Shaan tells Dhyan that they have to sleep outside because of Rajni. Dhyan apologizes. Shaan says I don’t understand his logic, and thinks if bear bar is at their side. Just then he sees Rajni coming and bringing grass and bricks on her head. Shaan asks what is this? Rajni signs him. Shaan says voice. Rajni says we are vanvasi, and we can’t sleep on bed, but on grass. Dhyan says from where did dry grass came in our house. Shaan says his BP is increasing and gets angry. Dhyan says I will go and change, and till then you can take our private time. Rajni teases him with grass.

Shaan says I am not in a mood to laugh, and laughs. Rajni says it means you are coming on mood. Shaan says everything is simple for you like a binary code, good or bad, but we are humans and are very complicated. Rajni says according to my data, there is good and bad and there is nothing in between. Shaan says the between thing is everything for humans. He says now I want to sleep. Rajni says you behave complicated now. Shaan says I am pareshan now after making a robot. Rajni says if this is a good thing or bad, you don’t give me grass. Shaan asks her to eat grass and says it is good to eat. Rajni chews it. Shaan says I will sleep. Rajni says I will make bed for you, as you are tired. Shaan thinks I did a mistake by marrying her, telling her about vanvas, and making her. He thinks I did a mistake by taking birth and thinks mistake is of Amrish.

Rajni calls him pareshan Prabhu…..and sees him sleeping. Rajni says humans are complicated. She thinks Shaan is snoring so he has slept. Shaan acts to sleep though. Shaan wakes up and asks what are you doing? Rajni says I am guarding the place so that nobody enters here. Shaan asks where is Dhyan? Rajni says he went to do Yoga, and asks him to do yoga. Shaan says I am your creator, don’t teach me. Rajni says even Bua ji went out to do Yoga. He is shocked.

Rajni closes the door while Dhyan and Amrish are in the bar. Amrish asks her to open door. Rajni says your fight is more complicated than Shaan’s science and refuses to open door till they resolve the fight.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Including ladies now shaan also acting bitter towards rajni

  3. Haha the precap is funny when rajni says that ur fight r more complicated than shaan’s science lol is she trolling shaan indirectly 😛

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