Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 3rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 3rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with RAM switching the tablet/gadget of Shaan and changes Rajni’s mode to Kung Fu. Karan and his man think what she is doing? How she became hakka noodles. RAM changes her mode to Kusti. Rajni changes her mode and beats them. Sharmila asks her to beat them. RAM keeps on changing her to boxing, garba and cooking mode. Rajni keeps beating them while doing boxing, garba and while acting as cooking. RAM thinks everything is normal here and changes Rajni’s mode to normal. Sharmila thanks Rajni for saving her. Rajni asks her not to worry and says I am with you. RAM checks and says this is a top secret and a contract between Shantanu Kant and Mathew.

Surili asks Gyan if report came. Gyan says it will come soon. Amrish comes and asks for what they are waiting. Surili

says she got Shaan and RAM’s DNA test. Amrish says we are upset with Rajni, but RAM is Shaan’s son. Surili asks him to stop praising Rajni. Report comes. Surili takes the report. Dhyan, Gyan and others offer to read the report. Shaan takes the report and says I know what is written in this report and I will read it. Rajni brings Sharmila home and makes her sit. Sharmila cries and says you was right…that karan was a made guy. Rajni says I will bring a glass of water for you. Sharmila requests her not to tell anything to anyone at home. RAM sees Rajni standing and give her command to move to left and right. Rajni moves to left and right. RAM shows Rajni’s remote to Shaan and blackmails him politely. Shaan thinks from where this came in his hand. Surili asks Shaan to read the report and that her heart beat is increasing. RAM asks Rajni to kiss Shaan. Rajni goes near Shaan and kisses on his cheeks. Surili and others are shocked.

Shaan asks Rajni to move back. RAM shows the remote. Shaan thinks it has all the info of Rajni and also contract. RAM asks Shaan about Mathew. Everyone ask Shaan to tell what is in the report. Amrish asks if you both are son and father. Shaan says it is written that RAM is my son. Surili says yes….Maggie says he said RAM is his son. Surili says this can’t happen and says your expressions and words are not matching. She says I wants to see the report. Shaan thinks what to do? Amrish gets happy and says R.A.M is our grand son now, and nobody will argue now. RAM jumps with happiness and sits on Shaan’s lap, kisses on Shaan’s cheeks. RAM asks Shaan to hold Rajni. Shaan says I am holding you. RAM asks Rajni to keep her hand on his shoulder, and says we are happy family now. Surili asks RAM to get down. RAM says I have an idea and clicks selfie with everyone.

Everyone is on the dining table and sits for having food. RAM says hello Papa and sits on his lap, asking him to feed him breakfast. Surili gets upset. Amrish’s phone rings. Rajni picks the call and tells banker that Amrish is at home. Gyan cuts the call. Rajni says we have to give money. Surili says we are bankrupt. Sharmila comes and picks call asking them to come and take money. Surili is shocked and says we don’t have money. Sharmila says I will give money, and shows the money in the books. She says I should have given this long back, but I got greedy. She tells everything how she fell in Karan’s trap, and how Rajni saved her respect. She thanks Rajni. Rajni says no problem and says bau ji said that bahu is house respect and how can I let house respect go. Amrish thanks Rajni and also apologizes to her for misunderstanding her. Rajni asks Dhyan and Sharmila to get back together, and asks them to become cup cake and muffin again as they are this house’s love birds. Sharmila apologizes to him. Dhyan forgives her. RAM claps for them. Dhyan says I don’t need anything and says he will give money to bank people.

Amrish asks them to go out and spend some time together. Gyan says let them go, and says I will give money to bank. Amrish says you are again uniting the family and praises Rajni. Rajni thanks him. Surili says she is breaking everyone one by one and goes. Amrish gets sad. Rajni asks why you are sad? Amrish says he got adarsh bahu and adarsh grand son, and tells that next week is lori and they want to celebrate lori grandly. Rajni asks him to organize the festival. Amrish says we don’t have money, and hopes that he will find some way. He asks RAM not to worry. Rajni thinks I have to do something and earn money to celebrate Lori.

Rajni reads the pamphlet in which the person have to invest 500 and can get 50000 if gets successful in pulling the truck. Rajni tells the organizer that she wants to try.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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