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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 3rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajni coming to Amrish and asks did you call me? Amrish says yes, and says he thought to take her kundli to pandit ji. Rajni says I have no kundli. Amrish is shocked and says it might be made in childhood. Rajni says I have no childhood. Shaguta says she is weird. Bubbles comes and gives Rajni’s kundli saying they got it made for marriage. Amrish says you kept it safely. Rajni asks Shaguta, how are you? Shaguta asks her not to act to become good, and says you have broken my marriage and got me married to your loser bro. Rajni says you are right and says she will apologize to Mathew, fold her hands, beg infront of him and rubs her nose on his feet. Amrish asks her not to waste time on him. Shaguta asks Rajni to do as she said, and make her love life well. Rajni

comes to talk to Shaan about Mathew. He says he don’t want to hear. Rajni says okay, I will go and make arrangements of dinner as today is special day. Shaan wonders what is going to happen with him. Later he sees Rajni making arrangements for candle light dinner. He gets happy and says if Gyan and Dhyan see us then they will pull my leg. Rajni says they have slept.

Shaan sees his favorite dishes and gets happy. Rajni says it is your favorite things. Dev comes smelling the food. Rajni says you are kabab me haddi…and asks him to leave. Dev says his metabolism is high, and gets hungry soon. Rajni says I have kept your food downstairs and asks him to go. Dev says I am your co creater and you should respect me as well. Rajni threatens him with his metallic finger. Dev goes. Shaan says we have to work with Mathew from tomorrow, lets eat today. Mathew thinks he has to make a new lab for those cheaters, and thinks he forgot his phone in the lab. Shaan and Rajni drink champagne..after wonderful dinner. Rajni says it seems I have to teach you everything and romantically makes him drink champagne. Shaan says alcohol is not good for robot. Rajni keeps her head on his shoulder and says you have saved me from fire, you are a hero. She asks for his autograph. Shaan says I don’t have pen so I will use gravy. He signs on the tissue and says you relaxes me within 2 mins. Rajni says I will keep this autograph safely. The tissue paper flies from his hand. Rajni says I won’t get precious thing go away from me, and forwards her metallic hand to pick the tissue. Dev sees Mathew coming and gets shocked. He runs to Shaan and informs him that Mathew came back. Shaan asks Rajni to go. She goes.

Mathew asks Shaan and Dev that he saw an extended hand and asks where is his robot. Shaan tells Dev that Mathew didn’t see Rajni and only saw her hand. Mathew asks them to come down. Shaan asks what happened? Mathew says I saw an extended arm and says only a robot can have that arm. Shaan says robot is burnt in the fire. Dev asks have you gone mad? He says there is nobody here except us. Shaan asks him to do some meditation or counselling. Mathew says do you think I have gone mad? He asks how dare you? Gyan comes with his closed eyes, and asks what you are doing here. Mathew insults him. Gyan says I will bring my sword. Mathew says you have no idea what your intelligent brother have done with me. Shaan takes Mathew to a side and says we will work for you, and says secret will be out. Gyan asks Shaan, what he was saying? Shaan says he was calling cheater to everyone and asks Gyan to go.

Mathew thinks they are hiding his robot from him. Rajni comes to mathew and asks can we talk to 2 mins about Shaguta. Mathew says ofcourse, and asks will you come with me. rajni agrees. Mathew asks her to come with him and takes her in car. Mathew thinks if I take Shaan’s wife then he will came running with my robot. Shaan looks for Rajni and asks her to come out. Mathew takes Rajni to his guest room and asks her to make herself comfortable. He goes and calls Shaan. Shaan says hello. Mathew asks can I call Rajni? Shaan says Rajni is updating and asks what do you want to talk. Mathew laughs and says Rajni is not there. Shaan asks him to explain. Mathew says your wife Mrs. Rajni kant is with me. Shaan is shocked. Mathew says I always told you that I am dangerous, but you thought me as comedian. He gives 2 hours to give robot. Shaan says robot is burnt. Mathew asks him to give robot and get Rajni back home.

Shaan asks dev to pray to God, that Rajni don’t show her powers infront of him. Rajni tells Mathew that Shaguta loves you very much. Mathew says bla bla bla and says he don’t want to talk about her. Mathew asks if you know about Shaan’s activities. Rajni says yes, and says I know everything. Mathew thinks she can know about Robot. Shaan says we were thinking him as comedian, but he is cunning. Dev says Shaguta didn’t thank me for saving her life, and you also didn’t thank me. Shaan says it is okay and asks him to pray. Dev asks Shaan to drive car safely. Rajni tells Mathew to drink juice. Rajni says we don’t drink water of daughter’s home, and says it is juice and that too of bad quality. Mathew asks her about humanoid robot and asks do you know about it. Rajni says I know….Mathew is shocked.

Rajni tells Shaan that you have done agreement with mathew, and says when I am almost ready, you have to give me to Mathew. Mathew asks Shaan to give his robot else he will surprise Amrish during his felicitation party.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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