Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 3rd March 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 3rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meena Maasi coming to Kant’s house and asks Rajni how is she? Dev says she came here as Rajni is getting married in a big house. Meena says it is not written in the script and shows it. Dev takes the script and chews it. Amrish says he will talk to her. He says you did wrong by hurting this girl. Bubbles tells Amrish that you will keep her as well, and curses her. Meena asks why you are insulting me? Bubbles calls her heartless dayan etc. Meena says this is getting too much and says she will take extra money for this. Shaan asks why she is after money, and folds his hand asking her not to say anything. Amrish asks her to leave. Bubbles asks her to leave. Shaan and Dev asks her to leave. Meena asks them to meet her outside. She leaves. Amrish tells his family that

Rajni’s step mum came as her destiny is going to change, and asks Bubbles to get mahurat from Pandit. Surili asks since when you are taking decisions of home. She says I will take blessings from baba before deciding on Rajni. Bubbles says you took baba’s blessings at the time of selecting Maggie, and until now you are not happy with her. Surili says my decision is firm.

Shaan asks Dev what is all this? Dev says if this continues daily then we will be ruined. Shaan says I will manage everything once I marry Rajni. He says I can’t back off. He says big scientists also have given sacrifices, and says once Surili gets blessings from baba, everything will be fine.

Surili thinks if baba will give blessings to Rajni. Amrish thinks Rajni tried to harm that crow and thinks if it will give blessings to her. Surili looks at Amrish. Amrish thinks he will twist crow’s neck and make it give blessings. They sleep. Surili thinks baba said yes to Maggie, but Maggie turned out to be dumb. She thinks she will make Rajni cook his favorite food and then will see if baba approves.

Aishwarya sees Shaan with Rajni and asks him to get close to her after marriage. Shaan says you are mistaken. Aishwarya asks Rajni not to get trapped with Shaan and calls him mad. Bubbles comes and asks Aishwarya to go and work. She says she is not worried, but know romance. Shaan asks if you got drunk early morning. Bubbles says yes and shows the drink. She makes him sit and says she went to meet someone. She tells about her love story and says he asked when your daughter is coming? Shaan laughs. Surili comes and asks Rajni to listen carefully. Rajni says my ears are open 24 hours. Surili tells her that Maggie and Sharmila also made food for her baba and got approval. She asks Rajni to make food for her baba. She asks if you know how to make food? Rajni says yes, I know all types of cuisines. Aishwarya says eating and cooking are two different things. Surili asks Aishwarya to help Rajni make the food. Aishwarya says I understood.

Surili says today is your test. Rajni tells Shaan that she has to go and make food. Shaan lets her go and feels proud of himself. Aishwarya thinks Surili is sometimes look like a wicked mum in laws of TV. She says I will not make Rajni become Sajni and thinks to spoil her food. She throws the cooker whistle, damages the grinder, and compromise with the oven settings etc. She says I will see how she win now. Just then she sees Rajni standing infront of her, and tells that Surili is behind her. Surili signs her to keep quiet. She gives the list to Rajni and asks her to make it. Rajni reads the inappropriate list. Surili thinks these items are not right, how she will make the right food. Rajni says you have handed over this list to me, but…….She bends down and takes the blessings, saying you forgot to bless me and give me good luck. Surili says once you end your work, I will thank you also. She says you have 90 mins precisely and says your time starts now. She signs Aishwarya to come.

Bubbles comes and offers help. Rajni refuses to take her help. Bubbles leaves. Rajni checks the list. She looks for the knife and says where is it? She puts the bitter gourd in the grinder. Grinder says I can’t work as stupid Aishwarya made me useless. Oven also says that Aishwarya have compromised with its settings, gas stove says it can’t help her. All the electronic items tell Rajni that her time will be passed, and tells that Surili and Aishwarya have done this to fail her. Rajni says talk over, work starts. She cuts the bittergourd with her hand and even grinds the spices. She cooks the food with her hand and forwards her long hand to get something, just then Bubbles comes and gets shocked seeing her long hand.

Surili asks the crow, if Rajni can become her bahu. Crow makes noise. Amrish thinks if crow remembers that incident then it might attack Rajni. Crow flies towards Rajni. Amrish says it has attacked Rajni.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Waiting for marriage….
    I hope jaldi se wedding ho and rajni ka hydrabadi se hindi lang ho jaaye…

  2. The machine communicating with rajni robot was quite funny and the funniest part was baba turned out to be a crow 😛 in this show anything can happen if Bahu can turn out to be a robot then why not baba can turn out to be a crow 😛

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