Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 3rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surili seeing Rajni and asks her to come with her, says she is tired with the double trouble. She asks her to go inside the cupboard and stand there till she comes back. Shaan shows Rajni’s wardrobe to Rajjo. Rajjo says she is more comfortable in saree and asks him to show saree. Shaan takes red saree. Rajjo says it doesn’t suit me and asks for other saree. Shaan asks her not to trouble him like Rajni. He gives other saree and sit down to track Rajni. Rajjo asks him to go and says she needs to change her clothes. Surili comes to Rajjo and asks her to show her hand. Rajjo shows her hand. Surili is shocked to see R written on her hand. Rajjo says her mum wrote it in her childhood. Surili asks God why he is doing injustice with her. Amrish comes and takes Rajjo

with him. Surili says she will get mixed again. She asks God to give her some idea.

Gyan is searching some papers and thinks where Rajni must have kept it. He opens cupboard and finds Rajni, gets scared for a while and asks Rajni why she is in cupboard. Rajni says Surili asked her to stay in cupboard.. Gyan says because of her doubt and asks her to stay away from Surili for sometime. He asks about papers. Rajni says she will give papers to him. Shaan tells Dev that Rajni is not be found till now. He sent RAM to camp. Dev asks her to take Rajjo on shopping to keep her away from Surili and says you can search Rajni also. He asks him to teach her Rajni’s mannerism. Surili comes to cupboard and finds Rajni gone. She thinks now it will be difficult for me to find real Rajni.

Shaan calls Rajni and says lets go to shopping. Amrish says Rajni is with me. Rajjo is with Amrish. Gyan is on upstairs and tells that Rajni is with him. Shaan sees both Rajjo and Rajni and thinks he is gone. Dev comes and hides. Shaan asks them why they are arguing and says Rajni is in everyone’s heart. Amrish says yes, but she is physically present here. Gyan says she is physically present with me and says he will bring. Amrish says I will bring her and asks Rajjo to come. Dev thinks to do something as the situation is out of control and thinks to become old Dev. They come face to face. Amrish shows Rajjo to Gyan and says Rajni is with me. Gyan says then who is with me. He sees holding Dev’s hand. Dev asks him to leave his hand. Dev hugs Shaan and tells that he changed Rajni and asks her to go to lab. Gyan tells that Rajni was with me. Shaan says it is because of the illusion. Amrish says it is chemical affect which happened to Surili also.

Surili comes and asks what happened. Amrish says Rajni is with me, but your son claimed that Rajni is with you. Gyan says Rajni was with me, but then suddenly Dev took her place. Surili says whenever Shaan is in trouble, Dev comes and helps him. She asks Dev, if there can be two Rajni’s. Dev asks Shaan to come for meeting. Surili thinks Shaan and Dev are a team and that’s why saved. She thinks to make her own team.

Shaan thanks Dev and says you have really become Dev for me. Dev asks him to badmouth about him, and says it looks good from your mouth. Shaan asks where is Rajni? Rajni says she is here under the table as Dev asked her to hide in lab. Shaan asks Rajni why she took his words literally. Rajni says she don’t have the feature to take it as joke. Dev says it was good else she would had to give agnipariksha to Surili. They tell her that her lookalike human Rajjo is here. Rajni scans and tells them that she went to Rajjo’s house mistakenly and have beaten her brothers badly as they are bad. Dev says it is good, but bad news. Now Rajjo will be freed from their tortures, but hearing this she will leave for her house. Shaan says it is okay, she can go.

Dev says Surili’s doubt is not cleared yet and says we shall make Rajjo stay here as Rajni. Shaan says we shall tell her that Rajni returned back. Dev asks him not to tell her, else she will go. He says Surili might be thinking of a plan even now. Surili thinks of a plan. Shaguta says not again. Surili says she needs a supporter and asks her to support her, become her Samba. Shaguta asks what I need to do? Surili says we have to bring both Rajnis face to face. Shaan says if they come face to face then everything will be finished. Surili says she will make human Rajni expose Robot Rajni. Shaguta asks are you sure this plan will work. Surili says it is her brahmarastra. Dev asks Shaan not to worry and says he will never let Rajni and Rajjo come face to face.

Surili brings Rajjo to Shaguta. Shaguta is sitting wearing black clothes and acts like tantrik. She tells Rajjo that bad soul is after her and taken her avatar to kill her. Rajjo is shocked and asks what wrong did I do with that soul. Surili says whenever that soul wants to kill someone, she takes their avatar, that’s why I brought you to Shaguta, the devil. Rajjo asks if you have any solution to get saved from her. Shaguta gives her water saying it is gangajal. Rajjo is about to drink it. Surili asks her not to drink, but throw it on her lookalike soul face. Rajjo goes. Shaguta says she acted just like she said. Surili tells that you have over acted, but I handled well. She says Rajjo will throw water on Rajni and then circuits will sparks and we will catch her.

Mathew returns and introduces himself to someone saying he is an investor. Man asks if he wants to do investment. Mathew says he has returned to take back his investment and says he will expose Rajni’s truth and will take her back with him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Kanth family ka drama kam tha jo 5-6 episodes ke liye methew ko bhi laaya jaa raha hai…
    And i truely truely hope that robo rajni live and rajjo rajni chappter gets over.. as i want to see happy ending of robo rajni and shaan…

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      ??? i thought thank god this is the first show where the villian didn’t return (Matthew) but I was wrong drama is drama ??? I felt shown became boring in the middle but i started seeing few episodes after leap and realised at least there was still some comedy left in the show which is one special feature of BHRK. And hope there is happy ending where rajni robot and shaan unites (maybe rajni takes care of the family) and stays happily with shaan, ram and others. And i also hope somehow dev and shogu also be together


        Seriously… they are creating as typical saas bahu family drama

  2. Pls pls pls….don’t send rajni with mathew u must be trying to show rajjo n shaan together as a happy ending bt pls…… won’t work …as everyone loves rajni n shaan`s jodi ……….so plsssss as the show also ending …………..we will miss it ……..

  3. Anjali bhrk biggest fan

    Will really miss the show?

  4. A humble request..Pls upload written updates faster at least in this finale week

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